Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine – Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo)

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Close – An easy guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine, with easy chords and strumming, no capo and no bar chords. This song was covered on the Valentines day Glee episode “Heart”.

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GUITAR TUTORIAL NOTES – Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes:




crank prank says:

One word – awesome

Leidy Gaviria says:

Que asco de video

Lauren Isabel Domingo says:

Whats the second strumming

Van Minh TRan says:

can you give this song’s tab in guitar pro 5. thanks you much 

Rizki Al Fridho says:

I am very very grateful to you because you have taught me thank you very
much you are the greatest

bob log says:


BrianM Gil says:


Ady's Guitar says:

Awesome (y)

acacar ignjatovic says:


Kiki Lo says:

u r awesome! do u think u can teach little talks by of little monsters and
men next?

christiangd12 says:

This is AMAZING!

djGTFibreOptic says:

needs to work on his rapping though 🙂 great vid none the less

krayzEr Rewoe says:

nc1 your a guitarist

buchunika says:

great tutorial man, i love it. i love how you play the WHOLE song while
singing, it really helps. appreciate it bro.

jmk9306 says:


marija prakljacic says:

OMG. You have a awesome voice :O

Nakisha Sandher says:

did u guys ever think he might record a bunch of videos in one day??

jmanelectrikz says:

go on bgt man – this is absolutley amazing and makes me want to cry – bravo

ana rizza says:

that was easy …thanks.

Akshay John says:

Strumming patttern please. ? :O

Shriram D says:

Thanks a bunch 😀 You’re just awesome m/

Rizza Mae Manzano says:

same w/ Im yours -_- COOL

Jwan Alo says:

wow you are so good and you made this cool song so easy to play thanks man

Luísa Bueno says:

thank wou soooooooooooooo much you are the best

Hai Nhu Pham says:

dude you rule!

Gabriele Rodrigues says:

he mentioned glee <3

supermaaan14 says:

stipid cords!

cilangkapdotcom says:

good job man… heart is stereo…..

evafelipe88 says:


MrCrazyfunman says:

not a fan of his rapping voice but the singing voice is BEAUTIFUL

Mrudula Vempati says:

man dis is Awe-SUM

Simon Bossuyt says:

Thanks so much! Best tutorial ever!

Kush Jain says:

Amazing but one question why do u always were a blue shirt

gabriel katsch says:

ur voice….. :))

Tango Beer says:

your voice while singing is like a pregnant girl on her period!

ObeyLlamas1 says:

i dont know when to change the chords and how much to sing on the chord i

shoug aldoseri shoug aldoseri says:


m0udybasha says:

THANK YOU SOO MUCH! your videos really helped me loads. P.S u have a nice
voice 😀

Artemis Excalibur says:


luisa cabasagan says:

I Like your voice & how ya play it 😉 thanks for this ^

gerardlodvg says:

thank you so much!!!! love your voice (L)


i like how all songs have gm,dm,em,cm

daniela nunes says:

Thankss for making this easy! 🙂

JigglyWigglyPuffs says:

Same Chords s Jason Mraz

Korunde5 says:

very well done…. dont understand why u havent got more subs

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