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Learn how to do a gymnastics floor routine in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.

I’m going to walk you guys through a beginner gymnastics floor routine. The floor exercise is a little bit different when you’re talking about men’s and women’s gymnastics. Men do not use any music. It’s only tumbling and one or two non-tumbling skills. They call them non-acrobatic skills.

For women, women combine dance, non-acrobatic skills, acrobatic skills, and choreography into their tumbling, so they have to be good dancers, good tumblers. They have to combine a lot of different things that the men don’t necessarily have to have.

But this today, I’m just going to run you guys through a basic beginner’s floor routine. No matter what level, no matter what age group normally the floor routine will consist of a few things. You’ll have a front tumbling pass, so like a front handspring, a front roll, a front flip, anything forwards.

Then you’ll also have a back tumbling pass, so something like a roundup back handspring, or a roundup back handspring back tuck, back layout, back full. Aside from your front and back tumbling pass, girls will have dance elements and flexibility. So they’ll have leaps. They’ll have turns. Things like that.

So let’s watch Alyssa do her beginner’s floor gymnastics routine. Usually they’ll use music to choreograph the routine, too. At any level the girls use floor, they use music on the floor, and this will be her back tumbling pass, roundup back handspring, rebound, nice stick. Then she’s going to do one of her dance elements, called a turn.

That was a full turn. Now she’s doing her another non-acrobatic skill called a leap and a jump. Nice, and now she’s going to finish with a front skill. Nice, so we saw the front tumbling pass, back tumbling pass, non-acrobatic turns, leaps and jumps and dance, in between all of this. That’s how you put together a beginner’s floor gymnastics routine.


Karia Collins says:


Jun Park says:

Awesome. NOT.

xogymnasticsbeautxo says:

That routine sucked 

jenna havlovick says:

No offense but the routine was really bad I’m in gymnastics and her form

Bratayley frever says:

+iugugb ugugu everyone can do a handstand

Bratayley frever says:

+jenna havlovick I’m a gymnast too and that form was rubbish

iugugb ugugu says:

I am not in gymnastics and I can do a hand stand

iugugb ugugu says:

I am not in gymnastics and I can do a hand stand !!!!!!!!!!!!

EmmelieHindbaer1 says:

Yeah, I agree, pirouette/turn was not good! And little jump thing didn’t
really fit into it, but I liked it. Btw I am a rhytmic gymnast, and i only
do team gymnastics and not individual floor.:)

Justine R says:

No offence but that was a pretty crappy routine.. There are 4 year olds at
my gym with much harder routines than that one

princesstona says:

This is perfect for my highschool floor routine we have to present to the

aJust Switch Hockings says:

I just checked this cuz girl looked hot

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Karin Allred says:

That pirouette was truly awful. I know she’s not a dancer, but come on.

Peabut Nutter says:

Look at the camera

TheBlizzardx1 says:

First Comment! Honestly i am a male and iam interested in gymnastics.

Collette Butler says:

1366 commenter iam am sooo lucky lol

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first is the worst second is the best!

Renee Prescott says:

As a 44 year old former gymnast I was just checking this out as training
methods today are nothing like when I was a gymnast and the comment by
James had me rolling on the floor DYING laughing for 15 minutes!

James Collins says:

I do this after jumping out my window in the morning 😀

Colton Sanders says:

Well of course they aren’t going to a 5 star routine! They are just trying
to help everybody even those who can’t do it and tips

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7th comment

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