V-Shape Back Workout

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What’s up Six Pack Shortcutters!

In todays episode we are going to show you how to build lean muscle in your back faster than you ever thought possible. I have received a bunch of emails asking how to get that desired v-shaped back so I wanted to make a video showing you the exact back workout I do for my ripped v-shaped back.

When you build your back properly the rest of your body will look bigger too! These power lifts I incorporate into this routine will help you develop your upper and lower back.

A lot of people get confused how to properly build your back. People spend years trying to build a strong ripped back. Many give up… because its REALLY hard, but I am going to show you a really effective way to build your back that takes about 5 minutes and will get your back ripped up FAST!

Here’s how it works:


4-5 sets of 12. Just grab a regular bench bar and stick in in a corner of whatever room you are working out in. Wrap a t-bar around the bar and simply pull the bar to your chest. Make sure you aren’t jerking the weight up, just stay slow and deliberate with your motion and you will feel the burn!

Dead lifts: 3:17

4-5 sets. This is a common power lift I know many of you have seen me do before. However its effectiveness in building muscle on your back is unmatched. Make sure your feet stay planted and your back stays straight. Do a weight where you are working really hard to get up your last rep of every set.

Pull overs: 4:17

Position your body parallel to the bench stabilizing your shoulder blades on the width end. Start with a barbell raised above the center of your chest. As you move the barbell back behind your head try to keep your back flat and parallel to the floor. When you bring the barbell back to the starting position remember to exhale and feel your chest and triceps flex.

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Omar Imad says:

Who’s the lady taking the video 

KatherynDandrid says:

+ertel2 >>Is the best website so far that I found that helps me to build
my body Muscles fast and in natural way>>>>

Travis van vliet says:

Your stomach is kinda fat.

Andro Diaz says:

Man! This looks intense! I just started making videos too, it’s on getting
a sixpack fast as HELL, click on my profile if you want to check them out!

Aidan Weld says:

Rest In Peace Mike Chang.

SmokingNL says:

Youre a beast. I mean youre a naturel good trainer. Dedicated..! Keep it
going man..!

Nick Diaz says:

mike chang is a faggot

Muhammad Ali says:

lol check out his new videos, he is so ripped now!!

michbushi says:

if i see one more of your obnoxious adverts on YouTube, I swear to god, I
am going to puke. And right after that, I am going to have 5 beers, and 20

it is unbearable.

Conz Vlogs says:

This is a very good video demonstration and I like doing the pull overs

roarodon says:

The girl filming is hot!

SmithsRichard says:

who is the hottie recording the video?

CHARI955 says:

3:55 Omg camera guy is a woman ?/

ryanF says:

this guy has made very little progress in 2 years

Douglas Redfern says:

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ADNANE- Lagger says:

he’s so fat and u can’s see any abs yet he calls him self a six pack expert
and he named his channel six pack shortcuts …………. what a moron

Mike Stewie says:

Who are the music arts in the video soundtrack? The music artists deserve
to be acknowledged somewhere in all video descriptions, but writing them up
also saves people from having to ask these arbitrary & off-subject
questions. Thanks.

Epik says:

Most of these workouts are not safe for your spine.. Don’t attempt some of

johannes Silva says:

i like your video go to my channel and tell me something

Adam W says:

I guess it’s not too bad it’s actually pretty good

Sj Volfy says:

Poor girl she gets to video his workout. 

Juan Posada says:

Why does Arnold not keep his back straight when he does it? 

Julian Schmahl says:

Rest in peace

Edgars Pavlovičs says:

4:50 Isn’t this supposed to be chest workout?

Hitesh Sankhla says:

Yaa its true…..i m ur true fan…

Jewls Tagara says:

You should keep yur head up on the tdar btw

BBoy King K says:

Wow guys why all the negative comments ffs if you don’t like the video then
why do you watch it?

kevin kuyl says:

i wouldnt advise the first 2 exercises…. may be good to get a V shape,
its also good to get a hernia in your lower back…

mohamad hijazi says:

are u the asian from hawaii five 0?

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Matimba Ntimane says:

Problem is ; you talk too much… I just wanna get how it’s done, then just
do it ND stop talking 

Venkteshwar Singh ranout says:

who is the girl shooting ??? 

Marcus Lee says:

I have a question. In my gym there has no the close-grip thing that you
used in the first exercise. Any alternative suggestion?

Dash Badger says:

are pull overs the best exercise for lats or are all these pretty good for
lats too?

SleazyRoseWalker says:

i’m getting tired of seeing you sitting on a sofa, eating and talking about
how you’re not getting fat even if you’re eating crappy food when i’m about
to watch a video!

Charaf B. says:

what’s the name of the song in this video ? 

abdelkarim baten says:

very good 

David Suspended says:

I’m afraid I’ll mess up my back if I try these. It’s critically important
that you keep correct posture as you do these exercises; if you don’t,
you’re going to have serious back problems.

Kham Char says:

I have tried these workouts and boy they kicked my ass. Mike is the best at
what he does . Much respect and thanks love all your videos and health tips

Duncan Ogg says:

The t bar row you should not have a straight back, you should arch your
back to concentrate on lats more and a overhead dumbell pullover is more of
an upper chest workout.

Qatrun Nada says:

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Hafiz Quraan says:

Will this stop my height growing?

jazmine salazar says:

that looks heavey

LegendInTraining ER Thrower says:

He looks better with short hair than long

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