Exclusive Batista incredible UFC training and GYM workout 2014

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crazytechnology619 says:

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IGattsI says:

i dont recall him being in ufc ya derp :|

Will Barnhart says:

Nothing incredible about a guy who can’t punch or move correctly and spends
4 hours a day injecting himself and lifting weight in the mirror after
tanning sessions. Watch his mma fight and he looks like a losing record
amateur with no chin and no technique.

xGARIDx says:

He looks like brutal macho but…. he fights like a raped girl!

Calum McLaughlin says:

john RAMBO david bautista is 6’6 nd weighs 20 stone of solid muscle, it
matters fuck all how hard u r or how well traind or experienced u r, ur
still made of the same stuff as the rest of us, if a guy like tht hits u on
the chin, ur goin fuckin down

firestonegraywolf says:

bloaty gut

xST3ALTHYBrockaholicHD says:

i hope batista dies
he sucks
buttista/faptista is a joke wrestler and fighter
my brock lesnar is a legend

john RAMBO says:

lol @ batista UFC training !
batista couldnt fight to save his life , he is a fucking pussy !

rahul suri says:

chill batista u r still a punk infront of lesnar!!! ..

Bill Goldberg says:

Batista is weak

Yono Roxydog says:

He’s 45 yrs old for F Sack ,20 yr past prime!

Discjockey Josh says:

The video was as shitty as the music playing

David Preininger says:

can somebody give me the name of the song?


yo dave, y u friend with a fat nigger huh

Torsten Ardent says:

Two silver trim strips missing on the butt and a chromed bumper on the

Brandon salinas says:

Yeah i wanna watch Batista trying to bet rampage jackson hahaha he would
get fucked up

Darntelle williams says:

because hes not racist or have his heart with hate like you

j5993366 says:

My dick > Batista

Kevin Parker says:

And he wonders whys his leg fucked now all the kicks its ended his career 

lcrowdergomez says:

Wrong training, bodybuilding routine for MMA, crazy idea.

Jay Pahetogia says:

Cant even punch for Sh#t coz he has too much muscle. I c his whole training
was full of weight training and no cardio + striking. He’ll gas out in
2mins flat!!

jeevan reddy mandali says:

chik legs

Celebrity Workouts says:

Check my channel for Celebrity workouts ;)

beast from the east says:

Hay huy Nguyen just because batista is in better shape than he was last
time doesn’t mean he’s on steroids

Huy Nguyen says:


baby cubeo says:

now, the end the legend

Arturs Z. says:

for this video music is realy suck. agressive music be more better. 

Hylgar says:

Gym Workout? More like Gym Flexing…

Austin Rykbost says:

He should do bodybuilding, not mma. The whole video just focused on his
size, and he dropped his hands every time he threw a kick. He’s nowhere
near the level of a professional fighter.

novoneiro says:

They should probably test him for steroids before letting him do MMA

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