Chest/Push up Exercises & Variations – Calisthenics Home Workout

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Calisthenics/Bodyweight Chest & Push up Exercises & Variations. Advanced & Basics/Progression. Workout suitable for home/street/park/gym… anywhere. Example Routines at the end of the video.
Most of the exercises targets chest primary, but triceps and shoulders are also involved.

Intermediate/Advanced Exercises:

Archer / Side to side push ups
Spiderman push ups
Grasshopper / Core rotation push ups
Diamond grip Push ups
Crucifix push ups (on palms and fingertips variation)

Basic level:

Staggered push ups
Decline & Incline / Elevated push ups
Wide grip push ups
On the knees (supported variations):
Regular push ups
Diamond grip push ups
crucifix push ups
Archer / side to side push ups

Be careful and always start from basics. Form and quality first.

These are not the most absolute difficult and extreme push ups, but great variations to target full chest but also triceps, shoulders and core.
The exercises can be modified making them possible for performers at different levels. Of course reps/sets can be increased/reduced as well.

See also my latest video Calisthenics & Plyometrics for SPEED and POWER for some plyos and explosive chest and push ups training (advanced):

For more Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises with Triceps & Shoulders primary, see for example: Calisthenics Shoulders & Tricep Workout

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Calisthenics & Weight Training says:

Chest & Push up Workout at Home! No gym equipment needed, workout anywhere
you prefer. Advanced & Basics/Intermediate. #homeworkout #chestworkout
#exercise #pushups #strengthtraining #bodyweight #workoutmotivation #workout

Calisthenics & Weight Training says:

Thanks everyone for the support and great response! Just a detail, if doing
push ups on your knees (on a hard surface)… make sure to put something on
the floor between, a towel, pillow or whatever or you might experience pain
in your knees. This you probably already know or will notice fast, but just
a reminder 🙂 Have a good training week all. Kris

Kouro says:

I like Calisthenics more than weights.I can finally do 10 strict pull ups
and Biceps are getting bigger.

Alfie Fairs says:

Dude you have what I would say is the perfect physique!
How often do you do this workout and for how long have you been doing
Also I’ve been doing lots of exercises such as that shown in the video and
pushups and pullups have been becoming easier. I’ve now started wearing a
backpack with 9.3kg of weight – my question is will this make a lot of
difference or is there no point?
Thanks great video.

Calisthenics & Weight Training says:

NEW video! Chest/Push up home workout training with some different
exercises, variations & routines. Compared to earlier video, this is less
advanced (specially the second part of video) and includes much at the
basic/intermediate level/progression etc. Check it out! :)

Bilbo Fraggins says:

been loving all your videos man, helped me out a tonne! :D

danieluan89 says:

Can I get bigger/ripped doing only calisthenics?, currently I’m going
through some financial issues and I can’t afford going to the gym >:(
Great videos btw, I’m subscribing.

Asif Gunz says:

perfect variations. thx man. what socks are those? look like they have
grips on the bottom.

mercurion1000 says:

Mind blowing. The one with the fingers. Holy cr*p! And all this in the IKEA
showroom? ;-)

peonwarrior says:

Thanks for the ideas, really good. My god the Archer push ups are so hard!

potatorampage says:

Need those delts :)

Marcos Vinícius Petri says:

can you have this upper body only with pushups? I mean, if you eat right,
can you just do push ups without lifting weight?

Ruben Reyes says:

Since I’m 15, will my metabolism help me get faster results? Anyone may
reply, thanks

Jhon Co says:

hey man, this is really good! u should post more videos. im just starting
to get into calisthenics and your vid. is a really great for beginners like
me. so thanks!

At Home Fitness says:

do you also do strength training? How did you get so strong? 5×5?

Yoakim Newgren says:

Tack för motiverande videos man! Hittade till din kanal för bara några
dagar sedan, inte varit så mycket för cali, men har fått upp ögonen och
inser hur kul det är nu. Tappade motivationen i gymmet och har knappt
tränat i sommar, har börjat med dina övningar och då behöver jag inte ens

Kommer dock dra igång gymmandet också men tillföra mer calisthenics i
träningen. Tack för motivationen!

MP3inoY says:

Wow dude thx! This helped me out allot! Subbed

Nick Kruger says:

are you using a whole fitness plan or are just doing some random
excercises every day

Get Fit Body - Nutrition, Workouts and Health says:

Excellent presentation of different push ups. I learned some new moves.

Victor Liu says:

Does using dumbbells for chest better or pushup. Will it stunt growth using

hamza boulmane says:

Dude you do aesome push ups I’m gonna try some of those

Stavros Perpirakis says:

Very good video and great execution of exersices! 

Nabil Elbaloui says:

hey i’m just in love with this sport

Kaan Dumanli says:

Hi Kris
Really cool workout and channel.Congratulations.I have one simple question:
does diamond push ups count as triceps exercise or as chest exercise? Or a
combination of both?

Rizvi Mammoo says: impressed! Il do it!thanx

zombieqtr says:

well made

duu chauhan says:

Cool videos. I want to follow your exercise routine .

Gad Ashell Sususco says:

Hello sir. I am a begginer. Can you give me some begginers guide and
routines on how many push up i will make everday?

Danny Jimenez says:

You have progression advice you can provide? I do the regular push-ups,
decline push-ups and incline push-ups. I do three sets each and I increase
a rep per visit (example, Monday is 3×30, Thursday will be 3×31, next
Monday is 3×32 and so on). I want to eventually get to the flying superman
behind the head. 

Euripedes Leal says:

Nice video man, specially when you show ways to keep doing the exercise,
but in a basic/less resistance way. I’m in the knees level, lol…

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