Reggae Dancehall workout by Keaira LaShae

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This is a Reggae Dance workout! This is for fitness and dance purposes only! Hope you enjoy!

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Suchitra Malvankar says:

+Keaira LaShae love your dance workouts. I enjoy them. Your absolutely a
fabulous dancer.

Christina Glenn says:

Just did this a few seconds ago..and MAN if u doin it right its def a good
work out. Shit if u doin it wrong u still gonna work that heart
muscle….with this and my squats i did butt and thighs are i love it!!!

Misty Prepper says:

I just love this one, yall are so cute… :)

Georgia B says:

oh man I couldn’t keep up! amazing!

Mauricio Londoño says:

Awesome, this my new cardio routine. I’m a begginer.

bassy galal says:

Girl i love you , u r amazing i just love ur videos ur attitude u r so
lovelyy <3 

LaShunda Hodges says:

Haven’t worked out on a year so I chose this one. I like this one its fun,
makes you tired but you know you did something. I’m doing this in
increments but I know I’ll do everyday til I get thru the whole vid and

Natalie Gogosashvili says:

Is this good to lose inner thigh fat???

Erica C. says:

Today I was tired and had a headache so I almost didn’t work out but I
decided to do this workout, which I love and my headache is gone and I am
energized. Thank you +Keaira LaShae and @BrinaK3707

LightBumble says:

Thanks for bringing Reggae into it.

Connie Settles says:

that was an awesome workout…thank you ladies for sharing!

Mako Ivanidze says:

Is this cardio or not?

Tara George says:

This workout is amazing and so much fun. Feels nothing like a workout at
all. Just what I was searching for at the end of a long day. Thanks! 

mariluz arango says:

please tell me the name of the song that you use in this video.

Trini Love says:

glad you called it reggae and not dancehall

Miikhiel Aali says:

ey I am a new viewer and I just LOVE the work you have put together here.
Great job!

Chantal Cyrus says:

u r such a beauty! And ur body is a damn life goal

Martha Buckley says:

Wow to admit i love this work out!!Thumbs up Keaira LaShae…Youre doing

Slavna Pavlov says:

you both are so sweeeet! thank youuuu, this is awesome!

Dorota Machalica says:

lol i move like wood

Bunmi Suru says:

You so talented,good work out.

lucy mwikali says:

I love this workout,,,,,,the reggae theme just makes me wanna go on. Big up

Nakesha Gordon says:

Aye turn up!!!! I like this one +Keaira LaShae 

Arivan Basílio says:

……………………..IM DEAD……………………………………

Sakhile Padi says:

I love to dance and I love to workout, this is GREAT!!!

Valentina T says:


victoriadebra says:

I must confess this work out was intense , DANCERS hats off to you guys…
I really enjoyed it thou ….

Heather Murphy says:

I love it!!! I’m in the military and need a work out routine that exciting!

Olivia Higg says:

Great workout and fun too.

kittykat says:

i love this!! Bout to take these moves to the clubb

blah blah says:

This is not a dance for the faint-hearted or somebody with a small bedroom,
definitely a great workout though.

nayraSlater says:

hello!! what’s the song’s name?

Fansthefire24 says:

omggg that was great!! thanks ladies I am completely out of breath.

Hardy har har says:

sabrina makes all the moves seem cooler with her attitude

Rude Gyal says:

This is not Dancehall, this is maybe a Ragga routine, but its not
Dancehall, or Reggae Dance.. pls!!

Ange Bila says:

What’s an amazing workout, love it


Thank you KEAIRA! You are an inspiration woman!

Jimmy JaimZ says:

This is awesome!!!

Johanna Beltran says:

yeiiiiiiiiiiii A BAILAR¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

minisha lamba says:

This is the great one im gonna start with this workout

HMistry100 says:

this looks so fun!!!!

Monika the Diva says:

So today my knees kill! Omg. new goal. Loose 1.5 pounds a week. Following
my calorie intake with my fitness pal app. See u tomorrow guys

Fadoua Koudri says:

Bravo, just amazing !!!

togetherbutalone says:

How do I chicken leg?

Maureen Gatharia says:

absolutely enjoyed this work out. definitely gonna keep following.

Ibe Liyah says:

pon di river elephant man

Chadé Quiahn says:

loved it! worked up a sweat and am feeling good ^^ super fun, Nice job

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