Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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How to get six pack abs:


What’s up sixpackshortcutters! I’ve been getting a lot of messages for me to do a six pack abs workout. So I decided that today would be that day. Get ready for this intense post workout designed just to get you six pack abs. This workout is ideal, especially for those that want to lose that last bit of stubborn fat and to show that 6 pack.

I would recommend this workout to be done after a great weight lifting routine, or a high intensity bodyweight cardio workout. Why do I say this? Well because direct ab exercises are mostly good to build those ab muscles, not burn the fat. So, the best thing is to do a full body workout to trigger the fat burning process. Once you’ve achieved that with your workout program, then this ab workout afterwords would be perfect for shaping, and building those six pack abs.

Here’s the complete abs workout:

Mike’s Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout Add-On:

reverse crunch -20 rep
toe touches -20 rep
plank -30 sec

For beginners, you can start with one round of the Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout. For advanced guys, do four rounds of this abs workout back to back with sixty seconds rest in between rounds.

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Train hard,


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LilWayneVEVO says:

I am 10 and I do this everyday and finally now I have 8 pacs. 

taine vanbrugh says:

is it bad that i’m sitting here eating chocolate and ice cream trying to
find different work outs to burn fat lol

Wei Shen says:

Chang, I was doing yo wokout and then i fainted cuz it’s really hard and
tiring. My parents sent me to the hospital while I was out of conscious.
And if you think I’m joking, I’m not.

Paul Oramas says:

How long will it take me to gets abs? Im currently 15 and 5’11 and i weigh
150. When i flex my abs i can feel them but they dont really show & i still
got alittle bit of belly fat. Anything certain good excersies to get rid of
fat? What kind of stuff should i be eating cause to be honest i eat alittle
bit un-healthy. Anything will help, thanks.

Kedros Ng says:

If i got some fat on my abs, should i loss those fat first before training
my muscle ?
Oh just do this ex. to train my muscle and loss my fat at the same time ?

Patryk Zalewski says:

Been doing it for a year now and also extended and advanced some parts so
by now the exercise takes me 15 minutes but I have to tell I had a six pack
after 3 months of doing this guys workout and the effects by now are really
amazing so a big like for this guy here 

Arno ACU says:

When i have fat at my abs do i need to loss it first or should i just do
the excercise and the fat will burn at the same time….if can reply as
soon as possible and can you guys tell me the most effective way to loss
fat as fast as possible exmple jogging what cant i eat etc..please

joel potter says:

I’m 9 and doing this is it bad to have abs and weigh 40 kilos sorry if it’s
spelt wrong 

mohamed elman says:

damn men ya talking about how to burn fat….what about skinny ppl like me?
what i mean is im skinny but i can see my six pack..but ppl say ur skinny
thats why so im wondering how do i get six pack since im skinny and ..why
do i have six pack..ugh what i mean is like ppl say to me ur skinny thats
why u can see six pack but it aint sick pack is ur skinnyness!! lol sorry
about my engish!! help plsss

Milan Nikolic says:

When doing the reverse ab crunches… (First workout in the video) I hear
like a pop in my lower back every time. I don’t feel pain.. It just sounds
weird. When I do it with my legs straight out I don’t hear the noise. Any

IrOnMaN1789 says:

Guys I did this group for the first time after 35 min of running and I
managed to do only two sets. It is killer indeed. I have been doing regular
crunches for the upper abs a long time but this showed me that my lower abs
need work. It is tough and highly recommended.

Michael S. Bouck says:

+Roxane013>>>The most widely used weight gain program in the world. This
unique program designed to help people gain weight and build muscle, is
currently being used in over 90 countries.>>>>

benati farid says:

hello : these exercises are good i tried theme and i alrady have my 6pack
but i wanna go more than this i want theme apear more and more 😉 thnx man
it’s a good vid

darknessforlife says:

Hi am 14 years old 1m 85 cm weight 67 kg will this exercise help me cause I
wanna get 6 pack abs as quickly as possible and how long will it take me in
weeks cause I just started am consistent with the excercise and the diet
and maybe you can give me any tips 

RunWhilstYouCan says:

I do this every other day. Only twice now but it’s getting harder as my
form gets better. Thanks :-)

Narin Majidiyan says:

Is my routine wrong? I play basketball and do cardio 5 times per week from
Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I work on my abs and arms 

Heatsworld says:

do u have to do this everyday?

Ernesto Retana says:

Is this meant for 14 year olds?

Plamen Todorov says:

ass down while planking!
P.S. nice workout, try to extend it a bit *_* it would be interesting. 

cool_jk says:

I’m 3 years old 7’3″ and I weigh 260 lbs. Is this healthy?

greatgoals1234 says:

Hey im 13 and im 5’4 and weigh 112 how do i know if i have body fat i need
to burn to get abs?
I would really appreciate an answer! Thanks for the video

chrissyneter says:

After 2 weeks, you started seeing my 8-pack!
It works amazing and its a girl magnet

SharkSport says:

Do I squeeze/flex my abs while doing the Planks?

Noah Harwood says:

How many times does it take to have them show just the 4 rounds or do you
do them a specific amount of times to get them?

Arka Roy says:

I tried this and it wasn’t a lot of effort for me but when i finally
finished i still did not have even one ab. Do i need to be a bit thin for
the thing to be visible???

John Erikson says:

i am hurting my neck while doing the toe touches and not feeling much burn.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong

Heinz 1105 says:

Did this workout for 2 weeks and 1 weeks other abs exercises. Still dont
get any. Anw Im sixteen, thin a bit (not skinny) I did this workout on my
blanket. Maybe 10 mins, help why I dont get any abs.

naman tachilote says:

i am 13 have weight 42 kg should i do this exerise plz help

Devante Franklin says:

wow back before mike became the douchebag salesman he is now

nickability says:

So let me hear it?
Just how well does this work? (How long have you done it for, how fast it
took to get results etc.)

Poy From Raze 2 says:

Wow, first time I did it without taking breaks xD Im only 13. I probably
should lose some belly fat before I did this…

Nasty Hydro says:

Been doin this same shit for a minute and my shit actually shows now after
i get into it before going out for the day real shit aha

Madara Uchiha says:

This is awesome. Thank you man. I love your vids. I sweat my ass off
watching every vid. Keep it comin.

Haydn Cushing says:

Hi I’m Haydn and I’ve just watch this 2 days ago and I’m doing this 3 times
a day is that good im 12

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