Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Full 30 Minute Pilates Workout – HD

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Upside-Down Pilates ( is Honolulu’s premiere pilates studio.

This is lesson 53 of our TV show which has been on the air in Hawaii since 2008. In this lesson we cover the exercise ball.

For the full 30 minute pilates lesson:
Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Full 30 Minute Lesson

If you prefer to do this pilates lesson in parts:
Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Part 1 of 4

Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Part 2 of 4

Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Part 3 of 4

Upside-Down Pilates – Exercise Ball – Lesson 53 – Part 4 of 4

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Mirella Mimmi says:

Guarda questo video su YouTube: bella lezione….

Fatima Pereira da Rosa says:

I love pilates!

Chantal Van Der Vegt says:


Jerusalem Yohannes says:

rosaria maria grifa says:

very good

zoe-trene sherrod says:

Good workout. 

leetjenie says:

worst instructor ever

gabi lima says:

very goooddd!!!
I loved your work!!!

תוחפה מחמוד says:
patricia abreu says:

hi, could you let me know which brand are your balls and mats? Love them!
thank you !

Happy Smiley says:

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Totti says:

this is torture

XYX40 says:

Nice workout !

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Upside-Down Pilates says:

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sallie pollock says:

As someone else here has said great to find a uset for the ball I’ve had
for ages. First go at this and am over 60 so challenging but think it will
be a good routine. Thanx

UPKA1998 says:

is this applicable to men???

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tarheelveteran says:

I’ll be starting this video tomorrow. It looks like it will give me a good
all-over workout. Thanks! You’re in Hawaii? I’m soooo jealous!!

minke1981 says:

This was so awesome! I never did pilates with my ball before, and it was so
well explained, good for my muscles but still really relaxing. I loved it!

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IANLWU25 says:

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Upside-Down Pilates says:

good job, keep it up!

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