Unwritten Gym Rules: Lesson 1 – The Squat Rack

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flexforall2 says:

I’m going to assume that if you don’t agree with this, you’re either
trolling or there’s a good chance you haven’t been lifting that long or
you’re one of the inconsiderate and disrespectful people described in the
video or you have some sort of really unique situation.

flexforall2 says:

@squatdeadbench said
“you are putting your desire to squat in that rack because you prefer it,
over that guys desire to deadlift in that rack because he prefers it, do
you not see how that is being selfish?”

My response: Did you not watch the video? It’s not about preference… Put
two and two together. I couldn’t squat anywhere else. He COULD deadlift
EVERYWHERE else. Do I need to break it down further?

I LOVE curling in the squat rack. But do I when there are people within a 3
mile radius? NO. Because I realize that I’d be using a piece of equipment
that I don’t necessarily need to perform the exercise, and there may be
people out there wanting to use that piece of equipment who don’t have the
balls I do to go out and acquire squat racks from dudes who don’t even need
the squat rack. Thus, I’d be the cause of someone waiting 5, 10, 15 or more
minutes when this situation *NEVER EVEN HAD TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE*

GirlsDontFavorMe says:

I like hopw you kept referring to him as a gentleman. classy af.

Tyler Meshigaud says:

Keep this series going, man! Good video. I’m surprised how much patience
you had with that guy without just being like, “Alright whatever dude.”

Jack Cunningham says:

This situation shouldn’t have even occured. Why the fuck would he deadlift
in a power rack ?? oh thats right he’s a noob. If anyone tried to deadlift
inside a squat cage in my gym everyone would just glare at them.. did the
right thing not to back down bro !

Nydok Nz says:

think of it like this for people whom disagree;

You’re at a gas station waiting to pump up, but all of the pumps are taken.
Little do you know the guy in front of you jumps out of his car, goes
inside and begins shopping, ordering a coffee, using the bathroom, all the
time occupying a gas pump which they’re not using.

Sure he has every right to be there but given the fact that there’s an open
car park just over there, it’s a bit inconsiderate especially when politely
approached and asked to reconsider.


Stephen Forgione says:

Once saw a dude do wrist curls in the squat rack while wearing gloves….

thelogicalbro says:

I nearly got into a fight with a dude over the same exact thing except dude
was doing shrugs with only 95 pounds and acting totally crazy when I was
politely trying to explain the situation to him. 

Keefster says:

I don’t think it’s rude to ask, but if you ask and they aren’t receptive,
you should probably let it go. Everyone pays to be there and use the

Bob Diesel says:

You can ask to work in, but asking someone to move to a new area or
different piece of equipment is flat out rude. The only exception would be
if they were just hogging something for a really long time. This guy had
every right to be annoyed with you, especially after you didn’t take no for
an answer the first time. 

richw76 says:

I would not “wait my turn” in this situation. Matt was 100% correct and
respectful. There’s a person in my gym that always does stiff legged
deadlifts in the squat rack. The gym is small but there are at least 2
other suitable places to SLDF/DL, I know because I do it twice a week
myself. Anyway the ironic part is the way they unrack it’s actually more
dangerous for them and they would be much better off DL from the ground
into position and then doing the SLDL. Matt spread the word. I’m glad
more people are doing exercises that will actually benefit them but we all
need to try to be respectful and work together.

At my gym the best and my preferred bar for pullups is attached to the
squat rack but if I see someone circling/waiting I just go and use another
one. There are at least 5 places I can do pull-ups even if it’s not my
favorite and only one power rack.

thefreshguriza says:

LoL Ogus rocking that comment section! Best guy & great video! Keep it
real! LoA worldwide! 

Travis Kraft says:

Wow, that guy was a jerk.

Jan Voi Mojica says:

Well said Matt!! Especially with the higher volume of folks now entering
the gym. Thanks for putting this out. Hopefully everyone catches on.

Jason Davids says:

100% Agree I have the same issue, people use the rack to bent row… off
the floor.. one guy even wanted to do 5 mins hanging strecthes even tho
theres a chin up bar which is meant for that over the other side. Really
annoys me and the reason I plan to set up a home gym in the future.

Valentino Guilot says:

or you can just wait and do something else while he finish. You are the
problem here just wait like everybody else does and shut the fuck up. What
a fucking drama queen this guy is 

Taylor Diaz lopez says:

Makes perfect sense 

Dardan M says:

I remember when I first started huge dude was deadlifting in front of a
power rack (the only one in the whole gym) and he got pissed when I started
using the power rack… have not meet a bigger gym asshole to this day..
mofo wasnt even using the rack but needed to look at himself in the mirror.

christian rubio says:

The struggle is real my dude 

alan simons says:

If you work out in a commercial gym you are going to meet so many stupid
people doing so much stupid shit and who have ZERO gym etiquette that any
decent person will go absolutely insane. Every time I go to the gym I
fantasize about smashing at least one person with a dumbbell. 

frankenbat says:

i love the thumb for this video…curling in the squat rack…so


I had this once when a guy was talking on his phone whilst leaning on a
cable machine, I started to use the machine when he says to me “sorry but
I’m using this machine”, no you you’re not, you’re using your phone I

chefchris21 says:

I want to troll you but I got to much love for ya man.. We all hear you
brother I can’t stand people who just won’t compromise.

Chem-Engineer says:

Reminds me of a time this older (50s) age guy kicked a woman out from the
leg press by saying “I always use this leg press machine”, even though
there was an empty one next to it

drcoolmoney says:

I totally agree with you on your points about deadlifting in a squat rack.
What if that kid feels like he hits a pr every time he deadlifts in that
rack though? Maybe that’s why he couldn’t see past what you were trying to
get at him. Like you said he has just as much right to be there as you do,
and some people just don’t feel like changing where they like to do certain
things. I like to map out where I’m going to do things when I go to workout
in the gym, but I make sure it doesn’t inconvenience anyone. You can’t
always get what you want at the gym and sometimes waiting is what needs to
be done. I personally would never ask someone to do what you did for the
exact reason being that someone’s ego of “being there first” just makes
things awkward and most of the time people won’t be able to see past that.
Which is the absolute thing that drives you nuts Matt. I totally get it
though. It’s frustrating. 

Michael Pasqual says:

This. Well done Matt. Another thing that pisses me off is the assholes who
collect all the fucking weights in the gym. And fucking people who CLAIM TO
FUCKING USE MULTIPLE pieces of equipment at the same time.

“Sorry man, I’m using both the functional trainer and the power rack”

“Sorry man, but go fuck yourself.”

CrinCler says:

Hate it when people do stuff like this. It’s as if their brain turns off
when they walk into the gym

jimmy liftsweights says:

“But I was here first”…lol i agree with this, i seen this bs happen one
to many times. I usually dnt say shit or start any beef, but it does piss
me off…so I feels for you fam

MonsterChuck says:

How about those guys that set up a “circuit” and won’t let anyone touch
the equipment? I actually encountered one that had BOTH squat racks
taken….. fucking ridiculous.

Hakus Hakus says:

ur awesome dude! I like u alot u have grown up so much over the years im so
proud of u XD

Jake Simpson says:

thanks matt for uploading this, more people need to be aware of their

Tricky Ricky says:

Haha my brother wanted to use a preacher curl seat, and it had a rack on
the front of it. I’m sure you’ve seen ones like this. This one guy wouldn’t
let him use it or work in because he was using it as a rack, and was doing
standing curls (not using the equipment for anything other than a rack).
My brother’s face was priceless!
Nice video Matt, I hope to see more gym etiquette videos like this one.

Sébastien Tuyizere says:

That ”gentleman” was a fucking asshole

Excalibur says:

It’s all about how you approach and in what tone you say it. If you
essentially say “please let me use it” especially if you provide a reason
almost anyone will let you.

Bibek Wagley says:

Thumbnail cracked me up, so stupid yet so funny 🙂 Squat Curls

Hairul Yusri says:

So what happens if tht ‘Person’ was a lady? Hmmm :-/ that actually happened
in my gym… it sucks but i was lucky enough to get a squat rack beside the
one she was using for deads… Not so much for the other guys though

Proj8ct says:

A good example u could have used was. Doing conventional DL inside a power
rack is like using the power rack to jump rope. Your not using the rack at
all ur not even using the space your taking up space that you don’t need
to. Might as well be taking a nap in the rack.

Jose Sandoval says:

It doesn’t fuking matter first come first serve, I pay, so I go to Fuk shit
up and leave 

4lpina says:

100% agreed dude.

Orlando Privategoodapple says:

There was once a couple in my gym who were doing 10×10, quarter squatting
and supersetting with other leg machines… They were doing this for 50min
and that was the only rack in my gym. I told myself leave the ego at the
door at times , but in this situation I was like Fuck that. It took me 3
fucking hours to finish the session… the pain it was so immense…

Sunamigun says:

At first he had the right to say no to moving, but after u explained to him
your situation. He should have reconsidered. He probably just didn’t want
to seem like a bitch. But yeah, fuck people who curl in the squat rack.

Richard Halabi says:

The happened to me the other day. I went up to the guy and said do you mind
if i use the power rack to squat, because you can deadlift anywhere in the
gym but i can’t squat anywhere in the gym. He agreed. Put simply, it is an
inefficient allocation of gym resources for someone to deadlift/bicep curl
in the power rack. You had a right to ask him to move. Just like if i was
sitting on the leg press and not using it. I was there first, but i can do
that anywhere in the gym, to give an exaggerated example. 

Eric Brah says:

I don’t get how people could get overly butt hurt over this saying how what
you did was disrespectful, inconsiderate, etc. Lmao like come on people,
its common fucking sense. Its not like Matt went up to him and forcefully
told him to fuck off the power rack so he could use it.

vassillioss . says:

the guy trying to do deadlifts in the squat rack was probably trying to do
rack pulls and didn’t know what to call them

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