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A lot of people ask me about my training philosophy, how I train, how long does it take? I train in instinctively, constantly changing up my routine. I’ve been training for over 30 years, people are often looking for the overnight success… There is no such thing as over training.


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iLift WithMyFins says:

No such thing as over-training? Hahahaha, yeah, in the steroid world. Not
for natties. Listen to Athlean-x’s advice on over-training. Rich is a
fucking idiot that’s inflated with drugs and ego.

Jose Luis Perez Mendez says:

No such thing as over training, under sleeping and under eating cool I
didn’t know that. I just wanted to know are egg yolks healthy I have been
working out for 3 years I use to but protein shakes but I don’t have the
money to buy them when I run out of protein. That is why I started drinking
egg yolks, I drink 7 egg yolks every 2 days. I’m 5′ 7″ and weight 220 and I
just wanted to know if it will bring me health problems or if I will get
high cholesterol. Well, hopefully you can reply back or someone that knows
about bodybuilding.

SheepDog7071 says:

I don’t understand all this negative talk about steroids… Do some
research and learn before you post ignorant comments about substances you
have no knowledge of. Steroids is a stupid name for compounds that our
body already makes, for the most part. Testosterone is something we make
and as we get older, we make less of it. To add test is not a bad thing,
or HGH. Too much of anything is bad but, taking the right amount, and
getting blood work done every few months or so, will give great results,
and perfectly healthy ones. Stop believing all the BS out there, it is
getting old.

Incognito says:

one of the few natural bobybuilders left on youtube

rock962000 says:

Rich is a true inspiration.

eddie lugg says:

At what age do you start slowing down,your body can’t get any bigger,but
you don’t want to end up looking like a bucket of shit either,just keeping
what you have.
Have a look at Arnie S now he looks terrible at his age,it’s all gone to

Paiman Herawi says:

Damn man I love this guy. His mentality, dedication, hard work, his
personality and honesty. Such a good man! He is very open about what he
does and does whatever it takes to grow. Rich if you ever read this
comment, just remember that you are a cool ass fucking dude man. Keep doing
what you doing sir. Love the inspiration.

Shoutout from Kent, England :)

Kristian Olaf Olsen says:

Rich, congrats on this video! There´s no substitute for hard work!!! It
doesn´t matter if someone´s is on gear or not, results come from
discipline. I personally feel that steroids are something I don´t need for
any reason, but I do not hate or judge anyone, just think that people
should not change health for looks in any instance (I can´t tell if using
steroids for long is good or bad for your health, it seems that there is no
consistente scientific studies on that matter). For me it is simple that if
you are using any substance to achieve a certain look and you realize it is
harming you or even worst, putting your life at risk, just stop it and try
something else or dont try anything at all…

And if anyone decides to use anything, please see a freaking doctor

Swift Edits ッ says:

Why are people hating?? I think you should RESPECT Rich cause he got a
amazing body and you don’t! Stop crying about he’s using steroids, who
cares? Rich does whatever it takes to reach his goals and that’s his
choice. Stop hating and start working out, use his advice or don’t.

B15763823 says:

“there is no shortcuts” I’d say roids is shortcut

Dorian Terry says:

Dumbest video ive ever seen on training. The body grows on adaptations. If
you constantly switch you routine, you ultimately hurt your muscle growth.
It has to adapt to.get stronger. This guy is confused about what it means
to train with muscle confused, which is a misconstrued, misconfused concept
to begin with

NextSurvivor says:

So many people advocate being on set programs. I prefer Rich’s style,
training instinctively. And I also love how he says to throw your shakes in
the garbage. Too many people constantly drinking protein shakes.


Agreed, train instinctively. I don’t know why more people don’t go by
listening to their body. 

SheepDog7071 says:

I agree with his statement about over training. I remember when I was an
avid lifter and would hear that crap all the time. I started to think I
was but, the truth is, I wasn’t getting enough rest, or nutrients to keep
up with the work I was doing.

John Buscemi says:

Bet u don’t miss injections either 

andre maraoui says:

He’s like “no shortcuts” that’s coming from a steroid addict 

AnimalMotherV2 says:

Never missing a syringe 

Indi rulz says:

that is the definition of big muscles and veins being disgusting,
ah well to each their own, i prefer physiques like Jeff seid, Zyzz, Frank
zane etc.

Steffenpoulsen Steffenpoulsen says:

He is such a cool guy, I would love to look like that when I am at the gym,
but in the real world I think its a little to big :-)

staslig says:

when he says shit like “there is no such thing as over training” then its
hard to take the man serious. 

spas petrov says:

Rich you are one of the best , Kill it 5%

The Joy says:

lmao all those faces at 1:50 xD

billy brennan says:


sjc says:

All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. Spinoza. And you
can add, the most difficult accomplishments take a huge amount of time and
effort. There is often no easy way to become truly proficient at complex
skills other than keeping working in a systematic and sustained manner.

Sergio Mcfly says:

Hey VANILLA ICE, because of you my workout is so intense!! thanks bro

Justin Dudley says:

How long are yall gonna harp on steroids? You can inject and sit on your
ass and nothing is achieved. You still have to work your ass off. It’s like
putting a turbo charger in an engine, the engine still has to work. Rich
proves he isn’t shy about admitting he took roids and he proves he works
his ass off. All the people who make insults towards the roid use are
people who can’t put in the work or people who go to Planet Fitness and
wonder why they see no results. 

maddad86 says:

One of the best advice on YouTube I’ve heard

Jumpious says:

Synthol and roids cough idiotttt train your brain

Art Uro says:

I think you meant to say there is no such thing as over-training, only

siqpuppie says:

Does any1 else think rich’s arms are too big, in comparison to everything
else? And whats up with the bloated looking forearms?

Elvis Ferbeyre says:

This guy’s arms are bigger than Phil Heath’s

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