15 minute Extreme Full Body Home Workout ( Using just 5 Movements )

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http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this powerful full body home workout. Using just 5 combo movements you will train your full body in just 15 minutes. You will also continue to burn fat long after you have finished this workout due to the afterburn effect that is build into it. If you want to burnfat fast at home then this is a great home workout and all you will need is one set of dumbbells.


Mark van Tienen says:

Why all these negative comments? This is upper body + legs. Extra pushups
and also situps and you train everything, I guess.

Jesse molina says:

Honestly the pussiest workouts I’ve ever seen

shabbir patanwala says:

its very very good video thanx 

arpit gaur says:

its not working man i m doing this all day all night …….u motherfucker
making fool…..

Γιάννης Κ. says:

funny, a fast food ad before the video!

Lorenzo Politi says:

Guarda questo video su YouTube:

bcboncs says:

I’ve gotta say after doing this the first time my triceps, thighs, and back
shoulders were sore. That’s a good thing though. I was just curling and
doing some push ups. My triceps definitely need to get stronger. The only
variation I do to this workout is I add two pushups because I don’t feel
like the chest is being worked out enough with these 5. Good 5 exercises
to have an all around workout though. Pretty much what I was looking for.

Arel Alkım says:

Can you get build muscles with this workout?

asib hamed says:

Tou are full of shit man alwyse put fuking missleading photos fuck

james lee says:

how effect is this work out to lose weight?

Dead Sea Moringa says:

Simple workouts are the best. :)

Andres Gavina says:

I tried this workout for the first time today. I really liked it. My
question is how many times should I repeat this exercise during the week? 

Roman Švarc says:

In the first place, do not forget to put on your cap, especially when you
train indoor!!

Calleigh Mitchell says:

The guy below me is a clown!! Just google Jukefit elite and see for
no spam. no gimmicks

Evan G says:

You sound like Mike Myers 

nunchidan says:


MrAmin6789 says:

Svn says:

Does these work all the muscle groups?

Dracula says:

another fucking scam video

zxczxczxc194 says:

The Monotone voice into loud yelling outta nowhere gets me everytime . Max

Justin Eyck says:

How do you support people if you like shit urself

Yoshi Kanehara says:
heyjoe11271 says:

awesome background music. what is it? 

Kim Hung Truong says:

thk for ur clip bro :)

Six Pack Abs Experts says:

Great video, well explained and structured too. Nothing complicated and
nice and simple to do. I’m sure it will work.

Davontae Williams says:


Yousef Basma says:

why is he shouting?

lummi5 says:

Warum schreit der so?

dilip shrestha says:

Have you tried Stupid Simple Slimming? (Google it) It is a quick way for
you to shed pounds fast.

Nick De Vito says:

Qualche buono spunto

Anurag Singh says:

will it really work….

12 Week Body Challenge says:

Thank you for this video.

vekialeks says:

Google the phrase Wretch Weight Workings… It’s the best diet out there.
It’s a nice video you’ve put together but wait until you discover the diet
taught when you buy Wretch Weight Workings… My sister cut 9 lbs in one

Mohammed Hamoody says:

do i lose weight if i do it every single day for 6 months do i losse
weight , planning to loose 20 kg in 6 months so does this help ?

Aaron Bartlett says:
Mark Hernandez says:

Great workout!!

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