30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout – Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training

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Richard Peitz says:

It is imperative that when you do rotation drills that the head stays
forward as lower body rotats
to avoid rotation in the ski turn. While skiing the shoulders should be
facing down hill. Have fun Dick Paschke Aspen Co

Arno Stevens says:

How many times you do this a week? I bassicaly start from 0 (need to get
ready for february) 

Chad Koenig says:

This is a great workout! It took me a few weeks until I could make it
through the entire session. Nicely produced and high quality.

Korbin Griffin says:

I went skiing last week and my legs were toast.

Megan Keenan says:

I’ve had ski related knee injuries in the past and was looking for
exercises to build knee strength for ski season. This workout definitely
targets the muscles that protect your knees and is great for balance and
stability, so I think continuing with this workout through the fall will be
really helpful. I would not recommend it to anyone with fresh knee injuries
as there is a lot of twisting and impact on the knees!

Jasz-Jordan Abdilla Gough says:

i just did this and at 10:46 i lost consciousness and luckily landed on the

Yours Tubero says:


johanna sch says:


Der Aua says:

Aw man, my knees… I admit it is hard, but I could push through it if it
weren’t for my right knee… started about a year ago

Matas Vaskis says:

this is hard :D

Sanjay Shelat says:

thanks mate

Richie Gay says:

This is awesome. Just started this workout a week ago. For the month or two
prior, I had been doing lots of leg work, and I thought my legs were in
good shape, then I did this workout…

As for the recommended cardio, is that done the same day as the workout, or
alternate days? 

Scotty Schumann says:

that was wicked! great cardio and exposed a lot of weakness in my legs.
if i grab a core workout to alternate with this one i’ll be rippin’ it up
this season!

georgiaredneck193 says:

Thank you soo much for this video!!!!!! I started this workout a month
before I left for my ski trip so glad I did!! 

Paul Asoyan says:

Excellent pre-season workout routine. +Andrey Doronichev, step it up!

Marti Walker says:

Wow, I thought I was in decent shape until I tried this! Makes it more fun
pretending I’m on the slope!

Garry Houghton says:

done, going skiing in March, going to use this to get my ski legs. 🙂
Thanks for the video, liked and subscribed.

UNCborn50 says:

The guy in this video makes the agility jumps look so easy. They’re really

Alex Berger says:

Great workout for the bumps, thanks.

Working up to completion…

Sue Wang says:

Great commentary and explanation!! 

Markus Schreyer says:
Matias F says:

Wow thank guys i was looking for something like this

fateless78 says:

thanks guys

FitnessBlender says:

Hey thanks. We have some that are way more brutal than this one, if you are
feeling brave! Good luck snowboarding Chad!

PinkMuffin Paris says:


adamfeast says:

Second week. It still kills. Thanks.

Muhammad Adil Riaz says:

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red11514 says:

Do you have a warm up/cool down link?

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