Home Gym Lesson From The Olympic Training Center

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TheDemzlyChannel says:

Maybe just more variety for bodybuilder types

Laurie Mackeson says:

Hope you enjoyed your holiday…we’re you allowed to use the “Olympic” gym
to any degree? If you could fit the gym inside the foyer, then I could fit
mine in two toilet cubicles. One if you let me stack my gear one-level off
the ground. It amazes me how so many gyms can exists in dig close spaces.
We have 6-7 gyms within 20min from our place.

sidman62 says:

hope people see more of these and share it too. ITS eye opening . thanks
rdproj 🙂

Edgarv68 says:

Good point buddy!

RedDeltaproject says:

I hear ya, I have 3 personal training studios, 2 Crossfits, 4 gyms, 3
PT/gyms and 4 Martial arts studios within 5 miles of where I work. Here in
VT we average a new fitness place being built every 8-9 months.

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