Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout – 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

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ravi kiran says:

lost 10 kgs just by watching this this guys is awesome

FitnessBlender says:

A brand new, Round 2 Brutal HIIT Ladder just went live! Find it here @ Brutal
HIIT Ladder Workout Round 2 – Advanced Workout to Push Your Limits 37
Minutes, warm up & cool down included. Can you finish Round 2?

EnoVarma says:

I did it! It took me 10 tries in 17 days, but I finally did it, barely –
some of my high knees were pretty low knees. My first try I quit after 7
minutes. After I got through the 30 seconds lap threshold, it got easier.
I’ve lost 5 pounds from pursuing to complete this workout and I feel I’m
already in a tiny bit better shape. Now I’m only 3 pounds overweight.

Ballsack McCoy says:

Do this workout 3 times a week and you will be fucking ripped in weeks. (AS

Ken Amon says:

Wow….I actually thought I was in pretty good health….I admit it….I
couldn’t do it….I’m gonna try this every other day and see if I can get
thru it….brutal !

Damian Castallano says:

Awesome Workout Man Thank You Very Much Very Well Put Together And
Excellent Use Of Every Spare Second By Blending In Each Coming Up Exercise,
i Am A Amateur Fighter And I Still Found This Pretty Challenging
Considering It Was My First Time Doing A Routine Like This. You Just Got
Yourself Another Subscriber!

davidsalinas9 says:

This is literally what the title says it’s a brutal 20 minutes workout I’m
dripping with sweat…. great workout

littlie bompton says:

I go to the gym on monday wednesday and friday for weight lifting how can I
combine this workout without damaging my body or anything like that?

SuicideFixated says:

i haven’t done sports in a longer time… so how should i do this as a
beginner? should i rather do longer rests or do the exercise a little
slower? i’ve tried HIIT yesterday and then i felt i have to lay down
otherwise i would throw up…. well i pushed myself very hard but
apparently i don’t have the fitness i used to have anymore haha

Liam Friar says:

one im doing is 10 excercises 40seconds on 20 seconds off 5 times through,
fucking kills you

KevinLucid says:

I know i spelled “Caffeine” and “Protein” incorrectly, but i apologize. I
just finished this workout and not caring about spell check at the
moment…but i DO care & enjoy all the sweat dripping off my face at the

Divya Alok says:

I have been doing this for the past 6 days…feel better in terms of
mobility. Please elaborate on how to use this routine…whether we do it
daily or twice daily or alternate days for recovery. Apart from this, how
long should one wait after one round of HIIT to eat ?

spicegrdn stash says:

I’m tired after doing this, but I can tell if I keep at it I will
definitely be where I want to be….I cursed you every time I heard the
word burpee, but appreciate it…….thanks so much….I now have a
daily routine….

Ronnie Ree says:

I’m no expert or anything.. But.. Isn’t HIIT training suppose to use every
muscle in the body to get the full effect. This looks like a leg workout
only, arms are not really engaged here.. But maybe that’s not how it works?

Ivan Djordjevic says:

Is this only for weight loss? I don’t want to loose weight, just something
to help me gain muscles combined with gym weight lift. Can this help or

ashwini mandanna says:

awesome!!! i can barely catch my breath. will do this everyday now till i
can do as much as you 

Loaded4506 says:

Tried that for the very first time tonight and I have to confess I needed
to pause a bunch of times. I am certain I’ll feel that in the morning as I
am sweating like crazy. 

Rizwan Uddin says:

That guy is GREAT hes MUCH better than mike chang but im having problems
coz im a male with a pear shaped body and im lean above my velly button and
i can see my abs but bellow my belly button i have fatty hips do u guys
know any way to get rid of them PLEASE HELP

Suzy Says says:

Woooohooo love that last 10 second round climax! started getting really
over exited and nearly killed myself! 

TheVexen4 says:

Hi, I’m from Spain so sorry for my bad English. I want to start doing these
type of exercises (hiit) but I’m asmatic And I’m a Bit low of form. How can
I start? 

shankyxyz says:

haha, I burned 200 calories just watching this video. fuck this guy is a
fucking machine. Do people think I will be able to make it. I got tired
doing the warmups, lol. any real people who started by majorly failing and
built up to get better and finish?

KevinLucid says:

I love you dude, i did this workout perfectly.
MY reccomendation is take some protien and a little bit of caffiene before
doing this, and guarantee youll ace this workout!

Andres Paris says:

Thanks for this awesome workout!

Francisco Romero says:

I did this rutine for 1 month and I lost 7 kg. thanks for all!

Kellen Winford says:

Thanks for the morning sweat homie. This is a great workout if you need to
burn some calories and work on your cardio without hitting the boring
treadmill or running outside for 30 minutes. Although it was a struggle, it
was fun. I’ll continue to supplement this in my routines. Thanks again

Brenda Davids says:

first day i deed it…till the 20 minutes..kiss myself.. i’m 40 and i’m
only dooing zumba 2 times a week..

Smileasaurus says:

i’m quite skeptical about home workouts, because they always seem so tame.
but this is a serious workout! good work! great video!

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