Top 7 Muscle Gaining Exercises

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Hi, its Mike Chang here and I want to go into detail for you about the 7 BEST muscle building exercises.

It’s important that you know how to do all of these exercises because they pack muscle onto your body faster than anything else you could do in the gym. And in this video I’m going to show you exactly what the best muscle gaining exercises are, and how to do each one with expert-level form.

The seven best muscle building exercises are:

1.Bench press
2.Bent over rows
4.Military press
5.Straight bar curls / Triceps extension

Hope you had a great work, and remember to always stick with proper form and do the full range of motion on each exercise.

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Kower F says:

Bench pressing on a smith machine? What’s next? Bicep curls at the squat

Tiffany B. Elliott says:

*Best Muscle Gaining Exercises*

agnadeen says:

I don’t know how the fuck does he get all these views!!!!!!!
His ribz sucks his body average 

Mike Raphone says:

Biggest muscles are legs and back, in that order. They also are the most
important functionally. That is where you should start. Don’t worry about
the show off muscles ( chest, biceps ) start with a strong base and the
rest will fall into place and it will be easier to gain weight.

itsMendoza says:

I love how I’m watching this as I am eating pizza #bulkingseason :3

Andres Aldapa says:

Idk if my muscles hide or something but when I’m working out and my muscles
give out and I get sore my muscle don’t seem to change I mean they gain
detail yeah but they don’t gain any size idk if its because I’m 14 but I
don’t think it should I have been gaiining muscle weight like about a week
a go I was 150 now I’m 151 lol jk 161

Andrew Stannard says:

Micheal Chang what the hell are you talking about….did you just show and
tell people to do beach on a smith machine?? The most useless peace of
equipment ever made…..looks like your sixpack short cuts isn’t
working,looks like your have flabs not abs….unbelivable…

Amanda Kelly says:

top 7 exercies using the smith machine…..

Justin D says:

do you reckon mike uses steroids or his he natural?

Alfred Begnoche says:

Love your vids ! Was wondering your input on using Dumbbells instead of a

Amanda Kelly says:

Not going low enough on squats…

Chris Dimitrius says:

didn’t this guy win Mr Olympia or something, he is jacked to a T.

hiscibus says:

im more on the fat side than the skinny side… and i have a large built
body… not huge or anything but big built.. i can see the potential for a
buff body in the mirror but i wanna know if i should just do these
exercises or do cardio aswell?

jonnies says:

Overall a good video, but far from great. Most notably, one of the most
critical compound exercises, the pull up, was completely neglected. Also,
his form is leaving a lot to be desired in a lot of the exercises. Elliott
Hulse is a far better strength guide IMO.

taher farooqui says:

To ordinary people who want to lose fat–but can’t get started. Go Google
Fat Blast Furnace right away.

HollatotheBalla says:

These are very good. The big 3 (bench, deadlift, squats) are useful for
gaining strength, which you need for other exercises. I try to do one of
them every day. Military press, triceps extension, and bent over rows are
really useful for getting jacked. I don’t care about shrugs that much
though. Also remember to be eating a lot. A good diet is 50% of the

T Benoit says:

Is this a good routine for skinny guys(im skinny but not to the bone
skinny) i want to be lean and muscular not bulky so is this a good routine
for me? 

Joshua Barnard says:

Good stuff, you have great form on Deadlift and Bent Over Row. Thanks for
the vid. 

Irinel Dan says:

Great video..really helps!!

Jonathan Durrans says:


rippedmonsters says:



taher farooqui says:

To ordinary people who want to lose fat–but can’t get started. Go Google
Fat Blast Furnace right away.

Will R says:

Michael has been missing leg day

Jack Bamacai says:

Why does my muscle turn big after a workout the later on it turns small
after a few minutes and my left hand my muscle turn big it does not turn
small and I’m right handed can u plzz help me

Hessiakoff says:

You have to get lower on the squat, and don’t use the smith machine.

francois vallee says:

Hey mike ! You forget to pitch you’re ridiculous stupid scam pils!

Jake Shorter says:

he didnt mention dips or pull ups

Bryan Bugallo says:

the suicide grip made me cringe, even though it’s very light weight… that
grip is so dangerous and not something you want to teach beginners

simon field says:

you will never be as strong as hydraulics

TheAlexmercer360 says:

it does not matter who you are advanced or begineer,the rep range that
promotes ultimate growth is 5,and its no use building up sarcoplasm through
out your body,8 rep is good for isolation,not compound,period

dinkaDPB says:

back when mike had a cool haircut.

Chris says:

Redo the video “not” using a smith machine for bench as it doesn’t let the
movement “arc” as you lift up… just bad thing to use, especially to get
people started on,. great vids otherwise!

Gabriel Johnson says:

Someones conditioning needs works, all that muscle but can barley move with

Andriy V. Samokhvalov says:

After this video I stopped thinking of Mike Chang as just annoying
telemarketer, this video is actually harmful! Bench press and squats on a
smith machine… terrible form when doing bicep curls… since when bicep
or tricep curls became top muscle building exercise?!

George Adams says:

Good video but his form is not very good… now make sure you don’t

yanky lebowitz says:

How long are you making excersize already? 

Ian Mackey says:

He’s not even squatting to parallel 

Markus Sand says:

This guy is the worst Guide.

SLH86 says:

1. You didn’t mention that you should go slower on the reps. TIme under
tension is what tears muscle fibers.
2. If you try to teach something, give full instructions. You didn’t bother
to say that you should have your back STRAIGHT all the time when you do the

Tristan Howard says:

If you think Mike Chang doesnt use steroids, youre retarded. Small Penis
Detcted btw..

180Quickick says:

bro, lift, bro, fuck smith mashines, bro, creatine, bro

Richard McNab says:

Getting my first set of weights tonight. No idea how i will get on. Love
Mike’s videos – but am I going mad? it’s called 7 best exercises but
there’s 8? 1 Bench Press, 2 bent over row, 3 dead lift, 4 military press, 5
bicep curl, 6 barbell extensions, 7 shrugs and 8 squats? How many times a
week should this be done by a newbie?

mikeyman2010 says:

Replace the bicep curls & triceps extensions w/ weighted dips & pull-ups,
and go past parallel on the squats, and you have a winner.

Burak Sancakli says:

what is wrong with your right ankle while doing squat? 06:42

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