Lazar Angelov arms workout 2013

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filpan says:

male Kim Kardashian

T애영 says:

clen or nahhh

denniturk says:

bro. you on deca or ephedrine? its impossible to get such a ripped body w/o
any illegal supps

Dizeliun says:

holy roids

Morre Bella says:

Train your legs ffs, your arms are the same size, I dont care if they are
shredded the size of them are small man.

KidWeazel says:

Is he like 1% body fat lol

muscu theorique says:

hummm it s uggly to see ! you don t know how to push but you are like this
=) thanks drugs ..

Bossix84 says:

And thats a hard training ! Try it all you haters ! 

luka jugeli says:


BtownOG says:

This is what steriods and super hard work gets you

superpoptart95 says:

at least he doesn’t look pregnant like phil heath 

Nemesis Gladius says:


Danofstockport says:

Steroids or not, who cares? I don’t. It is possible, with the right genetic
make up, to get like this without steroids. All you guys saying he
definitely IS on steroids are talking crap. He may be, he may not, you
can’t know unless he’s told you so. Steroids WILL NOT make you develop a
physique like this. You must 1. Have AMAZING genetics 2. Train REALLY hard
and intelligently 3. Eat high quality nutrition 4. Get plenty of rest. If
after a few years of this type of dedication you still don’t look like
this…you don’t have the gene pool to get like this and steroids will
help. Good luck all :-)

Mevlan Isufi says:

you need to shoot a video training your legs :D

muscu theorique says:

good it s etter =) too heavy for you 

MrBeckenhimself says:

Yeah he’s “natty” for sure. That’s why he is 10 pounds heavier and as big
as 3 time Mr Olympia Frank Zane.
Yeah “natty” for sure. People these days believe even the weirdest
fairytales. Don’t get me wrong he is in great shape for sure. His body
looks outstanding. BUT he ain’t natural. 

Citizen Zero says:

Молоддчик ;)

len1045678 says:

i heard a trainer saying in the gym is not good to do bought arms exercise
at the same time i don’t know how true that is?

Prabal Bhusal says:

Is it better to not take mix both body groups at one? On my arm days I
finish with bicep then start tricep…

александр носов says:

вот это тренировка я понимаю

lord gabdick says:

he looks gay, fuck you

CrazyIvan1988 says:

Anavar Angelov is one of my favorite non-natural bodybuilders.

Saints-row says:

haters his muscles are natural :D

lRAY1337 says:

lol when you look like you’re contest ready 24/7 you’re definitely if
nothing else taking clen or tren

Onam King says:

nice video but the music is shitty…

Chad Muskaa says:

VERY homosexual

Damian Lillard says:

steroids much?

ibrahim shah says:

What is this beat called? 

P.A.T. says:

Lazar Angelov is natural. He is training since 2003. I believe it is
possible to achieve this physique after 10 years. People who say he isn’t
natty are jealous and lazy cunts.

Ilko Iliev says:

9:00 song???

John Smith says:

C mon guys… If you’re thinking he achieved that pumped and lean body
naturally, you must be a bitches living in a dream world. Clenbuterol (or
anavar etc)+ average dose of SAA + (yeah of course!!) years of training and
good dieting and anyone can achieve that kind of body or something near
like that.

Read some articles and do some research first before writing dumb shit. 

TechEvolver95 says:

Music name ?

cesar alexis Amezquita says:

steroids, steroids, steroids……nice body, though…too bad it doesn’t

Arrezo Zaku says:

Hey Zeus.. i think we’ve found ur son .. Kratos !!!

Jotaro kujo says:

Monstrous workout, and great choice of exercices.


maestro gracias

Black Demon says:

Красава хуле! :D

Ahmet Oral says:

Lazar may used to involve tha kind of shits. I dont know , i cant proof.
But in this video, he looks like not natty. Mybe he is taking very very
less and under control. Because no evidence currently exists on his body at
the moment. Only evidence is his vascular vision and a little bicep shape .
But it doesn’t enough to proof it.

ayoub bahba says:

the last exercice is completely false !

savic nikola says:

Whats the music name at 10:06

Christophe Simon says:

Il devrait arrêter de se prendre un genre à lever son sourcil tout le temps
… Sinon bon entrainement.

IV-TV says:

what icecube song is that??

Patrick Guerrisi says:

Whats that thing sticking out under his right hand lat???

Mohamed Wafa says:

Lazar Angelov arms workout 2013

Lucian Cristocea says:

the songs names please

Radel Mousie says:

1st song name? I can not find it :(

Luis pedraja says:

horrible form. swinging he aint working the primary muscle. stop lifting
heavy and go lighter. if ur bodybuilder its not about the weight. its
about contracting ur muscles.

don westwood says:

2 words: stair roids

ayman stika says:

la foine (maroc)

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