44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever! (High Def)

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C_is_Creative says:

I’m only 12 and I can do almost 6 push-ups (down on my knees of course),
run from one end of the basketball court to another, and I can jump up 2
stairs instead of 1

Tee Major Fitness says:
Rhetoricalmuse says:

Truth is, a person can get a quality physique without direct weight
training. I’ve seen it, done it and will never remove any of it from my
routine. Plus, calisthenic type workouts can build a surprising amount of

Max Casari says:

da tenere come riferimento quando non di sa cosa fare

Teresa S says:

I bet all the people who were staring at him probably felt small & weak
after seeing all that lol
I know I would have.
I can do a good handful of those but the rest.. nah I’m not built like that

Ida Milec says:

dopeeeee vid!!! Check out my fitness motivation video n let me know what u
think :D

inscrutable67 says:

Are you kidding me 1 handed clap push ups?!?

Max Austin says:

If you ever in Sanford florida look up Max GenerationX 

SwanOnYT says:

2:36 ………………….. couldn’t find and body weight calf exercises
then ? 

iWontLose.com says:

Solid motivational video. Major Salute from iWontLose

Each To His Own, Eh? says:

okay sooo like 20 bodyweight excercises and 24 pushup variations lol

Benjamin Williams says:

I struggle to get out of bed …

hunlevistube says:

Whoever this man is, inspires the hell out of me, I am done with dumbbell,
barbell exercises. This training solidly ROCKS!:D
This guy’s performance is astonishingly mind boggling, all my respect.!

MagicCardGuardian says:

This guy is a hero

Bruno Lacerda says:

Quem gosta de um exercício bem Crazy…ta ai um exemplo bem

murderousintent says:

The only bodyweight exercise I can do is gut-ups

John Platero says:

Anyone who criticizes this guy should be ashamed of themselves. It’s easy
to type diatribes. First, this guy is amazing. He’s a pretty big guy to
pull these exercises off. He’s an example of what a human can do. Don’t
criticize…..just respect and behold the level of fitness this man has.

Sly Stallone says:

Superlativo! Complimenti!

Mathieu Fleury says:

You are a machine!!! thx for the video

Alexander Bollbach says:

holy shit those backflip burpees. 

asdas wwadad says:

his arms are bigger than his legs xd

Vanessa Diaz says:

Wow!!! Ur awesome

Ray Griffey says:

Body Weight Training Is Good For Gaining A Little Mass Only If U Have An
Anorexic Frame , But Weights Will Get Uu Swoll , Because They Burn 2x As
Much Fat Thenn Body Weight I’m 12 Turninn 13 Next Month Ndd Body Weight
Workouts Don’t Really Help That Much So In My Opinion Weight Lifting Has
Too Be Best

jokubas5 says:

972 lazy ass morons.

killanige49 says:

Built like a brick, and not a single weight was touched. Hell yeah

TM Miner says:

What is this a superman gym? All isee is like giant buff guys working out

Rohit Sharma says:

is Like it….

soldier1999 says:

Body weights are the best workout and so is cardio.
Its faster
More sufficient
More functional
Any one can. Do them at any age almost.

Its better than weights
A lot better. For everyone

Adam O Sullivan says:

+Tee Major Fitness do you just do freestyle in one day or what way do i go
about these please it would help alot? thank you 

Yoan Tutunarov says:

Does someone know the name of this guy. Looking amazing !

Martin white knight says:

Un Fking real!!!

Ricky Moscosa says:

This is the best work out I ever seen before.

domi376999 says:


Hank Moody says:

absolutely amazing video man, keep it up! 

Brian Anderson says:


Eduardo Esquivel says:

This dude is amazing 

TheRealWorld says:

Thats call fitness balance

Nikolay Grekov says:

Awesome workout!

Rene Gärtig says:

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever! (High Def): http://youtu.be/POdzasJklxw

Stop White Genocide says:

3:00 crazy form man…

bogdan1207 says:

43* best bodyweight exercises, that backflip burpee is not a real thing,
you were just showing off >.>

This is a great video, it is really helpful, thanks!

cod master says:

I’m 10 people call me myget man because I’m 54 inches I’m in 5th grade. But
people don’t know I’m very strong for my age I can do those fingertip
push-ups the Spider-Man one I’m working on I can do like 20 at once but
it’s hard

MrChilin3 says:

Do you hit any weights? I’m trying to gain lean muscle, and lose fat.

daniel kofman says:

He makes me look like a pussy!!!!!!!!!!

Veganer im Chiemgau says:

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