Punch Master Fitness Training Lesson 2

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Master Wong asks Mai to demonstrate some moves on the Punch Master which are ideal for fitness. Applying kickboxing skills on the Punch Master makes a good fitness routine to get your body fit and strong. They are simple techniques so any one can lean.
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TheLoneWolfShepherd says:

give me some links and I will build it.

lastrosenfeld says:

I think that’s master wongs wife cuz she is a beast

Jabikz says:

“Now get lost!” lol

Kirill Lyubin says:


Michael Ferguson says:

stick with mano mano u said enough about the punch friggin master ..i like
ur teaching before punch master ..

ajb7345 says:

da greyt mastah!!!

Jason Todd Roberts says:

It would be cool to add sensors to your invention to track force and
punches per second.they have super magnets now that could be used for
resistance as well as generate enough currents to power an led every time
its activated.also cool would be iPod input and random punch kick ap to go

Wereclown says:

“Get your titty little bit tighter” 😀

AvengerLinko says:

He never invented it..

PkzMoonWalker says:

hahahah nice video master

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