Home Pole Dancing Lesson Video 1: Basic Pole Moves For Beginners Series

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Pole Dancing Lessons: Beginners Series

This is the first of the videos I plan on putting out that will teach beginners how to pole dance at home.

I plan to teach an entire pole dance routine the most everybody can do. This isn’t a short mini routine either, it is a complete pole dance combo you can do to any music you like.

I wanted to do this to share my love for pole dancing with you and help the everyday woman use pole dancing for fitness. It’s a great workout for women and a wonderful addition to their current exercise routine. So I wanted to provide some pole dancing lessons suitable for everyone.

Learning how to pole dance is a rewarding and liberating experience for woman. It’s helps you feel sassy and sexy while getting in shape, how does it get any better than that?

These pole dancing lessons are not a substitute for pole dancing classes you make take locally. Getting in-person one on one instruction is always best.

However you can learn how to pole dance with this lesson series so stay tuned, have fun and comment below!

Great Pole Dance Moves: http://youtu.be/HR6MIuOu8jE
Another How to Pole Dance Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR6HaXtxK_8


Bella Stokes says:

what if i don’t have core stranth

Angeliis Hoops says:

This is fantastic! I am a very beginner and I am feeling confident already
after watching your lesson! Thanks, I will definitely be watching more

Ann-Merethe Jørgensen says:

Looks like a lot of fun. I’m thinking about buying a pole, so I can do this
at home. 

Niusha Ghazanfari says:

OMG ! I really Enjoyed your teaching! You`re great! I`m a beginner and left
my class because of some injury , But now I`m choosing you as my online
Trainer to improve and learn in best way and tying to download all your
videos !! If you have email address, please leave me a message on my gmail
( ngh2636@gmail.com) . Really appreciate your kindness! :* <3

Melanie Sanders says:

*Pole dancing is both an isometric and isotonic workout… rolled into one!*

kellz 4real says:

love this video!! refreshing to get back into dancing..

Toni Carter says:

thank you for showing the turn on the pole to me understood as you
explained it didnt get it in class last week 

squeakmachine18 says:

I just got a 40mm x-pert x-pole! It’s very intimidating because I don’t
have the strength for spins or much else. I did watch your video on how to
build strength so thank you for that! 😀 I can’t wait to get better and
stronger. You’re a great teacher!!!

Laureen Elsa Phelan says:

What music is it sounds good I want listen to it

Selina Leitner says:

What kind of pole should I look at getting for this? I don’t own one yet,
do I need a spinning one?

Erica Malchin says:

How do u turn dose ur hands get stuck or u just slide

stephanie creasey says:

I can only assume your using a spinning pole and not static one?

SweetSassyGail says:


Online Pole Dancing Lessons says:

Series of Home Pole Dancing Lessons for Beginners – Video 1

SweetSassyGail says:

I wish I had biceps like that =) Im gonna work on that.

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