Mass Gaining Workout For Skinny Guys: Bulk Up Faster Using This Muscle Building Workout Plan

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See how to bulk up and gain mass quickly:

Time for another super-effective mass gaining workout for skinny guys. This exercise routine will help you sculpt and define your upper body while building incredible mass.

This mass gaining workout routine will focus on your upper chest, shoulders, and trap muscles. This mass gaining workout routine combines a powerful combination of mass builders and shapers to get you shredded and huge.

This workout routine will help any skinny guy bulk up faster utilizing this incredible muscle building workout plan. You will be performing 3 sets of every exercise and using the traditional 8-10-12 pyramid repetition range.

0:39 – Exercise one of the mass gaining workout is the incline dumbbell bench press. This is fitness model Troy Adashun’s favorite upper chest mass builder – and will give a powerful looking chest.

1:34 – Exercise two is the barbell bench press, a proven mass builder for the middle pectorals(the largest part of your chest.) Make sure to get a spotter on this exercise and push yourself to maximum failure.

2:28 – Exercise three is the diamond pushup. This is a great shaper exercise for the upper chest. Make sure you go until failure on every set to sculpt and define that upper chest.

3:13 – Exercise four is the dumbbell shrug. Now its time to switch gears and build mass and thickness of the trap muscles. The db shrug also works the middle head of the deltoids and is a great shoulder mass builder.

4:15 – Exercise five is an exercise named after the Terminator himself. The dumbbell Arnold press will focus on the front head of your shoulder and will help you sculpt and define your shoulders. THis exercise involves a hand rotation that will blast your shoulders.

5:05 – Exercise six is the dumb bell lateral raise. This is a great shoulder exercise that should set your deltoids on fire. The dumb bell lat raise is a great exercise to end your workout with and sculpt and define the shoulder muscles.

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TtheMaskedMan . says:

Week 10… and i still look like a bitch.

Weight Gain Network says:

Use these 5 exercises to build more muscle… Just uploaded this new workout

Perfect for skinny guys trying to gain weight: Mass Gaining Workout For
Skinny Guys: Bulk Up Faster Using This Muscle Building Workout Plan

Arun Raghav says:

Bulk Up Faster Using This Muscle Building Workout Plan

Tony Knight says:

Im 22 bout 5’11’ and I weigh 119. Way underweight for my age and height. Im
never really hungry so I have to force myself to eat whenever I do eat.
terrible. I need help. Within the next week im gonna start going to the
gym. My only issue is I dont think im taking in enough calories and
protein. It is kinda expensive to eat like that tho.

John Storm says:

Goat cheese and and sardines is great for bulking!

Erika Torres says:

I wake up at six am to do my makeup. Everyday.

Zeka Spalcev says:

I feel fucking horrible, 6 months of gym, i still feel like a piece of
shit. Started at 65kg (Im 18 yrs old and 190cm), gained maybe 600 g and
thats it. Im giving up, here we meet again depression.

Marloricain Bechameau says:

I’m gonna try this out ! Thanks ! I’m 147 lbs and 6,06″

Jesus Alvarez says:

Is it bad to do this routine 5 days a week and how many sessions a day I
have to do? And one more question I need a trainer for this?

RO55M4C says:

I’m 19 years old 6″1 and 200lb – I’m just getting all of the information
before I start going to the gym so please don’t hate, what kind of weight
do you think I should start at? Just what I feel comfortable with or
increase the weight? =)

justicesg says:

Been working out 2 yrs, used to be only 5 7 128 now im 5 7 140 takes a
while to gain. Workout main parts of the body, legs one day, chest, etc.
Still going for 150 here supplements, eating alot, and getting 25g of
protein at least 3 times a day. Free weights is what really adds gain.
Machines are good for start off and form. I workout 5 days a week 45 to 1
and a half. 

Timothy Dark says:

Why was the second one called inclined dumbbell bench press?

pkload says:

This is a shoulder and chest workout…skinny guys should focus on the
whole body (compound workouts) and eat more high calorie meals.

They’re good exercises, that much I can give credit but very limited
especially for skinny guys

عبدالعزيز البلم says:

I do this every week? or what

dropthe_bass 21 says:

For incline, is it better to do barbell or dumbbell ?

Ziaw says:

Finally someone who actually shows the workout routine. I’m sick of all the
20 minute videos that don’t show you jack. (Six pack shortcuts). So thank
you so much for this video! P.S I’m just shy of 19 I’m 5’11 and 130
ridiculously skinny pounds I’m not looking to go ridiculous just want to be
in the 160 rang any advice? Oh and I have a fast metabolism and no one in
my family is fat. My brother 23 5’10 works out and does all the prominent
shit you can think of and hes only 155 pounds. What should I do? Any advice
would be great!

Brayden Walker says:

Normally I’d give you shit for wearing lifting gloves but I realize you’re
a fitness model and you need nice hands for your profession . Nice workout.

Michael James says:

good video and presentation. so much better than mike the wang

Hamza Halal says:

PUSH UPS more important then you think

ztaylor82 says:

I am a hardgainer and been trying for years to gain weight and the BEST
advice I can give anyone is carbs postworkout!
Dextrose is super cheap and works great, it doesn’t fill you up so you can
still eat lots too.
Only do this if you are a hardgainer, if you gain weight easily use slow
carbs post workout.

jo pr says:

No back
No legs
No abs..
No recommendation on food died
And LOL yeah push yourselves hard, go workout at midnight and get a nice
nap while your melatonin levels are at their lowest
Thats just plain shit
Guys if you want to gain muscle you must work your body as a whole.
Complete exercises such as deadlifts, squats, dips and flat benchpress
greatly improve overall strength, resulting in a major muscle gain.
Heck!, even training legs improves upperbody mass because of the anabolic
hormones they release when worked out.
And why the f@!# would you only target upper pec in the first place?
Woulnd’t it be more clever to simply go for a simple flat bench? Since it
uses the wide portion of the pectoral muscle which increase overall muscle
tension and therefore improve your muscles gains?

I’m tired of seeing these kinds of videos, typical ¨Look, I’ve been doing
this for a while and It worked¨
All they do is theorize about how their exercises will improve your body
because it worked for them, and blah blah blah.

For every skinny guy out there that want to build mass there is no ¨easy
way¨ . F@!# those iso exercices , and go lift some heavy weight and train
your body as a WHOLE. Eat like a god damn black hole, drink water ALOT, get
plenty of sleep and for christ sake dont train at midnight , it will only
affect your sleep.

zolfekar03 says:

Whats the best supplement to combine with a weight gainer shake? Creatine?

TheKhwajaKing says:

this guy is badass

Aaron Ryan says:

some of these were a little advanced for the skinny new guys.. They may
look a little silly. But great advice man

Kurt Petitti says:

Like your style of explaining and teaching with helpful tips. I’ve been
watching you for a while now and making some nice gains for myself by
watching. Keep up the great work your channel.

David Toh says:

Hi +Weight Gain Network, newbie here, sry for the silly question: should I
complete 3 sets before moving to the next exercise or do 1 set for each
exercise and then move on to the 2nd set?

Gabriel Sarmiento says:

This is probably asking for too much (i know i can just google mass
building workout plan and get a routine) but you should explain how many
reps and how many sets and so on we should do…or atleast supply a link
for the more detailed information.

Will Buggz says:


Chez EU says:

I’m 1″70 and 138 ibs and 15 Is that under weight ? 

Adrian Reyes says:

Really great videos thanks for emphasizing on skinning guys !!!

swee huat says:

Hello,May i know how many sets for this workout and how many reps in each

Marlou Campher says:

Yess troy,just wanna find out I am a skinny guy and want to put on some
serious weight and muscle!!!!help me thanx

Raymond Ralte says:

Another great video. Thanks bro, I’m definitely gonna build some muscles

zedzimz says:

quick question, why smith machine incline instead of regular incline bench
BARBELL benchpress?

Bald Prod says:

hi mate nice vid, i wanna look like you. im 5’2 and weigh 250 ibs, its
mainly fat but im trying to get shredded. anyone got any tips

Zifoo says:

Lmfao, he sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. xD

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