Lionel Messi’s Own Training Lesson-HD

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Lionel Messi teaches his own dribbling technique himself…..Enjoy and subscribe for more football videos..!


joaquinnaaz sanchez says:




THATS WHY OCTOPUS THATS WHY leo the fucking argntinian messi the fucking
best ever :s

michael wenas says:

Messi = one move, pass 5 defenders . C*******o = 5 moves, pass 1 defenders

Winex HD says:

You see I don’t get why people discourage people who want to be like
Messi!! I’m tired of watching, listening and hearing comments like “you can
never become Messi”! Seriously, that is so discouraging I even almost gave
up football after that!! Geez people, it doesn’t matter if you were born
with or not, as long as you train more you get better!! Messi is going to
retire at some point, and there will always going to be future, so don’t
say never say one day. Perhaps there could come another dribbler who knows
(not better ahem*)?

Abdallah Amr says:

Genius ♥

Essam abdulaziz says:

i am not craping of it this is generally skills- tricks

fadhili niyo says:

His good

Andrew Trofimovich says:

Simple moves yet effective.

Pedro Ivo says:


Roberto Mario says:

Very fake panna 

Piinky oPiinkyo says:

After this move I just took my team all the way to the Gold World Cup Game.
Then I watched Ronaldo and I got even better.

A7OldRscplayer says:


jdcollins16 says:

Messi is quality no one can match his skill and technique. He makes it look
easy but its not. Amazing player

UchihaArqum says:

practice makes perfect

Priyank Patel says:

Elated I found this vid. Really like Youtube due to this kind of content!!!
My best friend was formerly bullied. He said he was going to get bigger. I
laughed… Right up until in just a few weeks he gained 40lbs of pure lean
muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible – look for it in
Google. He does not get bullied any more. I actually signed up earlier this
week. And the guys emails are fucking excellent!

boss180888 says:

he doesn’t need to if pepe keeps falling.

midnight88ful says:

Simple tricks do the trick. Who needs fancy cross overs and other showy

GameFlowOfficial says:

love you messi

phundr says:

hahaha no one can teach you how to play football, if you suck at it just
look for other sport cause you gonna suck for the rest of your life

Channel Com says:

& what about Varane ?! – -“

Paulo Ricardo Campos says:

Of course he trainned a lot. But his dribbling skills is not something you
can learn. A lot of musicians have trained 10 hours a day, during many
years but they still just can´t write music with no mistakes like mozart.
It´s something he was born with.

oilerskid4 says:

nice Tips!

nysic1234 says:

Look at messi arms when he runs. If you want to dribble like him, you have
to move your arms like him. if you do that, Your dribbling will be better.

Franco Bragos says:

ese defensor tiene mas hambre

Jacinto Jose says:

messi finta messi é mesmo um astro messi lendario barça mes que um club

Scottcreek942 says:

he does very often not just with pepe but also with marcelo ramos albiol
alonso and arbeloa

Maria Elena Montoya de Just says:

Internet and Youtube are for that .. anytime, anywhere … most of them
aren´t on tv in most countries

Marvin Bassette says:

Messi is the best

David Thanús Balladares Villarreal says:

Muy buena cordinacion la que tiene este buen jugador de su clase

danny coyne says:

He was German, I highly doubt that there was high school diploma’s in

Vincentius Christandio says:


Marcelo Tapia says:

es entero wn que lo aga con alguien profecional

afgrocks123 says:

“I try to trick the defender”? You rape the defenders…!

GermanM_PvP says:

Hola como anda ! xD

Eddie Kyrk says:

omg, this is the best football player in the world, and this is all he has
to show for himself..

raheem khan says:

He is the Best Dribbler.

KRONOS Official says:

3 moves plus speed=70 goals on a season lol leo is amazing:)

MisterStrange91 says:

cool story bro.

mckyle9 says:

@vikneo88 “messi is shit” haha, kill yourself for that comment. best player
ever to play the game only an idiot can’t see that.

Ryan Dennler says:

can you do it against a guy who is world class who spends entire days
training to defend against stuff like and not let you get past him? alot
more difficult in a game to do something as ‘simple’ as this. its also not
just about the move, its about the mentality, the space you provide
yourself and the ability to make yourself useful in the situation.

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