Pokémon Emerald No Evolutions – Pt 06 – Rustboro Gym! The Rock-Hard Lesson Plan!

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As we reach Rustboro City, it’s time for the first gym of the game! It’s time to battle Roxanne, a Rock type trainer. Her Nosepass has quickly calmed my fears that I may have been overlevelling my team… I may need to do a bit more training at the end of the next cut… But anyway, we have thus earned the Stone Badge! One down, seven to go!


TheCurly63 says:

+RoahmMythril Strange, I also used to like shrimp and tuna, but eating it
when I get older I no longer enjoyed it

ragearmorV2 says:

6:40 for me i always imagine pokemon with the pickup ability when they get
an item, i think of it like someone dropped that item like a penny, and
like more people the pokemon sees it all shiny and picks it up.

LadyChelsea ofVA says:

I thought dragons only drank the blood of their enemies…I guess pasta
works too.

The White Mage says:

Raltz was the emo way before gothitale

Cyander says:

I have experienced that food craving thing, once with sushi. I remember I
was three and in the local mall. I tried some sushi because my mom had
some, and I wanted to try it, and I absolutely HATED IT. Then about eight
years later, I had sushi (well it was california inari or something) and it
was delicious! I LOVE seafood, and don’t really like livestock meat (pork,
beef, steak etc). I only like chicken and seafood. 

The White Mage says:

Shrimp is amazing :P

BlueDragonGalaxy says:

I’ve never liked seafood but when I was a child my grandma got me hooked on
raisins. Years later I tried a box of raisins again only to find out my
taste buds no longer find them palatable.

Powershade117 says:

Hey Roahm, I’ve got another challenge for pokemon that I myself like to do
sometimes. I basically choose a type and stick with it; I’m basically a
traveling Gym Leader :D. I abused this in Emerald especially when I rocked
an all-water team, consisting of: Swampert, Tentacruel, Pelipper, Starmie,
Crawdaunt, and Wailord (for just having a straight water type). If you’re
feeling adventurous, I’d say give this one a try sometime, even if for just
personal use and not for this channel. Just pick your favorite type and
train up a party of 6 pokemon with that type, and stomp the Elite 4 with
them. It makes for an interesting challenge if nothing else.

RSKingSamRS says:

I hade the fish thing to I was over fed on salmon wean I was a kid so now I
don’t really like it.

Baxdronn4 says:

It’s funny that you had pasta for dinner, because I was wondering to myself
what the title for this project would be if you shortened it Ala Raocow,
and it came out to be PENE. Add another “n” and you have Penne. Just
thought I’d share that.

Saero Novace says:

I think I used to like ketchup. I still have no idea what happened.

Lpoeser says:

I love how the Cut master tells you to don’t say a word.

louiejub says:

Ah, that wonderful gym battle theme… My favorite in the series!

Jer The Fox says:

I can’t believe I JUST realized you’re naming these episodes in the same
manner as the cartoon… I love it.

kirbyfan5009 says:

04:40 …Sonic Unleashed music?

SilverHairedFreak25 says:

0:46 The first time I ever saw that line of dialogue, I thought to myself,
“Hmmm, sounds like you have a magikarp!” I wonder how many other people
thought that as well?

superluigi88 says:

I’m pretty biased when it comes to talks about seafood since I live right
off the Atlantic coast where they fish all this stuff up to begin with, so
I can’t recommend anyone try fish anywhere else because it’s not the same
case as it is up here. Long story short: Freshly caught >>>>> Central
Provinces/States store bought.

TechYoyo1 says:

I do believe Growth raises both physical attack and special attack now

BigKlingy says:

About your seafood thing, I guess I had something similar. I used to love
soy milk as a kid (I had to have it since I was alergic to actual cow’s
milk), but for some reason I don’t like it now. Strange. True, Mud Sport
had next to no use in 3rd gen. 4th gave it to a few pure Water types, and
it effects your whole team in a double battle. I actually have seen it put
to use once, believe it or not. On a Seaking. …And then Seaking became
immune to Electric in 5th Gen…

FrenchyStarFox says:

A good Pokémon that should learn Rock Tomb is Aron : even up to Black 2 &
White 2, it can’t learn any Rock-type move via level-up. Also, in one of
the buildings in Rustboro (I think in the south-western part of the town),
you can get a free Premier Ball from a kid. I don’t know if it still
applies to Emerald, but it is the case in Ruby & Sapphire. 🙂

HeyWheresKel says:

Roahm, how do you determine if you’ve trained a pokemon enough? And if
you’ve had enough of it, will you just box a pokemon and be done with it?

sebastian ramones says:

roahm i heard from the anime of pokemon shipwreck misty tells them that
magikarp is just scales and bones for me that doesnt make any sense

SparkyDaHedgehog says:

I actually find that my taste for fish has decreased over the years as
well. Why just today, I stopped for lunch with my mom and saw a fish
sandwich on the menu, thinking “that sounds delicious!” But after I
actually ate it, it just didn;t taste as good as I thought it would. Heck,
tuna sandwiches are really the only fish that appeals to me anymore. That
and sushi. And boy do I like some sushi, I tells ya…

RoahmMythril says:

@Andy William : Indeed, that is there.

orangeblue says:

Roxanne has a resemblance to who?! I also thought of the song, as well as a
former girlfriend

TomtaJolz says:

“Rustborough City: The city probing the integration of nature and science.”
Am I the only one that wondered why this game is taking place in Ravnica,
and are now entering the Simic sector of town?

OfficialMarkC says:

Tron Bonne from Mega Man Legends.

RoahmMythril says:

@PunkyWily : Haha, well there’s a song that’s going to be stuck in my head
now. I actually didn’t even immediately think of that one, it didn’t weigh
on my mind as much as Dexy’s Midnight Runners while escorting Eileen
through SH4 XD

OfficialMarkC says:

I think the funnier thing than a female Geodude because of the name is
having a male Kirlia/Gardevoir, because – just look at it! They seemed to
get the point in Diamond and Pearl when the male got it’s own evolution,

Gamesmarts194 says:

I can understand the concept/meaning of “DJMiko”, but my question is… how
does that fit?

LaZodiac says:

It is infact a Bioshock reference. Nice one, too.

Matthew Breach says:

About Growth in Gen 5 it now raises the Attack as well as raises the
Sp.Attack. However the boost that Growth gives the user is changed to x2
when Sunny Day. I hope this helps 😀

NintendoChuckNorris says:

…I disagree, I can’t remember where (I think it was the dex) but I heard
that Gardevoir is a knight, not to be sexist or anything, but I haven’t
seen a female knight.

The Prince of Trash says:

Yet there’s still female Machamp. Not saying women can’t be rad and have
huge muscles but there’s TOPLESS female machamp… in a kids game oh no

SuperGoker64 says:

Trust me, Roahm, you’re not the only one that wants a Pokemon Snap sequel.
An underwater stage would be pretty cool to have for that, especially if
they add newer Pokemon to the mix. Also, while it is true that Mud Sport is
useless for most that learn it by level, it turns out that in later games,
the Krabby line gets it as a starting move. It can also be bred onto a
decent number of other Water-types as well, including the Mantyke line.

mtnetsurfer says:

The second that first fisherman said he was a water Pokemon expert, I
thought, “Watch him throw out a Magikarp.”

Doommood15 says:

lol, i knew that Raltz name have something to do whit yugioh. and probably
il been smart to heal then change Espa since hes confusion pp don’t recover
in the box and so.

FiniteZero says:

Spagonia Hub Daytime Music… I see what you did there.

nik stewart says:

I remember my first time playing ruby I used the see dot

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