Online gymnastics lesson for beginners 1/6

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This is the first online gymnastics lesson for beginners. We hope you enjoy watching this series of videos and that it helps you- be sure to click the subscribe button for more FunGymnastPhilippa videos.

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Molly L1910 says:

Don’t lift your leg up at the start of the handstand, keep it on the floor

Madyson Sayles says:

did not help but i will like

Gemma Dowds says:

I liked it it was very helpful

Jan Tam says:

How can you be so skinny and tall, teach me pls. BTW I cannot kick upon the
handstand. I like your video so much

sily silyy says:

you need to put camera closer!

Neo Coyle says:

U loke like miely cyrus

Kaylee Kerry says:

I love this video thank you it was really helpful I love to watch your

Sarah J says:

Awesome video. Cute cat

Jp Hicko says:

Your good, can you give me a shoutout

Angharad Dancer says:

What editor do you use? Ps i love your videos. They help me so much1

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