Senior Fitness – 99 year old keep fit teacher – Lesson 2

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Senior Fitness
Exercise for the Over 60’s
Taught by Liesel Weiser, 99 Years old
Exercise teacher for the last 77 years


Joseph Poetsch says:

Respect for the old lady
and its definitly right, above 60 exercise is highly recommandable but its
better in a sitting position, floor exercise is often kind of problematic
and standing
is also not ideal cause the Vestibular System is often not in best shape

THE CLUB HOUSE Comunidad de adultos mayores says:

La segunda parte de la sesion con Liesel 🙂
Senior Fitness – 99 year old keep fit teacher – Lesson 2

Diana Cox says:

God Bless you! You have helped and help more that you will ever know. You
are a blessing!


Beneficios de la gimnasia. Parte 2

Kate Jakobsson says:

Inspirational thank you fantastic

1976Daniela says:

Hallo liebe Liesel, ich möchte auch so lange wie Sie unterrichten! Ich
werde so oft gefragt, was ich tun werde, wenn ich alters- oder
krankheitsbedingt keinen Fitnessunterricht mehr geben könne. Nun ja, ich
werde allen Zweiflern Ihr Video zeigen! Tolle Übungsauswahl, sehr
einfallsreich und vielfältig! Bitte drehen Sie mehr davon und erzählen Sie
mir über Fitness reifen Lebensabschnitt! Ihre Einführung zu Filmbeginn hat
mich ebenfalls sehr interessiert. Herzlichste Grüße aus Bremen!

mssimply says:

Wonderful idea and instruction — what kind of ball is this? size, where to
get, etc.

TheLilac212 says:

G-d bless you!!!! You are amazing and an inspiration to all.

ketryn da silva says:

non e mai atrde per mantene si in forma!!! nonna meravigliosa.

mrspiercedolls says:

I love these videos and leisel! Helping my mom ! Did leisel make any videos
for sale? I want to buy them if she did thanks so much for posting these!

ania barnes says:

I teach senior fitness and I hope to be just like you when I reach 97!!!An

Rathimalar Govindarajoo says:

She is so cute! Thank you, will share it with my mother.

islandsq says:

This is wonderful and helpful, Liesel, thank you for sharing your work!
Blessings to you.:)

ketryn da silva says:

sei retardado deficiente demente! tu non arriverai mai le eta loro.

Rosie Cuttlefish says:

absolutely fantastically inspirational and talented and imaginative

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