Lazar Angelov Chest Workout Video 2013

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Beleth says:

Seriously why there is such a big fuss about this guy? His form is totally
attainable by hard working and dieting. There is nothing special about this
guy. He has beautiful shaped abs and that’s what gives him this “OMFG look
at this guy” look. You don’t need steroids or any bullshit to be shaped
like him, just hard working and working and more working and of course
clean eating. Anyone who says he is on steroids must be just jealous
internet warrior who can’t do anything else but just to take out their hate
and jealousy on successful people.

BizarreHD says:

Don’t get why people say he takes steroids he is clearly not maybe he just
actually earned that figure, just because you’re not as big as him doesn’t
mean he takes steroids

Mr mysterious says:

Body looks great but his face looks like some cunt, scumbag… that
attitude in the face pisses me off. 

Ahmed Haggag says:

I don’t know if he is or isn’t on steroids but his physique is not crazy or
freakish. He is very aesthetic and that why he looks great which is due to
his genetics. His physique is achievable naturally, but not everyone has
the same genetics. Steroids do not give you the shape he has or the

Alejandro Jara says:

I love that body! is aesthetic, not too big not too small, well defined,
abs symmetric, great figure, and natural, that”s my goal.

DJ Trevy Trev says:

Thumbs up for using a classic hip hop instrumental in the beginning. 

Syrius Girl says:

People who say you can’t have 6-8% body fat year round, or be extremely
muscular without roids have never travelled. I have been in rural areas in
Asia and you see guys living off the land that make you do a double take.
Definitely same fat percentage as this guy, but maybe only 70-80% his size.
Considering their gains are only from manual labor, primarily farming, etc.
surely they could attain that last bit if they had the food and dedicated
training lifters do. Some people are just genetic freaks. Is this guy one?
I don’t know, but people need to quit saying it isn’t impossible, go
travel, they’re out there. 

Jamal Owens says:

He is muscular and lean which you dont see much around, plus his height
gives him a presence, not to mention how symmetrical he is. A very good
body, obtainable naturally no doubt but your diet and gym routine has to be
down to the freaking tee!!!

FranciscanoBalili says:

I like how people are so jealous and lazy as fuck they say this is all
steroids hahaha

David Williams says:

Whether he’s on gear or not he still lifts big and trains his ass off.
Props to him!

Federico Melis says:

Ok enough with this moronic nonsense most of you nonlifters broscientists
faggots are posting.
Lazar Angelov is 5′ 9″ x 195 lbs at roughly 6% bodyfat or even less, all
year around, this means he’s 10 lbs HEAVIER than Frank Zane was while he
won Mister Olympia. FRANK FUCKING ZANE!
How could you believe someone is capable of surpassing a former
bodybuilding legend just drinking protein shakes and eating rice? 

ehsan eh says:

Wow 1000 jealous losers have disliked this video haha

pov xtortion says:

Is it wrong that I know every single song on this video! lol

figeer1 says:

Should he be using steroids, its his decision and his health that will be
wrecked but i do not think he is using them and he is clearly working his
ass off and is definitely disciplined with his diet and not a sugar addict
like my self. Well done bud 

John Hillsbery says:

Couple hundred cc’s now, another hundred cc’s later…


I’ve been working out my whole life and of course dieting and discipline
are essential, but you can’t reach the top without steroids whether you
like it or not. It’s not about jealousy, If you don’t have ’em you won’t
get those results.

kiron green says:

you gota respect a man that put in that much hard work its bigger than just
looks homeboy its mental health confidence so muxh more to just look and he
motivating people ro get healthy words are words anybosy can say i can do
but to actually get it done is a whole different beast 

vascion757 says:

His body is attainable. Years of training, making it a lifestyle.
Ectomorphs have the ability to stay lean 365 days a year, but not

john notch says:

lol when benching his thumbs are behind the bar, if he has sweaty hands one
day hello cracked ribs.

Eric Cartman says:

Aint’ you a litle devil huh?…..

David Williams says:

Whether the guy is on gear or not he still trains hard so good luck to him 

1AKN96 says:

how much did he lift while bench pressing? 315 for 6 reps ? there were
definatley 3 plates on each side

Al Sp says:

ha ha ha the comments here guys and girls callmm down if he wants to take
steroids or pills or whatever why is it such a big deal, if you guys are
all so pissed off that he looks like that then start doing something about
it :))) secondly this guy makes money out of this 🙂 why are humans so
concerned about how others are. Are you all scared that girls look at him
differently :))) come on grow up. Character gets you the ladies or guys
what ever flicks your switch not the over jealouse crap that is going
around these days ;)

SFGxToXsIcK says:

He´s definetly natty
All the dumb people say he isnt
look at his skin
look at his form
look at his workout
All sth natty people do

Eric Ramia says:

Lazar Angelov is blessed with awesome genetics, regardless if he used
“steroids/HGH” or not, you can tell from the symmetry of his abs! Not
everyone can attain a similar physique even if they trained hard, dieted
harder and were on the juice. I find huge motivation and perfection in this
guy! Thumbs up (Y) what do u guys think?

baller84milw says:

His workout playlist is the epitome of nigger music.

nicholas smyth says:

It’s not about your genes! The people with the PERSEVERANCE will always be
successful no matter what! Don’t wait for the storm to pass by, get out
there and dance in the rain. 

William Liles says:

No shit he’s to busy checking himself out.Can’t stop laughing at this
tool.That’s it of the flat bench that’s it my.I’m 48 years old and throwing
up 520 of the flat bench my 21 year old son would break this bitch over his
leg.Too funny

yuuyuyuyuyuuyuuyhy says:

C’est des disque que 10 ou 20 kg ?

Dalaxsis Ager says:

Perfection! that chest is sculpted perfectly!
I must have a chest like that!

Trev Ashton says:

That was the most self important bullshit workout ive seen he spends more
time posing than training lol…..would not be surprised if he is….ahem

enhanced lol

Robert Sanchez says:

I am not hating but jesus that gay ass tattoo lmao wtf 

nasser hussain says:

Those are some rare genetics right there, he’s truly blessed

Mr Muscle says:

If this guy was on steroids he won’t look like this, he will have a big
belly give this guy credit as you could see he is working hard for that

Suspectization says:

is he trying to copy ronnie coleman with this head shacke? he looks so
stupid, when he do that!!

Hardcore Gaming says:

This Dude Is From Macedonia And I’m From Macedonia Too And i know this guys

Geranious Gaming says:

Lazar is conditioned that’s about it not really impressive in size in any

jianan ye says:

his packs looks like a chocolate bar lel 7:24

raize heart says:

I’m gonna like this. This is my inspiration. Thanks Lazar :*

Sammy the bull says:

This guy need some neck training hahahaha

Manu Sanj Nej says:

Exlusive incredible !

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natefit nyc says:

pull up your pants Holmes

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