Bodybuilding com Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Mass Training Overview

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031ish says:

A lot of Arnolds training methods are similar to Mike Rashids and CT
Fletchers. I don’t know what it is now days but people talk about
overtraining way to much like they forgot what our human bodies can go
through. Its called adaption! Take a spartan warrior for example who would
march for 6 months on end living of an apple a day. Arrives to battle and
fights for several days non stop followed by the long march back home only
this time he has several wounds and a broken leg? Or how about laborers in
eastern europe who have to do intensive lifting for 18 hours a day? Are
they overtraining? I personally think its just an excuse for people who are
lazy because over time we as humans have become very lazy. And the funny
thing is a lot of people who talk about overtraining have never actually
pushed themselves to that point because of fear and listening to a load of
bullshitting bro-science 30 minute gym goers instead of listening to there
own bodies. So in fact a lot of it is just ignorance.

Danes world says:

Please turn comments for this video off every singal one is more retarded
than the next.

Jayson Lee says:

I honestly cringe when I listen to this kind of “champion” talk. Real
champions don’t cheat. And these guys wouldn’t have the same bodies if they
didn’t take steroids. That’s just the straight up truth. Not trolling, or
hating or anything. I don’t like these videos because kids watch them and
dream of being a bodybuilder and then you hit that point where you have a
decision to make. Stay natty and be broke, or take illegal drugs and try to
go pro. It’s a pretty shitty establishment- the IFBB. Liars and politicians
all of them.

jon willard says:

Please, bodybuilders include your drugs when you talk about your training
methods. Overtraining without steroids can produce negative results.

Vincent LevskiFan says:

This is who should be the next US president. Not the usual shit talking
faggots… Arnold worked hard to become the best in several diffrent
careers.This man is fuckin legendary. People all over the world love and
respect him for the inspiration he has given. 

AnonymousCowardX says:

Striking, but I’d rather choose intellect over muscles. 

John Miller says:

its crazy how much the physiques have changed over the years. now legs are
way bigger/defined/separated. lats are about 10x this size, and the
stomachs look bloated now.

Jester Muffin says:

Been training for 4+ years, the results are there. But to be honest someone
can probably achieve what i have in a year. I don’t really take any
supplements but i can eat like a beast. I am losing motivation by the days
and i don’t even know if i should continue bodybuilding with very limited
equipment and money/resources. Arnold has always been an inspiration but i
don’t know how far i can get or if it’s even worth it trying to do
bodybuilding without supplements and roids. Any advice would be
appreciated. Thanks.

Titus Baumgart says:

Oh my name is Titus as well 🙂 cool!

Akki Kimathi says:

One thing about Schwarzenegger he doesn’t appear “roided up” like most
builders, was he taking anything???

TK101Warhammer says:

Fuck this steroid asshole cheater mother fucker corrupt policies fucked up
California even more.

Id0n0thate says:

The problem I have with the entire Steroids talk is what is clean? Theres
alot between white and black. There are a lot of supplements that are
HARDLY legal. But when they have that 1% more of a certain supplement it’s
illigal, and it’s TOTALLY evil. So theres a thin line. People always have
to label something. I don’t believe in Natural. Natural is when you are
still growing your own food and you eat that with no pills or anything and
you train hard in fields. That natural growth. Nowadays no one does things
natural, everyone uses tons of supplements in quantities of concentrated
stuff you would normally NEVER be able to get. But if one of the thousand
things that are unnatural is called steroids it’s VERY WRONG. It’s just
steroids. You’re natural, or using Steroids. Theres nothing in between. 

Fiju Mate says:

I’ve seen this video more than enough times but it never seems to get old
or bore me. This is such a good video. I admire Arnold so much!

NOBOX7 says:

so legends inject steroids for greatness? just tryna figure this legend
thing out , i mean we are post exposa on terminator Governor on roids

MPV_Flex says:

It’s funny to think he’s all of our idols when we go to the gym. I think
back then, bodybuilders looked my define when they had a thin waist ,
unlike today that they let their stomachs get too even with their upper
body. #Opinion

sean noonan says:

Didn’t he use steroids 

captain sum ting wong says:

Man FUCK THIS GUY! who the fuck is he? What the fuck does he know!?…
jk arni is a FUCKING LEGEND! 

Fade2Dark says:

yay I knew pushing to failure was best. I’ve been doing it since day 1. I
am 3 months and going strong! 

Robert Long says:

Arnold is a legend, no doubt about that, but I did his Blueprint routine
last year and injured my biceps pretty badly. Way too much volume in my

Mugs FC says:

The amount of stupidity and uneducated fucks in this comment section is too
damn high

Fabian Scharf says:

looks like he skipped leg day 

VideoVerifying says:

16:40 who was the 2nd ? he looks huge

NOBOX7 says:

dont you mean with injections you can achieve your goals?

tzutzescu says:

i don’t want to take anything away from the man, he is the champ, a legend,
everyone knows his name, he worked his ass off for that shape BUT he didn’t
get there on protein shakes and eating small meals 5 times a day – that’s
the truth. It’s insulting to anyone who trained natural for years and made
sacrifices to be in the best shape they can, or even someone who knows
about bodybuilding, to be told that you can achieve that size and
definition w/o steroids. The biggest liars you’ll find are in this sport. I
respect the guys who use and come out with it, telling it like it is, no
bs, they sacrificed their health and whole life style to compete, but at
least they admit it!

Burak Orman says:

overtrain without roids and see what happens 🙂 you won’t be able to lift
as much as you did before. you need to rest. after 13:00 it’s advertise by
the way..

Jacques Stephens says:

Could someone tell me if Arnold means that you need protein if your only
eating 3 meals or if he says you can’t get enough protein no matter how
much you eat each day (I.e. Even 5 meals). Cheers

Hakan Alemdar says:

1:32 hormones? just a wild guess…

xcalabur18 says:

Christ, you guys talk about steroids like you can just take them, sit back
on your fat ass all day eating cheetos and playing COD and look like Arnie.
Sorry to wake you up, but it doesn’t work that way. Even ON roids, you
still have to bust your ass in the gym, day in, day out, making every rep
seem like your last. That’s what guys like Arnold did. To gloss over that
reality just to make cheap shots on how they cheated is just fucking

hoopmillionaire2 says:

Arnold is probably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, a real
inspiration! But my god, his legs are actually shit to the point that his
lower body looks completely out of place on his massive upper body. He
certainly wouldn’t fair well against todays Olympia competitors that have
huge, proportionate legs. 

mike carpio says:

He was 235lbs ripped man . Yea he was on gear but low doses and heavy
training .. He was a all around body builder and still alive today. So
steroids if used correctly won’t kill you 

Yong bang yang says:

How about decline press for lower chest? Is it necessary? He didn’t mention
decline press.

Arnoud1987000 says:

its easy talk when u got UNLIMITED supplies in steroids .. time and food….
i train for 13 years now and i can tell honest u wont notice much if you
dont use steroids… i havent take it yet but i might one day.
But its true only a few train hard in the gym and most are just for laughs
and talks doing nothing.
Anyway im allready pro because i got my own music label…… im not
someone who gives up easily.. but for training u need steroids if you want
to get that photoshop 3d muscles and ultra hardening.

I also dont agree with a lot that Arnold says about training….. and its
really DIFFERENT if u train naturel!!!!!
Tghe best way is to create ur own workout thing,,, try what works and what
does not on ur specific body.. back than in the times of Arnold ,. they
didnt know shit and also had to figger out for themselfs too…! 

Callie B. says:

Arnold is my hero. Even if he did use steroids he worked his ass off , hard
work beats talent any day.

Gypsy Kid says:

how can you speed up the process………………………steroids

Franky V says:

I have watched this so, so many times. no one will ever come close to these

kyrgeorge says:

wtf…. arnold is a legend in bodybuilding. But this s*it about supplements
in his era is truly bs. His co-trainer ric drasin admits on his videos that
there was only one brand of protein supps back then and was expensive too
and no one cared. All was steroids (which were legal back then) and big
food. Arnold trained his ass when he was younger building the foundation
and then was juice and big (good) eating. Before blueprint there is no
video talking about supplements and now … oh its all about protein
shakes. Protein shakes will give you a little edge but nothing more rich
piana said to his video for his upcoming label of supplement and he is

unionjacker333 says:

I don’t think that these people commenting understand… Steroids are not
illegal in BodyBuilding competitions, he didn’t cheat. Everyone took
Steroids and he was the best. Arnold was the champ there was no cheating.

CytotoxinK says:

Arnold : “Everyone knows, when they get into training, that you’re not
going to go and become a champion from one day to the next; but the
question is how can we speed up the process?”

D-bol, Deca and a shitload of Test son!!!!

JohnWayneCWB says:

The thing people don’t understand is that bodybuilders like Arnold hit
their peak, their bodies natural physical limit, and would rather DIE
before not being able to make more gains and that’s why they juice. 

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