Punch Master Fitness Training Lesson 3

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Master Wong asks Mai to demonstrate some moves on the Punch Master which are ideal for fitness. Applying kickboxing skills on the Punch Master makes a good fitness routine to get your body fit and strong. They are simple techniques so any one can lean.
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Charlie Yang says:

not really, but if the wall breaks.. get a new wall.

Hoverbot1TV says:

I know grampas that can snap like wong, tai chi elegant yet can be
accelerated. LOL! great shows.

Albert Ahmad says:

lol master wong “Ahhhh come on harder” lololololololololololol

nappyhair33 says:

fight a subscriber lol


You are rather funny, but to me..a bit too showboating.

Yoyo Kasamassa says:

he’s amazing

Azmorai says:

sifu motivating the girl is Hilarius LOL

ASZHanazaki says:

now get some BREAKFAST – woman heads to kitchen… ahh these problems
again… 😀 Jokin’

razorwings says:

I noticed that she always punched with her left hand first regardless of
what leg she used to kick. Does it matter which arm you use first.
Intuitively, i think i would use the same side arm as leg so i get the most
of the hip rotation and maybe switch it up. But then again, I know nothing
of these things.

ajb7345 says:

he’s excited for the new equipment he got.

skiie says:

Hmm. won’t your wall start to break after awhile?

jprcjfu1 says:

looks like the woman speed is increasing after practicing those punch

SPN82 says:

I think Master Wong gets most of his workouts done what he is doing here.

hasbeenb4 says:

Master Wong has a real good sense of humour. :-D:-D:-D

MrChocolate7777 says:

press 1 repeatedly

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