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Core strength and explosive power are key, as British pro football player Nick’s gym challenge to physique model Gabriel to try some genuine hardcore gym training of the kind he uses for playing football.
Nicholas Alexander Jones is a member of Team GB’s pro American Football team. Gabriel Sey is a PT and UKBFF Men’s Physique competitor. Gabriel’s training is usually controlled and focussed on building up the muscle in different body parts. Nick’s gym training is about explosive strength, and core. Two totally different approaches to lifting weights.
In the second of this two-part series, the tables are turned, as Gabriel puts Nick through a muscle-building workout.

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Nick Ralph says:

Worst. Cleans. Ever.

nidhish mehra says:

The U.S.A football is certainly the boring and not excitement sports of the
world, isn’t it? Indeed it is the greatest nature things for ignorant and
not education people (as similar U.S.A peoples) to be love this one cretin
sport with all and deepest love. In actual I can say my truthly belief.
American men has fanatic with this sports because in the secret mind their
truthly love is not women. The greatest pleasure for the hidden homosexual
is the side peep at a man, isn’t it? For this reason the U.S.A. football
superstar MUST and obligation to wore womens leg nylons to assist the alone
and solo sex masturbates of the home audience.

ManchoBG Mancho says:

First workout will help you for other things 

Nik2555 says:

american footballers form is terrible on hang cleans, your meant to catch
it on your shoudlers not reverse curl it onto yours wrists hahaha

Adam Salgado says:

Terrible cleans

Stephon Joseph says:

Honestly it was an interesting workout but really way out of a real
American football Gym session very far from that…

Andy hou says:

oh man, trying to let a bodybuilder doin relatively heavy weight clean is
really bad for his wrist and lower back…..

Fit Media Channel says:

Football pro Nick’s gym training is for explosive and core strength.

Christian Baumann says:

lol just lol

Alan Lithgow says:

Was more of a muscle clean than actual cleans wasn’t explosive at all!
Explosive is lifting a heavy weight fast!

lankey1987 says:

Will be adding these to my routine for sure. Keep up the good work. 

irv gentry says:

Great exercise

Anthony Miller says:
Sharjeel HaSan says:

I wonder if is this nfl style protocal training … if do I like it!

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