Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout 2004 (full video)

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Scroll down for more info and full tracklist.
1. Heat – 0:01:42
2. Dance It Out – 0:12:01
3. Pump It Up! – 0:32:56
4. Bums & Tums – 0:54:40
5. Chill – 1:02:59

‘Pump It Up – The Ultimate Dance Workout’ mixes dance music with aerobic exercise. Shot on the same location as the video for Eric Prydz’s ‘Call On Me’ the DVD features routines demonstrated and choreographed by Deanne Berry – the beautiful instructor in the music video. Accompanied by the girls from the video Deanne goes through a warm-up, 3 dance workouts and a chill-out cool-down.

Deanne Berry

Franky Wedge (black top to left)
Laura Muncey (blue top)
Laura J Smith (dark haired woman in front)
Laura Bowley (yellow skirt)
Rosy Hawkins (black top, red shorts in back)
Juan Pablo Dipace

1. American Dream – Jakatta 0:01:46
2. Stand Back – Linus Loves 0:04:35
3. Somebody To Love – Boogie Pimps 0:08:51
4. Loneliness – Tomcraft 0:12:05
5. Satisfaction – Benny Benassi 0:15:25
6. Let The Sunshine – Milk & Sugar 0:20:54
7. Pump It Up – Danzel 0:27:45
8. Do You Know – Angel City 0:33:01
9. Every Little Time – Onyx 0:36:27
10. Sunshine After The Rain – Bel Air feat. Lisa 0:41:22
11. Pasilda – Afro Medusa 0:46:01
12. Call On Me – Eric Prydz 0:49:06
13. Get Up, Stand Up – Stellar Project feat. Brandi Emma 0:54:45
14. Get It On – Intenso Project feat. Lisa Scott-Lee 0:58:22
15. Rapture (Soulside Mix) – Ilo 01:03:02
16. Deepest Blue (Jon Hopkin Mix) – Deepest Blue 01:09:32
17. Heaven (Candelight Mix) – DJ Sammy 01:12:55


Deeann says:

*>>These 5 steps reveal the things you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to
slow the aging process>>*

Tinur Hahn says:

>>>>>These 5 steps reveal the things you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want
to slow the aging process>>>>>

wit... says:

i wanked for the full hour.

iamSmexx says:

i’m on my 5th consecutive day. and let me just say, my ass is lookin
gooooodz. now that i’m on my 5th day, i’m not really sweating a lot that
much anymore. but still is a good morning exercise. :)

Jay Victoria Bee says:

Where does one find such outfits?

IntimateGamer says:

I tried this but there is only one muscle that got a workout

Lisa Smith says:

What the hell are they wearing? I had to check the date to see if it was
from 1980!

Emma Rutherford says:

Can’t believe I was 14 when this came out! 10 years later, I did this
today. I really didn’t think I would love this as much as I did. This was a
great full body dance aerobic workout! I loved everything, the warmup, the
light dance section, the pumping cardio section, the arms, abs and bum
toning and the cooldown. Can’t wait to do this again! :D

namaku yulia says:

Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout 2004 (ful…:

Configurations says:

Also make sure you do these three essential things before doing this
workout. Make sure your hair is curled, you’re wearing plenty of make-up
and missing 2/3’s of your clothing. Have a good workout !

Gianluca Costantini says:

Die Blonde im Lila ober teil ist so geil die hat nur kleines 3eck an und
ist so saxy wie kann man da kein ständer kriegen komm zu mir ich nehme mit
dir 10mal das Kamasutra durch und blasen darfs du mir ein XD I love you <3

caydauden says:

I’m doing this work out right now, around 3 times per week mix with 40
minutes of light yoga every time, plus I use myfitnesspal to track around
1200 calories intake everyday. I can only do the first 30 minutes, but
after 5 days (today I completed the 3rd workout), I already lost 1.5
lbs/133lbs total weight. This is working! Hopefully next week I can do 45
mins and eventually the whole thing!

Trius says:

As fucking usual using the low common denomenator to sell their shit.
Dancing in knickers, what poncy slappers.

Raaman Nair says:

This is better than porn. Your improve your health and your sex life. 

Hanyu Kou says:

my friend told me lost 7.7kg in a month by pump it up 

Sayaka See says:

I lost almost 30 pounds with this workout, but along with diet too. so it
really works!

Rekha Yesudas says:

There is a reason why they wear this outfit. You will start sweating after
12 minutes. And if you do whatever they do, you get a body exactly like
them. I did 45 minutes for last 25 days, and it works for me. I am a human
Anatomy professor and tried different workouts, gym, even Julian Michael.
But this is one of my favorites in youtube. This was my wintertime workout,
not going to gym. Never been bored either. Do it. Its gonna work. 

Thomas 蔡 says:


Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez says:

It’s like an old porn film but without the hardcore! :)))

Screamin Mime says:

LOVE the soundtrack!

Keir McNulty says:

This DVD is brilliant, even if it is old. I usually do this 5-7 times a
week, then i do some extra 20 minute ab workouts whenever I do this DVD. Im
definitely seeing a big difference just after 20 days! I’m not dieting
either, just making sure I don’t eat loads of fatty foods. I would
definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s also pretty fun and the music is

Felisha Davis says:

Great friggin workout. I’ll add this to my regimen

MEGAGUY21 says:

it the chick from that music video “call on me”

Meztli del Real says:

How many calories does this burn??

ilikeditbetterbefore says:

I’ve done this a million times and last time I noticed the editing mistake
during the dance section. Juan Pablo is already dancing with Deanne, but
then we can see him again in the back for a while.

Gaétan Thibaudeau says:

Pauvre ,lui!!! Si ,ce ,Gars ,nétait ,pas ,un ,Gai???? Et , bien ,il
,deviendrais ,fou ,en ,5 minutes , entourés ,de ,belles ,Femmes ,
comme ,Ça!!!!!

MeMarie L says:

why do they wear those socks? Is this helping somehow or just looking good?

Marlene Gabrielle says:

million razy lepsze od Chodakowskiej! swietne rezultaty bez katorgi!

Ashley Richardson says:

Программа хорошая, но не для каждого. Как мне показалось, она рассчитана на
подготовленного человека, ибо не каждый сможет плясать под такой быстрый
темп, да еще и целый час без остановки. А вообще спасибо! 

Gina Kesh says:

Amazing video very sexy ladies and bodies. I will start this workout 2moro.
Cant wait to have this same body. I know I have it in me, I just need to
find it. 

cykool78 says:

Amazing pure fitness,,,,, and that dude is one lucky man lol 

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