Basic Home Workout No Equipment Calisthenics Training (10+) Exercises

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Home Workout No Equipment Calisthenics Training (10+) Body Weight Exercises

No equipment home workout request. On a flat surface, may perform inside or outside. Best performed in 3-4 sets, with minimal rest, 2-3 days a week. Easier, perform exercises in an alternating circuit. Harder, do all abs/core in a row, do all push ups in a row.

00:08 Squats, 15-20. Feet shoulder width apart. Back strait, slight arch, not curved. Butt goes backwards. Knees in line with or behind toes. Hamstrings (upper legs) about parallel with floor.

00:43 In & Outs, 20-25. Work on lowering the upper body to increase difficulty. Harder version, arms up.

1:16 Alternating Knee Crunches, 10-15 each knee. Combining a cross with a normal crunch to knee. Swap sides, 10-15 more. Harder version, foot planted.

1:49 Leg Criss Crosses, 20-30. May alternate heights, Ex: 10 low, 10 high, 10 low.

2:10 Oblique V Ups, 10-15 Each side. Swap sides, 10-15 more.

2:38 Plank, up to 60 seconds. Harder version, leg to side. 30 seconds per side.

2:57 Quadruped Hold, up to 60 seconds. Swap sides. 3:13 Harder variation, up to 30 seconds. May replace previous exercise with this. An alternate view.

3:50 Fist closer to hip Push Ups, 10-20.

4:06 Diamond Push Ups, 10-20.

4:20 Push Ups, 10-20.

4:32 Hindu Push Ups, 10-20.

Unless you make a conscious effort to elevate your back, any closer to hip push up’s form will look like this. Now, I’m making an effort to elevate my body. I’m performing all shown push ups in a row, with minimal rest time. If you do all push ups in a row, you’ll be hitting lower reps than if you alternate with other exercises throughout a circuit. I’m aiming for about 10 reps, and just enough rest to adjust my hands and feet for the next variation. For any exercise, if you can’t hit the recommended reps, that is fine, Do your best and try to improve next time. This is my 4th set, and it is harder than it may look. If you know the arched back version, you may perform that instead. I think my variation is harder.

Thanks for watching.

Music: Fenomen – Szansa (Instrumental)


WangQi says:

Can i still do the Hindu push ups even though i’m not hindu?

Mohan Hegde says:

LOL 😀 .. love the dog in the background doing its own version of
“calisthenics” at 2:00

Kapeesh says:

Does it also work on biceps? ‘Cause I can’t feel anything, but triceps.

Sleepo Rogue says:

I tried doing this but its so hard i cant even do 10 push ups i feel so
weak its hard to work out when i feel so demotivated 

comatosaify says:

+jorge david hernandez m
*Yeah.. I personally believe that its the*
*most popular muscle building programs*
*online today for a very good reason unlike*
*many other programs, there’s a lot of science*
*behind this one. Thats why I decided to try it*
*myself and was happy with the result.*

Travis Steele says:

I’ve started this routine a few days ago. It a a good workout.
Squats…what a concept.

Will Hart says:

This is basically a good intro program. However, lose the music it detracts
from the presentation and it is not at all motivating, put some workout
music in it!

Martin Linksmas says:

beautiful ! Helped me alot , ty mate

Sha Gam says:

Thank you so very much. Last regular exercise regimen was 30 years ago and
must DO something for my body, mind and soul. Your video is a blessing:
needed to SEE appropriate form, technique and descriptions for the proper
way to begin taking care of my body. 

Alexandre Leite says:

People need to understand that calisthenics is not meant to make you big,
thats not the major point, it helps a bit but the main objective is to have
a healthy workout in proportion to your body, the results are not the same
if you lift weights, it takes more time to gain muscle, but i think it
brings a lot more to the table than just lifting weights, you gain a lot
more body balance, strength and muscle elasticity.

Emmeline Fourcand says:

love the dog cameo too cute

MattSynyster says:

you earn another sub 

blackjohnny0 says:

Do you even training legs? 

milldabeast519 says:

:45 this hurts my bony ass

Louis Taylor says:

Awesome video!! Question! I’m a boxer & want to start more on Calisthenics
training, I’m 6’2 157 lbs trying to make 154, but just want to lose a few
more lbs but I want to lose fat, not muscle. What Calisthenics should I do,
to improve my overall endurance?.. Thank you 

Desi Boyer says:

Starting today! Thanks for the video!

Ada Fraser says:

thank you,,best beg video out there

Channel1Pzn says:

its good to hear polish hip hop in a foreign video:D regards from Poland;)!

Fenomen – Szansa (bez cenzury)

Kent Venturina says:

This is really a good program. And the instructions are very accurate.
Thank you. 

Paweł Wu says:

thx for uploading man !:)
Fenomen – Szansa (bez cenzury) great polish “old school” squad. 2001
“don’t give it up youth, cuz everything can be hidden even in one
so live life to the fullest
or keep your self at a distance.
i’m young
stifling grey shades of life”

Francesco Vecchio says:

Biondo si my swag friend :D

Joel Boomer says:

Awesome video! Thank you! Question: Can I alternate jogging on off days or
should I rest? I am a completely new at this!

J Raposo says:

1:58 – the dog is also working out his abs!

j cr says:

I’m getting into this stuff, and I’ll definitely be adding this one to my

wideawakeshinobi says:

Awesome workout video-

Alex Osati says:

Do we workout enough time with this exercise like 1 hours?

Mitch Rapp says:

Just curious if any more videos will be coming out? 

Alana Nardi Crestani says:

Love the dog at 2:02. So cute!
Btw great video, gonna start tomorrow!

Louis Taylor says:

Another question, what’s a good routine for beginners? but a pretty intense
routine. I have a pull up bar at home & enough room space 

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