Working Out, Muscles & Fitness in English – Fluency Corner Lesson – Master English Conversation 2.0

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Close Start expressing yourself clearly and confidently in English today with our complete 6 month fluency training video course! 🙂

The Fluency Corner video lesson in the Master English Conversation 2.0 program helps you:

Learn To Think, Act And Speak natively

Understand WHY native speakers do what they do with thorough examinations of language and culture

Discover my best techniques for developing leadership skills, building speaking confidence, thinking in English, speaking under pressure and much more

Get simple, clear explanations of complex — and often confusing — English language topics and grammar

Steal the fluency shortcuts of native speakers that will have you learning expressions 2 — 3 times faster

See clear examples of how to move and behave so you’re prepared for meeting native speakers in real life

Master words and expressions visually so they become unforgettable


Keep reading to learn more about how you can become a great speaker…

Even after years of studying, are you disappointed with your English level? Can you read and write English well, but still not speak confidently? Do you have trouble thinking of the right words to use in conversations?

Are you nervous, self-conscious and afraid around native speakers? Is it hard for you to understand the idioms, slang and expressions they use? Do you worry that you’ll make mistakes, or that you won’t be able to respond to native speakers in conversations?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could:

Communicate powerfully and confidently in English, on the phone and in person, without hesitation…

Feel EXCITED when talking with native speakers, instead of shy, embarrassed and fearful…

Express the REAL YOU, and demonstrate your value and skills in English, without translating…

Speak fluent English confidently without getting stuck thinking and translating in conversations…

Sound like a native English speaker with clear and smooth pronunciation…

Understand different English accents, and use slang, idioms and real English expressions…

Speak grammatically correct English without having to think of confusing grammar rules…

Meet native English speakers to practice speaking with no matter where you live in the world…

And achieve the level of English fluency you’ve been working so hard for (finally!!!)

To understand why you’re struggling to learn click on the link below and start seeing the success in your English speaking you deserve!


Henry Townshend says:

You don’t fucking know how much you have been helping me.

EnglishAnyone says:

Wow Drew you really know how to train the English language ‘muscles’.
Bravo! I really enjoyed this video too!

Sebastián Navarro says:

I really love your clips. Thank you very much! They are really funny and I
just can’t explain how much they are helping me to improve my speaking


Greetings from Argentina

Henry Gamboa says:

It’s really fun practice english in this way, thanks a lot. greetings from

Target Educational Services says:

Working Out, Muscles & Fitness in English – Fluency Corner Lesson – Master
English Conversation 2.0

moises rodrigues says:


Kaiye He says:

It’s hard to understand those words. Maybe I should work out more often. 

Coup Liu says:

This video is superb!

eFit30 says:

I really loved your clip.

mafiaazulCMA1 says:

Exclent teacher! 

Raul Rojas says:

one of the best videos ever made to learn english while being in the gym
or working out at home.thanks mate,u really know your stuff on how to
master the english language in real life,just a question is it not
dumbbells instead of curls? Thank u in advanced my friend.

Abdelmalek ZAIDI says:

That was amazing … really well done 🙂 waiting for another new video.

where can I find it ?? 

Denis Cavalcante says:

Amazing videos!!!

Henry Nguyen says:

” count out loud in English ” i dont understand

Nives Torresi says:

Wow Drew you really know how to train the English language ‘muscles’.
Bravo! I really enjoyed this video too!

Thalles Mello says:

Nice video! Hugs from brazil!

Trần Trọng says:

I love workout so much, I really like my idol, Arnold. and I really enjoy
your lesson, I have a great time working my body. thanks a lot, teacher
Drew. Trong. My facebook’s name is Karaoke

Konstantin Nemtsev says:

I liked it and like your videos is fun, sorry I don’t understand much
English but with the time and your work I will learn the English

Carina Fragozo says:

That’s an excellent video! I love the “muffin top” thing, haha. Congrats!

Faisal Alzalabani says:

this is perfect. thanks

Agnaldo Gênova says:

Wow, the best English video ever!!!!!

EnglishAnyone says:

Glad to hear it. 🙂 Great name, by the way!

Hugo Leonardo says:

I love it! I dont speak english. But I hope learn fast and you will help
me. I’m from Brazil. Nice to meet you 🙂

yang qin says:

Don’t forget to eat a balanced diet too! Health is wealth, agree? Any your
teaching has been beyond wonderful! 5 garlands and 5 stars from me!

holly Baker says:

good video, i´m a member and i like your videos are funny and i can hear
the grammar i am learning,but how do you say you have pain in your muscles
after working out? does do exercises mean the same? thanks in advance and i
hope be in the Key to the Globe

EnglishAnyone says:

Thanks, Holly. Slight pains after working out are called “cramps.” Hope to
see you in Master English Conversation! 🙂

EnglishAnyone says:

Thanks so much, Carina! 🙂

Fred says:

Cool video! What’s your favorite sport Drew? Mine is tennis. 🙂

EnglishAnyone says:

Thanks so much! Yeah, I need to work out AND eat well. 🙂

u1thalapathy says:

thank you sooooooooooo much. this video help me lot to improve conversation
in the gym, again thanks man

Mohamed Farouk says:

Is ‘love handles’ used for both sexes and ‘muffin tops’ only used for women?

Mohamed Farouk says:

Nice to see you working out, Drew!

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