Rock Climbing Exercises – Building Rock Climbing Strength Training – Lesson 1

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Close Part 1 of rock climbing exercises you can do at home to become a stronger climber. This workout focuses on increasing your pull-up strength which will help for indoor climbing & outdoor climbing (including top-rope, bouldering, sport climbing, and trad).

The video contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations of the exercise and is great for all skill levels whether you’re a beginner or advanced climber.


MissEugeniaS says:

one of the best videos about training I’ve seen so far. Thanks!

EveryoneHarmonyPeace says:

I saw your dog peeking at 2:18, so cute~

Z Sun says:

Great video and great accent too! lol!
Thank you!

Gabe Archibald says:

good tips… but working out on a staircase, bad idea.

Eric Poindexter says:
CapnCrunchGaming says:

2:21 that dog in the corner 

meaganfoxsleftboob says:

i can climb v6’s


cool vid,thanks guys

RockClimbTips says:
Gerardo Palafox says:

I don’t have stairs :'( hahahaha

evanpilot says:

Great to see that someone is uploading great videos on how to supplement
your regular climbing sessions, in a well formatted and narrated video

filmguy91 says:

Brilliant. Simple. Straight forward. Informative. Loved every minute!

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