Aylio Resistance Training Exercise Bands – Elastic Stretch Tubes Home Gym Video

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Aylio resistance training systems from $39.99 at http://www.Aylio.com/ .

These professional-grade resistance bands are offered in three sets: Basic ($39.99), Complete ($49.99), and Ultimate ($69.99). The bands and accessories allow users to perform over 100 exercises to target every muscle group in the body. Use this Aylio fitness system to gain muscle mass, lose weight, tone your body, or even rehabilitate after injury. Also improve your health, while increasing energy, stamina, confidence, and overall well-being! The bands are ultra-portable so you can take your exercises on the go. Cancel that expensive gym membership and start getting phenomenal workouts at home with the Aylio bands!


woodyfly says:

Butter face but… HOT BOD

jenevajones991 says:

So you can stack different colors of the bands to get different resistance?
And what is that girl thinking of to work out without a mat, she must have
a scarred backbone…looks like it would be a good exercise if it’s all you
can afford…

Swansen03 says:

0:17 best comparison, door is prolly what, like 6’6″ or so?? so she is like
between 5’3″ and 5’8″ prolly. right? yay nay?? (i’m going to shoot for
something like 5’8″)

bluesoda541 says:

:45 seems pretty hard on the knees imo

micaravidio says:

I can not watch this she is to hot I might need a cold shower!!!!!!!!!

Powerliftershawnr says:

Bands are awesome.. I use them all the time and I a 2 time national bench
press champion.. Check out my channel on my training. these look like a
good set of bands!

dragonworld2008 says:

wow I like to date her

666pounder777 says:

Well if you do, make sure you upload the vid w00t

barrymu says:

she s hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashliski says:

How does the door strap work?

TheGIMP2k says:

Thank you youtube downloader FF extension.. this is now added to my
collection.. yummy girl

cadaverock . says:

over 100 sex positions 😉

thecrowrains says:

Handles: are they sturdy? The o-rings built to last? at 0:02 I am concerned
(prior to purchase) that they might bend or snap given the metal rings

MrCockSlut says:

i would hit that shit

Severosrighthook says:

@MrJosie18 its more funny if you dont feggit.

pacmanttp says:

she sexy

Zspirit1 says:

Hot chick

penof1337 says:

all i can think is….. sad. all of them are 50 pounds of force, I’m only
14 and I can life 30 ponds like 20, 25 times. and I’m just turning 14, I’m
still 13 🙂 I can’t believe every comment is either “she is hot” or “I
wanna hit that”


the woman is just hot.

Alston Ke says:

It doesn’t look so safe to me though, if someone comes in you guys are all
screwed BIG TIME.

bighands69 says:

I suppose in your fantasy world of play boy no women is hot.

navajoboy006 says:

she’s very pretty but what I’m wondering is how tall is she?

Mynameissluggster says:

:40 omg id love for her to come to my place and show me that excersice -.^

Nick Marano says:

if the girl in this video is the guys girlfriend then holy crap he is one
lucky son of a gun. Nice job dude your girlfriend is beautiful!

dishy200 says:

bighand bitch im a female lol

Danny p says:

OMGAWD!!!! THEY ARE BOTH HOT LOL i could totally go lesbian LOL 8)

LordInksworth says:

She looks about three foot six.

dishy200 says:

she isn’t really hot, i guess she ok

kobokok says:

Duh, just lock the door.

Zildjian285 says:


faro0485 says:

Too bad she turns into a man 0:28

LordInksworth says:

The stuff should be tucked in through the closed side of the door, so that
if the door moves, no matter. See what I mean? Through the side with the
hinges on it. That’s the only safe way of doing it.

BiG_i says:

She is hot. I bought these bands for her 😉 hahahahah

hippopcrazy says:

whats the difference between your set of resistance bands and bodylastics?

maya lanze says:

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