Arm Day Tricep/Bicep Training In My Home Gym

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Arm Training @ 1.5 Weeks Out
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Mike Lets says:

good shit but damn im snowed in today have to use my home gym shit sucks

thargreekguy sisko says:

Ur genetics are awsome and ur also are a fucking beast

Marek Tichý says:

Hahaha his legs :-):-D 😀 

JoshH says:

not going to lie youre a beast

lazybee1122 says:

My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Xraggy
Muscle Max”, but then they saw the results. Google Xraggy Muscle Max to
see their reaction.

dick bag says:

Strong puffy nipple. Always looked up to you as one of the best
natural’s…..strong letdown. 

godwavenexus says:

looking awesome man

Nick Militello says:

youre looking good man, but shouldnt you keep your elbows to the side more
instead of swinging them for curls?

bigdaddy71355 says:

holy shit, ur a fricking GOD!

KandETeenFitness says:

thats fuckin crazy dude were mirin! GETBIG

robert clark says:

ripped and shredded beyond belief—-you are soooooooooooooooooo ready for
the win:)

Max Firosi says:

Fuck Zyzz. Devon is better.

Webzen Andrea says:

holy shit dude stunning lean!

R0meY0 says:

I’m mirin man!

Knightmare HD says:

if you ever watch olympic runners youll see that they all have striated abs

SkyeKingdoM says:

Shit, peaked too early?

Bob Owns says:

Record your show!

mallan1027 says:

Nice work mate. I have never seen ab striations on anyone but you before
haha Crazy shit. Need to find a way to show them off on stage, would bet my
balls no one else will be that lean haha. Check my channel out if you get a
chance. It is a little boring at the moment but I will be starting a comp
prep log shortly.

nopainnogain27 says:


Joaovitordecezaro says:

how much time have u been lifting seriously

oOBashoROo says:

nice physique but your chest sucks mushroom tip

Max Firosi says:


Jakim Barnes says:

wats ur body fat percentage. Ur fucking ripped

JinatosLions says:

Man, solid physique. Very impressive. Best of luck at your show!

st3v0s says:


alexgomez2 says:

Wow! Amazing vascularity and definition. Congratulations on your hard work~

BeastAesthetics says:

Haters going to hate bro [:

mallan1027 says:

Looking really lean mate. Striated glutes yet? You wouldnt be far off it

young teen says:

devon is atleast 3 percent body fat no one understands the camera is not
doing justice at all !!!!

Barba Viking says:


Carlson Ho says:

Diced to the sox!!!

Nicholas Rogers says:

Looking sick bro !

R_00N says:

Fuckin diced bro

bobo81b says:

Man, your tris are really popping out – the rear head looks HUGE. And
beyond all the striations, you can really see the leanness around your eyes
– BF under 5%?

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