Best Workout Motivation Music 2014 (HD)

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This is one of the best motivation music for working out.Please share this video,leave a comment and like, if you love working out!

1. Onlap – The Awakening 0:00
2. 300 Violin Orchestra – John Quintero (High Quality) 3:58
3. BEAST by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard 6:57
4. Cant Be Touched – Roy Jones Jr. 11:09
5. Deorro – Five Hours (Static Video) [LE7ELS] 14:46
6. Hans Zimmer – Time ( Instrumental Core Remix ) 20:13
7. Instrumental Core – The Angels Among Demons 25:23
8. John O’callaghan – Zyzz Version V2, – Find Yourself feat. Sarah Howells (Remix) 30:11
9. Keak da Sneak feat. San Quinn – Hot N Cool (Instrumental) 37:39
10. Meg & Dia – Monster (DotEXE Remix) 41:33
11. PL – In The Zone 45:17
12. T-Pain – Bang Bang Pow Pow (Feat. Lil Wayne) (Instrumental) 48:51
13. Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage (Extended Version) 52:39
14. Two Steps From Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men (Extended Version) 1:00:51

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Workout Dance 2014

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PTEpye says:

Love Five Hours.Great job mate:) 

Coskun Soysert says:

Amazing playlist these songs have motivated me to push myself harder in my
workouts. Great job with the song selections. 

Joseph Elmajian says:

Very nice brother!

OyunDayız B says:

awesome playlist thanks !

MrPainolympics says:

thank you was mentally tired and was about to skip a workout ;)

Angel M says:

Now this motivates the crap out of you! Great selection man

PumpTrainingProgram says:

Great mix man! thanks..
Check out my channel for workout music!


Reynaldo Guzman says:

What is the name of the instrumental on 21:00?
By the way, this is good music to listen to when you’re working out. It
sometimes make me feel like I’m in a movie, Lol. Good mix bro.

Klajdi Cuberi says:

Can you say me the 10 first song of the video

Andrew Runions says:

Sick mix, great job bro

CrazyBoyLp says:

first song please Thanks :D

Kody Kennedy says:

Good I’ve been looks ng for a playlist to hit the gym to

Dario Lovrinović says:

This is perfect for my workout and training! Thanks. Keep going :-)

maxthedarkmaster says:

That playlist is dope …well done bro!

Argiee says:

Hey man! This is best workout playlist!
Thanks for this bro!!

Akak K says:

great ! last two and first 3 tracks…. 😀 nice dude! 

jeong ho no says:

nice very nice!

Ryksuga X says:

Just nice. Post moree

zawaman123 says:

Wow, such a great mix, this got me right off my ass, and I went to go hit
up the weights

francis cooper says:

Great playlist I get very pumped with this music do more

Danny Long says:

Amazing. No other words man. Great start and at min 7. Went berserk. Lost
my mind benching haha. Ummm what’s the song? 

Kamilos W says:

Interest me the names of the songs from 53 to the end…
Please help me and tell something about these songs! ;)

TheCoffemaniac says:

anyone a playlist we can download and make it into a cd?

Chance Morgan says:

This is just an idea.. I just subscribed because you got some of the best
pump music here. You should make a sound cloud and make a public playlist
so people can follow you and listen to it there also! If you do let me
know!! :)

Hang Man says:

good collection

Claudiu Horon says:

Great selection. Love to work out/run whilst listening to this

shkibera says:

Epic collection 3) 

PopcornTheGuy says:

Damn is the best workout mix i’ve ever heard…it really motivates me at
gym…keep up the good work bro ^_^

Perky Channel says:

Holy Fuck just pumped chest to this can feel the gains


Well done brah

Derick Jennings says:

how can I download this and take it with me?

Kamal M says:

Great mix

ItzRistz says:

Let’s go! Nice man

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