dan gable’s home gym

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Dan Gable gives us a tour around his Rocky Gym which doubles as a garage/shed behind his house. We get a real treat when Dan Gable takes us up and shows us the mat that he used to train on when he was still competing as well as the weight set he had in high school.


Jeremiah J says:

How cool would it be to have Dan’s old wrestling mat. He doesn’t live far
from me, should stop in and ask if he wants to get rid of it ;)

Mike Radliff says:

Such an inspiration! 

Patrick Gentry says:

“You start getting into it after about the 150th rep…”

#Wrestling #DanGable

sychophantt says:

His best workout is my warmup

scottab140 says:

lol @ wrist roller for forearms….. 

FightingSheep1 says:

This man is the definition of Intrinsic Motivation to obscene levels.

Diego Pons says:

3:19 “You cannot beat a wrestling workout.” -Dan Gable. Truer words have
never been spoken : )

Rawwwrr 0 says:

The bench is super sketchy

Scott Mescudi says:

“you cannot beat a wrestling workout”

rahimick5 says:

Man is an absolute living legend. Thank you for posting this video for a
glimpse inside the past and present of the greatest American athlete that
not enough people know about.

Dunning sd says:

Thanks for posting dude

yalezzzz says:

This is a great man

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