Hannibal For King Workout Routine pt2

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The Famous Hannibal For King Demonstrating a more advanced version of the last workout routine he shared with us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy7-SO7TsoE&feature=related. Hannibal suggests to stick to the first routine for at least 6 months to a year. Hannibal prefers doing everything with a coos hand grip because of the way it sculpts his body. He says lock out on all the workouts which means perform full range of motion. This routine is the same as the first one except you want to go higher on the pull ups you want to aim to get your waist to the bar. For the dips he suggests lean as much forward as possible, this will help with anyone working towards planche dips. For the push ups he does diamonds but keeps one leg raised really high in the air. Halfway through the set he switches to the other leg. Hannibal doesn’t like letting go of the bar.

Music provided by cloak beats. Song called Ez Money.
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OfficialBarstarzz says:

Brand New Workout Routines Up On This Channel! Make Sure To Subscribe. We
Try To Answer All Fan Questions. Thank You For All The Support


People keep saying this man is on steroids! But he’s not, Many black men
are born naturally fit! He just works out to improve his Body and these are
the results he doesn’t look like he’s on steroids….you idiots!!!

Stephanie L says:

That black guy is obscenely sexy.

Ricardo Hernández Osuna says:

Pull up your fucking pants dude. You’re a grown ass man and not some stupid
yolo kid.

Brandon Donaldson says:

He kinda looks like a mix of Charlie Murphy and DMX in the face. What a
beast on the bars. Keep it up

mrstuperstefan says:

Gee I WONDER if he’s been to prison? What a creepy looking MOFO

Donathon says:

Does this guy look like he could afford steroids?

carl hines says:

Hey,he looks nothing like on steroids,where the fuck,some of you guys,live.
Go and just fuckn wprkout.ypu guys talk like women.ho I wodoner where she
get her hair done,that not all her hair.well how do ypu know,well you that
part that tells me all that hair is not real.sounds like women,so what if
if he did steroids,what are you saying it’s im possible,to look that way,in
order to look like him ypu must be on steroids.
Look talk for your self,because you not talking for me.take care, . .
.lady’s.enjoy the rest of your day.

nonnahs alebaf says:

This is DMX’s buff ass brother!

SouthBayRider says:

are those shorts or pants?

Savo Savants says:

This is genetics and dedication straight from NY baby. This is working for
my MMA routine and you can’t be a lazy fuck. Screw all the 1700+ HATERS, 

Lucas Esquivel says:

much talk and little entrenaminto … bla , bla , bla … lazy … walk to
work … bum

stujb says:

What about the legs? His look like string dangling out of the bottom of his

IxDOYLERxI says:

In what way does having your hands over bar sculpt you different?

Nalinnipha May says:

um, to all you that think he is on steroids….try looking at a
bodybuilding magazine….ok finished? notice the difference?

If you don’t your next visit should be to an optometrist….that’s an eye
doctor for the laymen, and women.

Do some research before saying stupid stuff about a guy who is naturally

And just to be fair for those who do use steroids…most of you internet
warriors could take them until your cow came home and not look half as good
as him. Don’t insult someone just because you can’t be like him.

MrFartyman44 says:

This dude should be an underwear model or something jesus his body is

Maciej Pruszyński says:

Of course he is on steroids if someone saying not that person is an idiot.
But even with steroids good job.And this man took to much testosteron

Jaroslav Leshkovyat says:

супер спорт здоровя молодець

loganit0 says:

Aaand as usual, the long pantzzz.

Koto cy says:

Thought that was DMX for a sec

DJaySplitSecond says:

So all the haters who saying he on steroids, so how do you know that? Did
he tell you himself or are you just hating and assuming he is! STFU!! And
enjoy the video with out judging

Sam Miller says:

I don’t understand how someone can get this bulky without lifting weights.
Maybe he is just really short, or genetics? I still can’t believe it, maybe
he does lift weights too

Lucas Esquivel says:

very bla, bla, bla … and nada the trakking

유창 says:

It’s a monster physical!! Wow

saman yazdani says:

every day is upperbody day!

Sebastian Infante says:


Boris sdsdsd says:

grow some legs bro !

thodoris kyriazis says:

Brand New Workout Routines Up On This Channel! Make Sure To Subscribe. We
Try To Answer All Fan Questions. Thank You For All The Support

Josiah Patterson says:

What does your diet consist of mostly?

miller alves says:

blz fera, ver se no proximo video colocar um cinto pq ta tenso esse short
caindo direto…

James Wade says:


XRePete says:

over 1600 dislikes??lol
You clueless little bitches

TheMegashitface says:

Work on your delts traps and legs bro!!

drago884 says:

Which part of NY is this (for some reason it feels like NY)?
Wish I had a playground with bars like that in my neighborhood…all we got
is slides and swings to put your baby in :P

hakan başak says:

Hannibal is good but I suppose bar brothers is better than him,I think
like this

Idris Idrisov says:

всё просто супер, брусья… турник… сам пацан тоже не хилый. но вот
объясните мне трусиля обязательно из штанов вытаскивать..? это тоже входит
в комплекс упражнений..?

cirethgr8 says:

He’s like a “calm” DMX ! LOL Big UPS 2 YA HANNIBAL !

gelo flores says:

big body small legs… wtf ? #dontskiplegdaydude

ramblin man says:

THanks man!!!

Martinus Oktobre says:

gosh you are so hot!

maksim dimidenka says:

Из Рашки никого нету? Пиздосс

Cabdriverist says:

Pretty unigue shorts you got, man:-) 

Lions! Barca! says:

Kali Muscle? Anyone? Lol 

aaron worth says:

Am I the only one feeling like a fag cuz im mesmorized by his chest and abs

Shelia Tice says:

How do you work legs

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