Muay Thai Beginners – Class Training

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Muay Thai Program with some Basic Techniques for Beginners. *Lezione Muay Thai per Principianti : dimostrazione Tecniche di Base.

Fighting Sports, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Mma, Karate, Fitness

We offer attractive Educational Videos, Tutorials
and original Performances of Great Champions 
captured around the world with amateur cameras.
We are focused on Fighting Sports, Martial Arts,
Self Defense & Fitness ; our HQ is located in Italy





NEW !! This is our Best Tutorial Video on Youtube ! ENJOY
Consigliato !!!

Alif Raditya says:

Thank you!!

KING GEE says:


corrado691 says:


Lale Powell says:

Thank you so much for uploaded this vd. 

Curlsbel90 says:

Really easy to follow even if you don’t speak the language. Very useful,
thank you! :D

Giuseppe Aleo says:

Thank you!!

DeveloperHooke says:

I miei più sentiti complimenti! Ottimo maestro, congratulazioni 

Holly Dethnorth says:

0:48 – 0:50 Haha i love that part!

Kev Scene says:

the teachers front high kicks look really nice

Jinmenken says:

Those front kicks are impressive! How could a beginner quickly improve leg

Daniela Fate says:

nice nice totally like it 

Luca Canaletti says:

video molto carino ed istruttivo…visto da un praticante che vuole
insegnare a principiante è stato utile me darmi un pò di guida su come
insegnare un pò di tecniche…che un conto è conoscere un conto è
insegnare…come tutti quelli che ci sono passati capiscono :)

GerbilsInLove says:

Stretch your legs evry day at least twice. In about 2 weeks you will notice
a great difference!

oprea marian says:

my name is oprea marian – bravo bravo and agean bravo —super 

Kenneth Wilks says:

Great vid I just wish the guy in the front would have got in a south paw
stance he would been comfortable 

Jordy Deco says:

Thanks for your reply, keep up the great work.

Doriano D'angelis says:

buona formazione, molto buono pedagogia insegnante. bravo

BoondoggleKingdom says:

Hey, great video. i just recently had surgery (kidney transplant) and wanna
get my fitness together, I’m 18 and been wanting to get into muay thai for
over 2 years but couldnt because of my health. I live in London and know a
good MMA/muay thai place, but before i sign myself up i wanna know if there
is anything i could do at home or at the local gym a couple of weeks to a
couple of months before i get into muay thai. my body is still a little
weak, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Sigmund Freud says:

Dude this training is a lot more physical than the Wing Chun training that
I used to participate in,

Kuuro Hacks says:

italian damn if it was just spanish or english

antonio silvestri says:

Thank you!!

Zana Soldier says:

I just turned 14 and I really want to learn Muay Thai, here in Sweden there
isn’t alot of places where they learn Muay Thai, so I thought I could learn
it at home, I need to get stronger legs and get more flexible and fast, do
you have any tips? Btw great video.

Disclosure GL Pinks says:

Uno tra i migliori video di Muay Thai. Complimenti…

Jordy Deco says:

Great video not in English but can understand, I’m looking to get into Muay
Thai, I am a little unfit and out of shape, do you have 3 simple tips for a
beginner, keep up the good work.

Robert Thompson says:

Very nice

Carly Carter says:

Im not flexible, and i dont have any muscles i would like to know if its
possible for me to join Muay thai lessons for my condition ?

firedevilz97 says:

Respect from Thailand, i’m Thai and i like this trainer style, His knee
strike look so strong and also compatible with western style.
Good job well done!

Lana Beats says:

Where I live there are very few places they teach that. Is it possible for
me to learn Muay thai online by watching these videos?
(I am already into shotokan but my sensei made me focus only on
kata-result: I can’t even do a proper combat. Its been 5 years. My punches
and kicks are not strong enough.) 

Xenice Fps says:

I don’t know if you’re going to reply, but i’m 15 and I want to start Muay
Thai. I feel like i don’t have enough muscles or i’m not tall enough since
i’m asian, what should i do?

Manuel Guthrie says:

Traniere alle ruhig muay Thai ich komm dann mit meinen Mishima karate
fighting style dann seid ihr alle weg, schon beim ersten ewgf

Jonathan K Hill says:

So… Does muay thai require balance and leg strength?

Angeli Rodriguez says:

Nice background music! I started Muai thai 2009, at first I got a fever for
a week but after the sacrifices, it was worth it..

Cod Kaos says:

anyone else feel humor in the start

paolo meli says:

bravissimo difficile coordinazioni ma si può fare grazie 

Schanzer schanzerit says:

good lesson



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