30 Min Workout without Weights – HASfit Exercises without Weights – Work Out without Equipment

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Mike Smith says:

I’m in a tough position. 21 year old man. I used to be dedicated and had a
slamming body from about 17-19. My 4 year long relationship ended. Soon
after my mom died of cancer. I failed out of college and am on my second
attempt. I only need 4 more completed classes to graduate and hopefully
become a state trooper. I have been on antidepressants for the past 2
years. I ran out of refills about 2 weeks ago and the withdrawal has been
nothing short of awful. My wallet was stolen so I canceled my debit card.
My cars alternator just died, so I’m basically stuck at home until it
arrives. This workout has really been keeping my spirits up. Thank you
again. Mike from New York. 

Harmony Ninja says:

I’m going to do this five times a week. I will post an update once per
month for those who are curious about my progress. Today is Saturday,
January 17, 2015 8:40pm PST. I live in Las Vegas, NV. 

Bartek Kowalski says:

Please stop doing videos in corner of an empty room, sound is horrible.

Jeff Chen says:

i just did this, was an ok work out……..till the last part, the last
part made it a hella workout!


Unknown says:

I’m going to try to do this once every day all summer. I wonder how my body
will look at the end :)

Anthony Hilton says:

I am definitely doing this twice a day because I have been a fat lazy
looser who needs to change which this will do thank you hasfit

TheAcke1001 says:

Has anyone done this workout and can guarantee that it works? 

Ledon James says:

i love this exercise, i do it atleast three or four times a week

Joshua Salter says:

Five TImes a week. One in the morning and one at night. 

Games Addiction says:

No pain no gain!
Thanks dude these workout good for a starter.

Bryant McCray says:

im a pretty scrawny guy, and I’m trying to gain muscle, but i have a really
fast metabolism so how often should i be doing this workout and do i have
to watch what i eat since my body burns the fat so fast?

Christine Caserta says:

Awesome!! Thank you so much. This was great – even the surprise at the

Edwin Mendez says:

Is this workout good for muscle gain? Or is it really only for losing

al grose says:

when i got to the end and you had me doing the burn out i was like
wtf..great workout tho

AG Wreck says:

Damn good workout mate. Getting back into shape after 6 months of not
exercising regularly. Was able to complete workout although half of round 3
i could only do half the reps and my burnout was 8 pushups XD. Real Solid
Full body workout though. I have decided to use your videos for at least a
month or 2 to build back that fitness foundation before re upping my gym
membership and getting into the real intense stuff. THANKS FOR THE WORKOUT

Nate M says:

Awesome work out and I love the surprise! Haha. Subscribed!

BEKKALI Mohammed says:

I got a question please.. are these workout movements set for gaining or
losing weight? Thanks..

liam carruthers says:

Wow u have really helped me out, i feel drained and dripping with sweat,
best workout ive found yet. Thanks HaSfit

Bonnitta Whitrow says:

Great vid! Thank you for a kick ass on the go workout!

joobin ordoobody says:

That hand walking really hurts my wrists. I’m not gonna do that again

Uriel Amaro says:

It looks easy but it really makes you sweat! Haha you’re amazing coach
kozak! Im a huge fan of hasfit 😉 thanks for the videos and the motivation.

iwantahat says:

thanks for killing me – but no, it’s good!

Cheeba McNudelz says:

excellent !!

Nick Ochal says:

Good workout. Didn’t kill me, but I’m in okay shape overall. I’m soooo bad
at the core exercises though! xD

VimoFit says:

VimoFit is the first personal trainer app for created for Android Wear
smart watches and will soon be available for the Apple Watch –

RJ Ffrench says:

Im a kid doing this

That person who ate your shoes says:

Wow this drains me completely, but I feel great afterwards! :)

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