Teen Beginners Bodybuilding Training – Upper Body – Chest, Arms, Shoulders

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Hey Dudes, this is the first in our ‘Teen Training’ series. We wanted to start with the very basics and cover some beginning exercises for teens (or adults) who may have never set foot in a gym before. We’ll have the Lower Body video soon!

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Teen Bodybuilding Training – Upper Body – Chest, Arms, Shoulders
Shot by: Duke
Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White


Liam Cad says:

This kid is actively trying to fix the problem and people are still being
judgemental cunts. You are the reason that people don’t want to start and
that pisses me off so much.

Micko BeeRocket says:

The trainer sounds like a really cool dude, he was so cool to the kid.

NewKingBrandon says:

Wow. Someone is my size. I really feel like I should start now too. I am
not confident in my body. I really want to like what I see in the mirror
and what I can do with my muscles. I am inspired by this guy. There is a
weightlifting program at my school, but I am too nervous that people will
constantly downgrade me because I am weaker than them and smaller. I want
to be in an environment like seen in the video, but I don’t know where to

Sad Serenade says:

Another thing that this fitness guy (many to be honest) seem to forget to
implement into training is inhaling and exhaling. It is crucially important
for you to get the oxygen going trough the mouth into the lungs and out
during exercises, it will benefit you more.


whats with all those creepy ass kids just sitting behind with their water
and watching him workout how about they do some workout themselves XD

The Patrick says:

that kid is so tiny. Like unnaturally tiny… Even people that don’t work
out and are considered slim are much bigger than that dude. What the fuck
lol. Finnish your dinner. 

lickmetender says:

No hate but this guy is a teen? I’ve seen more buff girls than him lol.

ImperatorPosticus says:

I’m 102 years old, 6’7” and 250lbs am I too skinny for my age? o_O FFS
guys don’t train for that what other people will say but for yourselves,
when you feel happy about your looks it will be fine no matter what others
think about you

Jeryel Lopez says:

I’m 15 nearly 16, I’m 6ft tall and weigh 114 lbs… I need help 🙁 if I go
to the gym how long would it take to see a difference? (From bony to being
able to see muscles ? ) because I have a low self-esteem and I don’t like
showing my body or anything that might involve using my non existent
muscles :/. I want to gain weight but in muscle mass not fat I’ve tried
lots of things but my metabolism is too high I can’t even gain 5lbs 🙁
Hopefully someone is kind enough to give me tips 🙂 Thank you.

Tyler Johnson says:

This kid reminded me of someone that loved talking shit to me. He soon
realized the benefits of weightlifting…
and I just got into it at the time

mrwhat363 says:

doesn’t the trainer look like rhett from good mythical morning ???

thuzardpipz says:

4 years ago I was a lot bullied in the gymnasium that I went to for I was
the only one who is really skinny that time. Hoping I could also meet a
trainer like this guy who motivates his students to go further. I’m now
back at the gym but this time I’m one of those fat guys that has beer
bellies, finding it hard to lose that extra fat. This young lad is lucky.

Vince James says:

His face is like he is frightning. Like his eyes are buldging out..scared.
like at 15:10 his face is like ”OMG WHYYYY”

Laced God says:

im 5’10 around 140, ectomorph, and I’m trying to get around 170 by mid-end
summer with around 16 inch arms (mine are like 13.5-14) I dont take any pre
workout or bcaas or anything but i do take a mass gainer after I lift and
I’m not really seeing any size or weight gains. Are my goals realistic and
any tips/advice?

frankenbat says:

good instruction. maybe you could do a follow up video, show how he is

Magnus Theli says:

This acted soo nice, is one of those people you wanted to have as an old
brother, also i wonder if the kid got any better

Gabriel Grey says:

Refreshing to see a trainer who actually trains rather than shouting
slogans. Constant encouragement and input, and no patronising. Great stuff,

Skylar Anderson says:

Thanks! This is perfect. I’m 16 and about to start at the gym. I’m going to
workout based on this vid. 

yash kapur says:

Using 12lbs dumbbells on a beginner? He should have used 5. Not hating I
just think that much weight isn’t suitable for a beginner 

Bio Duby says:

Im going to be honest, I liked these guys the first video I saw. They are
very down to earth, you can relate to them, they are honest and real. Not
like some other workout channels that say “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY! GO TO THE
GYM EVEN IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT!” Now obviously i’m over exaggerating but
they don’t tend to put them selves in their viewers shoes. These guys
however, like I said before, they are very real. What I mean by this is
“Realistic”. They acknowledge that not everyone can do certain workouts at
the gym or wherever and they show that you can do it a different way that
works. Many respects to you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing! 

Ray Griffey says:

I’m 5’5 At 12 And Only 120lbs, It’s Extremely Hard Too Gain Weight , All I
Do Is Calisthenics And It Takes Alot Of Work Too Gain Muscle Mass. So If I
Were Youu I’d Take Advantage Of The Weights .

Danujaya Rathnayake ツ says:

Really great advice

Free says:

That kid makes such faces makes me feel sorry for him for no reason wtf

n welthagen says:

Would love to see if the kid kept it going over the past 18 months

XBR4Da says:

i bet that kid is ripped by now

Liam Huntsucker says:

Wow he actually learned some anatomy. I thought he was just some dumb buff

Abdullah Razak says:

I’m turing 16 in just over a week and I’m skinny as, I weigh 49 kg which
is like 110 lbs, any suggestions on what I should do to gain weight and
what work out routines I should do? 

Steven Turner says:

I wonder how old this kid is. I curl 20-25 and I am 14. Is that too much?
And I matured early so it will not hurt my body. I don’t swing when I curl

Karl Bamgartle says:

Get your elbows forward more!

Adarsh Srivastava says:

Coldplays song Viva la vida a.k.a Death and all his Friends playing in the
background……………………..Did Someone noticed

Michael Rooney says:

Kid’s lucky to have had a chance to workout with BUFF DUDES

Dan R says:

I’ve been training my little brother on how to effectively work out (since
he joined the HS football team last season). He had been training with them
for a few months and I was critiquing his form. Basically it went like this:

“Ok, bring it down. Focus on that contraction. Breathe. Ok, bring it up.
Not too fast, Breathe. Ok, bring it back down, don’t hunch over so much,
shoulders back. Breath, damn it! Those coaches like to see yall’s faces
turn blue or something?!”

MrEverisforever says:

Great Video Although I personally would tell him to focus a lot more on
compound exercises. A lot of beginners will stick to isolated exercises and
it’s a bad habit. It’s not that isolated exercises are bad but you gotta
think “What is the best exercise I could be doing for my time right now?”
What exercises will allow me to lift the most weight safely? Stick to
compound Legs, chest and back.. If those muscles have been wasted then you
may do isolated. Once again I know he was just teaching the kid various
upper body exercises but as a trainer it annoys me greatly when I see thin
guys doing bicep curls.. 

Bobby Cage says:

13:10 Gonna do some drugs?? What about his natural potential?! I just can’t

Gux says:

It’s amazing to think that I used to be the exact same size as this guy. It
just takes a little bit of work, but you have to start somewhere. Mad props
to this kid for going on camera and for starting. Starting is the hardest

Ahmed Quadri says:

im 13 and 5’3 and i’m very skinny. i have 8lb dumbells and i do pushups
everyday but im honest that i dont eat as much when i try. So do i have to
eat alot at this state right now or what? 

Justin Jorge says:

What is his progress rn?

remoteless05 says:

I was way weaker than this kid when I first started at 15. I think I maxed
at 75 on bench when this guy is repping out 85.

Most of us were pretty awkward looking at this age, give him a break.

Don't mess with Mega Swampert says:

I’m 13, 5’11”, 190.2lbs, 10 percent bodyfat. I want to start bodybuilding.
Any suggestions?

afz3003 says:

Finally a video for an actual skinny guy, watched this other one he was
calling himself skinny, and he weight around 75kg, I weigh 54kg and I’m
5,8, and I’m 21. 

Chris Collins says:

It’s good that he’s going to the gym but he looks like he is struggling and
he didn’t even warm up before

BobbleztheLion says:

The overhead press can compress your spine, not always the best idea for
young kids that are still growing

Dominik Ff says:

the video is nice… BUT i think that he should explain and tell him when
and how to breathe

Chance Morgan says:

Everyone remember, we all started somewhere. Getting the courage is hard.
Keeping it is even harder. Props to the people going through the struggles
of judgmental pricks.

Mardy Crue says:

Where the fuck was this guy when I was a lanky teenager? Man if I met
someone like this that existed in my area and inspired me and trained me, I
probably wouldn’t be the fatass I am today!

PKNSPGHM223 says:

I just turned 16 and have started going to the gym, I’m 6ft 5in tall and I
weigh 196 pounds is that too heavy or is that too light for someone of my

Maxime KingB says:

eske j’ai les machines moi même tchiuuups

neptum16 says:

Nice video, it helps me how to build my upper body. And enything else, this
boy have very nice arm veins, i love that :P

Just1MorePerson1 says:

I used to be as skinny as this guy it sucked dick i had no confidence but
now I am almost 45lbs heavier. went from 115 to 160lbs in 2 years

dayzbutnotquite says:

I would not mind working out with that trainer

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