Beginner MMA Workout At Home by Pro MMA Fight Coach Kozak of HASfit 060711

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Roy Whitaker says:

i did this im fuckin tired

VimoFit says:

VimoFit is the only fitness app for designed for Android Wear smart watches
and will soon be available for the Apple Watch –

AmbiguousArtist says:

At 14 I suggest finding a local mma gym… I’m 29 and have been going for a
few months and love it. I wish I would have done it when I was young so I
could be more in shape for it but it’s the best work out you’ll get an a
lot of fun.

supastar says:

Too bad we don’t have MMA here in South Africa, at least where I stay!
…But I’m gonna get ripped anyway!!

AmbiguousArtist says:

go to a local mma gym… even if youre not trying to be a fighter its
awesome… I go twice a week for the exercise and I have a great time.

HASfit says:

@ThecumminsMan32 Football is awesome, maybe you can do MMA when you’re
done. That’s what I did, LOL! Coach Kozak “LIKE” us at Facebook
.com/hasfitness for the best training motivation!

Tore Rsx says:

Hey , im only 14 and am curious if i should still do this workout, also im
quite skinny and tall, and am wondering if i will see some results. (mass
or weight gain)

dimitar madin says:

Thank you can you give me a link for a litle kids training

ottttttttttt says:

what about training legs, bro?

HASfit says:

LOL! I think you are the only one that thought the end was funny! Thanks
for your support 🙂 Coach Kozak “LIKE” us @ Facebook .com/hasfitness for
the best workout motivation!

HASfit says:

@MdausIzdi Thanks! I wish I was your trainer 🙂 Coach Kozak “LIKE” us @
Facebook .com.hasfitness for the best workout motivation!

Quickpost2000 says:

Is this a bra?

Ibrahim Benkenane says:

what do u call the tank u wearing i like it

HASfit says:

That was our terrible attempt at comedy. Don’t worry, it will never happen
again LOL! Coach Kozak “LIKE” us @ Facebook .com/hasfitness for the best
workout motivation!

Michelle Mintra says:

i love you, thx dude

Vincent Brown says:

Lol. Don’t talk about my coach like that.

emmanuel gimenez says:

i have a question ?

x1shotllama says:

That “double lunge” is called knee walking. Any wrestler would know that.

HASfit says:

@MrSupastar83 You can have MMA in your living room with this video 🙂 Coach
Kozak “LIKE” us @ Facebook .com/hasfitness for the best workout motivation!

smartwolfgirl18 says:

Thanks for the video. I’m gonna use those moves in my workouts. THANK YOU!

dreamsofdeath100 says:

why dont u say just say MMA like in the title?

jack Dale says:

Great one! i need a trainer. but i wish you were my trainer! im still young

HASfit says:

@MrKirisiki Vibram Five Fingers Coach Kozak “LIKE” us @ Facebook
.com/hasfitness for the best training motivation!

Jakovljevic14Serbia says:

Great. Nice video. Can i ask you something but dont mad ? Are you from
Poland ????

Martin Wiktorin says:

Great video guys! This is really motivational for me and my workout! Thanx

Joy Long says:

hahahaa I LOVE IT. Nice touch with the pink gloves. LOLOLOL “You’re the
best…around!” I’m going to start jamming out to my karate kid soundtrack
tape when I do bag-work. lol

VeryGigglyPuff says:

3:28! Can’t wait to try it

dreamsofdeath100 says:

@KozakSportsPerform instead of saying mixed martial arts why not just say

DOCTORDANification says:

This is as good if not better than the Mark Fleming Combat Training video
on youtube. GREAT WORK! I subbed and HAD to hit with a like.

ZeeGoodTimesTV says:

People, check out the website! It’s a great website, no lie. YOU vs you!

LankyJab says:

you sound a bit like Matt Horwich

HASfit says:

They mean the same thing, it’s just a common abbreviation. Thanks for your
support! Coach Kozak “Like” us @ Facebook .com/hasfitness for the best
workout motivation!

HASfit says:

@613Martin Hey! I’m so happy your enjoyed it. Your support is great
appreciated. Coach Kozak “LIKE” us @ Facebook. com/hasfitness for the best
workout motivation!

HASfit says:

You are so welcome! I’m happy to help. Coach Kozak “Like” us @ Facebook
.com/hasfitness for the best workout motivation!

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