Hamster Dance (Elementary PE Fitness Routine)

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This activity is part of our everyday routine.

The first time we did this, I told the following social story:

“My favorite book as a boy was Ralph and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. Ralph is a mouse who lives in a rundown hotel. A young boy about 9 years old, named Keith, comes to stay in the hotel. The two becomes friends. Keith has a toy motorcycle and Ralph learns to ride it by making motorcycle sounds with his mouth. Keith even made Ralph a helmet out of a ping pong ball so that he would always be safe when he rode.”

“I loved the book so much I wanted my own mouse for my birthday. My mother, by mistake, bought a hamster instead. By the time I figured this out, it was too late and the pet store would not take the hamster back. I was so sad I cried and cried because I wanted a mouse — not a hamster. To make me feel better, Mom bought me a small toy motorcycle, much like the one in the book.”

“Well, the hamster hated that motorcycle, because I would grab him out of the cage and plop him on the seat and drive him around real fast. My pet cat would stop and stare at us hoping I would leave the hamster alone for just a second so he could gobble him up. The hamster couldn’t stand it anymore. He started exercising so he would get strong enough to break out of that cage. I would see the Hamster doing sit-ups, push-ups, and stretches everyday so he could bust out.”

“Which he did. And, he even took my motorcycle.
Boys and girls this activity is about that brave hamster.”


SnakeBoy says:

Hahahhaah lol omg i cant stop laughing! XD

stacmo01 says:

I can’t wait to do this with my class. thanks for sharing 

Gemcraft the Cat says:

This should be the new fitness gram SO AWESOME!

Lisa Rogers-Harvey says:

Hi coch love the hamster dance (zia)!!!!!

Lps Team says:

i am a high land park scotties and i love this

Julie Buchanan says:

Best P.E. teacher in the world! This is even more fun to watch in person.
Awesome way to get the kids engaged body and mind!

Tech With Holden says:

Love it.

sidney lovely says:

How is that cute its so tiring and I can barely breathe after it

alwaysdance17 says:

This is brilliant!!! You’re an awesome teacher!! 

Chelsea Seaux says:

That is so stinkin’ cute! Where did you get the music from? I am starting
a new job as a PE teacher for the first time and want to do fun, creative
stuff like this for my elementary students. Absolutely love it! You rock!

xXGhoulfriendXx says:

So cute^_^

dspry11 says:

what song is that?

CheesyCheese says:

my gym teacher so sucks!!! she dosen’t even play music ;-; and im only in
fifth grade! lucky them….

Flossy Gorham says:

The hamster song

nicanor garcia says:

This is great! What program did you use? Is there a curriculum or did you
come up with this yourself.

TheReeferBoss says:

I wouldn’t want my kids pretending they are a hamster lol

Flossy Gorham says:


Zoe Kirk says:

I wish my school was like this! My gym teachers tend to play inappropriate
music in gym class. One time the music even had cuss words in it.

Rainbowcupcakes says:

We do this at my school -.-

Ian Hamilton says:

what grade is this?

.Viloet Stewart says:


Alberto Gimeno says:


leslyduhh says:

ha, this is so cute 🙂

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