5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle Without Equipment

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If you don’t think you can build muscle with bodyweight exercises, then you’ll want to check out the 5 no-equipment exercises Certified Turbulence Trainer, Brian Kalakay shows you in this video that will help you gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

1. Spiderman Burpee
2. Plank Tricep Extension
3. Plyo-Push-ups
4. Bodysaw
5. Jump Squat Punisher

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hugo ramos says:

Wtf, how do you suppose my fat-ass is going to be able to do this shit?!?!
I can barely do 4 normal pushups.!!

randyhandbag says:

are you trying to be the most annoying prick on youtube with a weirdly
pitched voice who likes to shenanigans. you win! 

puresoul425 says:

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Charles Mills says:

Great how quick before you see results 1-2 months? Do u keep a notepad of
your reps

vivalarazaization says:

*yes bro **+SANDY10162** !.. Glad it worked for you also.. that amazing*
*program provides scientific nutrition about how you can*
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nitika shahi says:

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Fenoboci Diet Plan? My work buddy says it helps people lost tons of weight.
Is that possible? I also noticed numerous good review relating to this diet
plan. Thoughts? 

chris szablewski says:

are there any workouts that involve heavy lifting of beers? I dont see the
point of any of this.

Von Sege says:

I had a friend that all he did was push ups during comericals on tv he had
huge musles

Noli Noli says:

How man times should i do this pr. week?
And how many reps and sets…
Pls i need a quick answer

Vanossgameing says:

It doesn’t work

ASIQUR Tasvir says:

U said those 5 exercise is 4 build muscle but the lats one u showed tht is
not 4 build muscle – i think tht 1 is leg exercise 1ly…anyway those all
exercise i like….thx 4 this helpful video…

Narak Mak says:

Thank you so much My dad and I are going to be strong ><

Dinero Mike says:

This nigga don’t even got muscle

sakata gintoki says:

very niceThanks

black devill says:

i am skinny so my first step shoul be gaining weight or striaght away
exercise for muscles ??? thanks for your advices

kiven D says:

i started with 2 push-ups and now i can do around 40 push-ups, (it takes 3

C.risaq Cartan says:

No Muscles no Worries

william mauldin says:

People plz like or dislike these video it make more know there why because
to youtube like or dislike mean the same thing people watch him and to care

ufera says:

I think I am dying….cant feel my body…after 5 push ups LOL

prashant gaikwad says:

nice dude..
I really like it.

António Malato says:

2 is so fucking impossible ahahahah

Mohit Vaswani says:

Hey! I am a skinny guy and will these workouts suit me because it may cause
to burn the body fat?

TheLoveInAnElevator says:

+Lala2489 *Yepyepp.. I personally believe that its the*
*most popular muscle building programs*
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kevin OPfitness says:

These are great exercises, my favorite Bodyweight exercise are pushups
because of all the different forms. It has its own difficulty settings
cough cough finger pushups cough.

Lucas Myers says:

very helpful!

00chinaman says:

I can do 1,3,4 and 5 but I can’t do 2.
Really hard 

Alex Hutton says:

These are so inpossible i can only do 7 push ups

P A N I C . says:


nits adore says:

5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle W…:

Tintu Mon says:

I am a 13 age year child i do 20+ push up once a min

shinji nator says:

100 push ups for 20 days 

TeKrit says:

I can’t feel my body.

Heat124 says:

So this makes triceps and biceps right

sandy mandy says:

these exersises are fucking tough man how can a skiiny guy do this i cn
only do 20 pushups at most 

Michael Granados says:

Shenanagins!!! Best line

Pedro da Cruz says:

Genius! Fantastic energy in the video and sound explanations. Gonna
follow this.

DigitalRagdoll says:

Dude you’re kind of a pip squeek

Rohit Grewal says:

Try It Out !

Entity 121 says:

thanks for the tips

Rica G says:

Game on. Good stuff.

starlogic99 says:

cant the 3rd one be bad for your wrists..?

Steve Chan says:

man…1:10 really hard lol

Anonymous says:

These are impossible. I’m really skinny atm, and i can do only like 1
pushup, and then my triceps are already dead.

Melissa Robles says:

I fuxking love you!! My legs are hella toned thanks to you baby!

Claudio Hishe says:

Scientific research show that you’ll be able to maximize your muscles
building process 2x-3x more quickly; by just modify your eating plan.
Because time you spend for the gym is only 3% of all your time.

Cameron Watson says:

Will this really help a person who going into college football in less than
two weeks if they haven’t been working out as much this summer

Talal Mohammed says:

It worked

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