Training indoor 2012 (Lyon) Parkour, freerun, gym

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erich sertori says:

Spiderman’s gym

Quincy Smoov says:

So Amazing Parkour is life 

PlainDeka says:

19 999!!!!!!!! :))

anya brooks says:

we got a parkour gym by my house

Samuel u-mlg says:

amazing!!! º-º

Zuionify says:

@trdic dude, no need to be rude.. omg a rime 😀 sry that i dont like the
style 🙁

Kid Stuck says:

Song:Feel so close to you right now

OSninjas1 says:

Nice!! 🙂

viviak says:

@WilsonMarinhotv /watch?v=dGghkjpNCQ8&ob=av2e

SRFamilyMedia says:

nice gym

Well Yeah says:


KCKclub97 says:

@404ErrorNotFoundlol song is under the ‘like’ bar

KCKclub97 says:

@404ErrorNotFoundlol well it is for me, just trying to help

FlyingGuysGBC says:

That’s not your video !!!!! It’s Jumpincity !!!

Ricardo Cortio says:

Feel so close, the artist is Calvin Harris

unknownmovement says:

There were som impressing moves on this one jezus! 2:31, 2:42,0:48 enjoyed
watching this and i’d love to train there one day!

TheOneThatcan says:

Great video, awesome tricks 🙂 ps. what is the name of the song?

CorneRegent69 says:

Fake ! It’s not your vidéo is the vidéo of jumpincityarchive

Walter White says:

Damn, so jealous of ur training spot!

Kirkonnor Parkour says:

Dude……that’s awesome xD

Johnny Yeah says:

very nice lads i loved it 🙂

houdiinii says:

not only incredible skills but also great creativity 😀 thumbs up and fav

khoa nguyen says:

what’s the name of song?

Vince Breitenfield says:

3:41 like a boss

AstroQuality says:

3:27 SICK

Traceur Dẹo says:


327hackerz says:

Awesome ..

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