The Real Way To Lose Belly Fat

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1 weird tip to lose fat:

Hi guys,

In this video, Dan and I talk about the best ways to lose your belly fat and gets abs. We talk about why the most common exercises in the gym aren’t effective for fat loss. And we talk about the type of exercise which is much better for losing fat.

We will demonstrate and compare different exercise such as crunches and the deadlift. You will be able to see why some exercises that you never thought of as a fat burner is actually burning the most amount of fat and building your abs better than direct ab exercises.

Pay attention and keep tuning in to our sixpackshortcuts’ channel to get the latest info on fitness and nutrition.

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If you are serious about getting a ripped body and six pack abs, I recommend using “Afterburn Training.” Afterburn Training is my patented style of training that combines heavy, compound lifts with high intensity cardio.

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I show you how I used to be FAT just a few short years ago. I tried everything to lose my belly fat, but nothing worked for me until I found this “weird” new style of working out called Afterburn Training.

Is Afterburn Training a FASTER way to lose your belly fat and get six pack abs? Watch this video and find out for yourself!

Train hard,


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ED kratos says:

i am 5 years old how can i get a flat stumikkkkkkkkkkkk

eleszar1 says:

lee sin and xin zhao

MeeladMC | Gaming & More says:

Help please? Im 13, hit 13 two month ago, and im about 165cm tall, and i
weigh, around 57/59kg, my BMI says im average, i dont wanna have a 6 pack
(just yet) but i want a flat stomach, what can i do to do so? please help,
i really appreciate it, thanks in advance

James Cioffi says:

Just a warning to every, this is the same scam tactic bullshit always used
to lure people into spending money. There is no “real” way to lose belly
fat. The body does not work like that and there is no way to target fat
loss from a specific area. Also, no two people are the same. Two people
with the same starting weight, exercise, diet, etc will lose weight
differently. One might lose it mostly from the legs, the other from the
chest and abdomen, The only secret to success is hard work and boosting the
metabolism. These things change from person to person so find what works
for you. Main focus to losing stubborn belly fat is simply to boost your
metabolism and make your body a calorie burning machine. 

fred smith says:

gosh mike you only chill wit asian dudes??? dont u like white people???
hahahhaha peace bro!!

Martyn Blackburn says:

You cannot spot reduce and no exercise technique can target fat. Fat is
lost by calory burning, and the body will not allow you to target an area.
You can do this exercise and get a good fat burning but you may not lose
any fat on your abs, at least not until the body decides it takes it from
there. It may just be lost from the face or from the buttocks.

DPhunkT187 says:

1 weird tip to loose fat: Cardio.

ST0RMAD0 says:

Well I’m 13. And I can’t go to the gym yet because I’m “under the age
limit” the only way I can go is if I’m “supervised” I’m like 5.11-6.00 foot
tall. And am trying for those and. I can see some sort of outline (the
lines going down) but there are no abs showing. Is there anyways of burning
belly fat at home?

NIki rumenov says:

that guy is also making deadface lift

Dani T says:

This guy is the Confucius of muscling up 😀
No offense, I’m a fan :D

hiephoi058 says:

Lose fat? Go play soccer

Combo Dropper says:

Look at the guys face when he dose the dead lifts

Spirit Splice says:

The coolest thing about watching a Mike Chang video is I know going in it
will be bullshit.

“How is training your abs different”.

It isn’t. Doing hundreds of crunches is stupid. Would you do hundreds of
bicep curls with no weight and expect them to grow? They require
progressive overload, same as any other muscle.

seatgurus says:

Since you were at it, you should have shown us the deadlift technique too

YourGirlAbla says:

this was awkard yo

Trellick96 says:

I think it would be more convincing if Mike had an six pack himself.

Sam McCarthy says:

Would I be better off to cut weight first then focus on bulking and gaining


im a BMX rider and have been riding for a long time and iv anyone knows
anything about bmx it more than just riding a bike but after all the time
ive been riding why hasnt one thing on my body changed? just a random
question i can run and ride a bike for miles and miles and miles and not be
tired on an average day i ride about 60 miles thats almost everyday

pokemonfan1011000 says:

Hi I’m sal and I weigh 210 lbs and 5″11 and I’m trying to lose weight what
work outs should I do 

Pedro Cardiel says:

Yo im 15 and im trying to lose a little belly fat but i dont what kind of
exercise should i do ? Help

KillaD LS-RP says:

as far as i remember there aint no shortcuts to anything in bodybuilding.

rippedmonsters says:



TapoutTanK52 says:

Lol why are people subbed to you 

Smith John says:

Dear Mike,
Stop using steroids. They can damage your heart and cause impotence.

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick says:

The Real Way to Be Swole: don’t be Mike Chang

Shone SRB says:

Glupi jebeni Ameri, lazovi…

Alexis Carvalho says:

he’s better playing than giving advice lol

Ho dor says:

Look at all the nice stuff you people bought for this guy

Sam O says:

I’m on Phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts as of now, and I increased my
metabolism by a lot, I bur n fat when I sleep now. I saw more definition
in my abs by the 3rd week by sticking to my diet, and the workout regimen
religiously. Now I don’t spend 30 minutes running on a treadmill after a
non effective workout. Mike’s program includes all areas of the body,
while being super effective, and not time consuming, for a person with a
busy schedule. I recommend this program to any guy that is serious about
getting more defined abs. My workout regimen also includes yoga once a
week, for added strength training, I also recommend Jillian Michael’s Yoga
DVD. I know some of you guys think yoga is for women, before you laugh,
try her Level 1 & Level 2 workouts for a month, and you won’t ever talk
shit on yoga again.

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