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Jay Lam says:

For TRX squat, it is easier for us to shift weight from the front to the
back that reduce the stress on the knee joint

Jarryd Lee says:

How does this video have over 1 million views with 144p viewing quality? my
eyes hurt after 1 minute of viewing. 

Monica Dubon says:

Bianca kicks your ass, Doug. Jumps, whaaat?

D Goosby says:

She’s epic

Eva Mikletičová says:

vynikajuci komplexný tréning pre každého.

bloodcorer says:

Can TRX help me to develope strengh so i later lift my body on a bar? I
mean to be able to do pull ups. I just cant do a signle now, i can only go
half way up.

Masese Moraa says:

Any cheaper option for a suspension trainer.? TRX is insanely expensive.

Niousha Amiri says:

Doing TRX in a group is so joyful. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any group
exercise in Stockholm. I really missed it.

19grand says:

Bianca’s buzzing. Woo, yeah, woo.

Soleil Magica says:

This amazing. Thanks for this!

Beach Life says:

cool vid. get the woss 3000 from amazon. its the same as trx but for $40!

Michaelroundkiller says:

i literally losed gains because of this video.

Ng Woody says:

I find the where to buy the TRX, but I can’t find where to hold on the TRX
at home-.-


L’entrainement TRX: le top pour le renforcement abdominal !

Cathy Chou says:


Bluntman Chronic says:

So they’re doing squats holding some… ropes? in their hands. Cool,
cool… Do you even lift?

alvaro villarreal says:

You can make selsv this aparat for 4 dollars. A sirquel in metal or
treet.very simple I have in my home.

Vishnu B R says:

I want TRX BASIC where if you can buy this 

Andrea Seydel says:

Amazing workout… YOU KICKED MY BUTT!! Love the encouragement! 

Shay Deloya says:

Great workout

pAUL SauceDO says:

Muy interesante… 

אהרון מנס says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Ricardo Margara says:

Thanks, really good exercises, greetings from Argentina.

Brian Li says:

Come on, Doug ^^

Wojciech Gańko says:

Pomysł na dzisiejszy trening :)

Angelo Pargalia says:


Maria Orteu says:

TRX at home!

Fernando Perez says:

Vamos que se puede

andrea straccia says:
Wona Peaceful says:

really good i like it very much thank you

Pavel Diaz says:

Muy bueno…

TpyoQueen says:

Bianca is a beast

Bruna Salomao says:
Анна Лотарева says:
MrFallenAngel says:

What is up with the low video quality of the upload? (low rendering)

Carolina Hernandez says:

Trx es excelente .yo practico este deporte buenisimo se trabaja todo el
cuerpo con tu propio peso corporal… bianca es excelente.

Gerry Khurl says:

the lady is awesome

carlito lazaro says:

I will definitely do this TRX workout when I get back to gym. Thank you so
much for adding more routine to my TRX workout. 

abdenour Bali says:

Thank you very much, I just finished the workout, and it feels great,
thanks again.

donna Sil says:

Great Trx video

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