DUMBBELL ARM Workout At Home Gym

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One of the most effective workouts for building muscle in the arms is using a training technique called “Positions of Flexion”. Which basically means training each muscle group through it’s full range of motion; starting with a compound mid-range exercise, then moving on to an exercise that works the muscle in the completely stretched position, and then finishing with an exercise that works the muscle in the fully contracted position.

IronMan Magazine writer Steve Holman has written a lot about “Positions of Flexion” workouts, but the concept is certainly not new. In fact if you watch the movie Pumping Iron you can see that Arnold Schwarzenegger used this style of training for his workouts, and his arm development was simply incredible, even by today’s standards.

To give you an example, here is a typical bicep workout that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do:

Standing Bicep Curls. This is a mid-range exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps in the middle of the rep.

Preacher Curls. This is a stretched position exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps at the bottom or fully stretched position.

Concentration Curls. This is a peak contraction exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps at the top of the rep when the biceps are fully contracted.

I’ve been focusing on using the “Positions Of Flexion” concepts in my own workouts and the results have been awesome, you can really feel the muscles working when you incorporate all 3 ranges of motion in your training.

Here’s a sample home gym arm workout:

(Mid Range Exercises)
Standing Dumbbell Curls – 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Lying Tricep Extensions – 3 sets x 10-12 reps

(Stretch Exercises)
Preacher Curls – 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Overhead Tricep Extensions – 3 sets x 10-12 reps

(Peak Contraction Exercises)
Concentration Curls – 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Tricep Kickbacks – 3 sets x 10-12 reps

(Forearm Exercises)
Dumbbell Wrist Curls – 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Zottman Curls – 3 sets x 10-12 reps


Jay Nuttall says:

Very handy tips last forearm curls really good cheers

CoolBoy Safa says:

this is what I call Sweet and Simple….you are great buddy….like your
cute dog..!

exiwan . says:

This is great simple workout.. Like it so much.. But I hv a question.. How
about hammer curl?

Shubham Lagah says:

bai att hi aa

nuketheworld999 says:

when you say 10-12 reps do you mean that one set i can do 10 the next 12
the next 11 or one set 10 next set 10 next set 12 etc? do you recommend i
do 10 reps every set 11 reps every set 12 reps every set etc? 

WeGottaSituationGTL says:

Those forearm twists are amazing! Thanks for the video

Xavier Gervais-Dumont says:

Should I be going for a weight that makes me feel the burn at the end of
each exercise or is it better to feel it at the end of the whole routine?

jack skerratt says:

Great workout dude 

Siraj Abdul-Shahid says:

Awesome just what I was looking for only one new to me was the zottman
curls but the way u put the workout together is sweet ill be using untill I
switch to avoid muscle plateaus.

Adam Aiman says:

I m just follow coz im beginner for me it good started…

Michael Kasif says:

Would alternating between the biceps and triceps mean that you are resting
too long between the first tricep set and then the next? 

Achintha Dilshan says:

Go and Google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a simple discovery made an
average guy buff.

Μάνος Καραμάνος says:

Hey Lee! I was wondering, is there an alternative for dumbbell/barbell
wrist curls ?

Rafael Avalos Alejandre says:

Good workout man! I found out that the noise in my elbow has a lot to do
with warming up. I usually warm up 10 min before starting the actual
workout. Maybe this is useful for you too. Keep up the good work :)

necronorris says:

Hah, your dog was like “and im out”

Rival Tag says:

Awesome video, thanks for posting!

FTown M says:

Can you put a 15 minute video of your dog doing crazy shit

jon conny says:

great tips im gonna use them all. absorbed the knowledge like a spunge lol

Thomas Harris says:

the great Mr Hayward ….you make so not complicated -always

John Powell says:

Thanks. Been working out for the last 2 months without doing
arms…yes…lazy. But this is the first video that gave me the technique
and motivation to work my arms and it was fun. I’ll do this at least once a
week now. 

morsang shrestha says:

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Ripped to find out.

GulfPrideOil says:

Great video, thanks, was looking for this kind of exercises! Done this and
already feels good. Do you recommend to do this daily or do you recommend
rest days in between for a complete beginner?

phillip ogenmungu says:

i love the moves pretty!

morsang shrestha says:

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Ripped to find out.

sarvesh singh says:

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Formula so you can get started

B15763823 says:

3:08 lol

said chikago says:

i think you should lose body fat, 

Lee Hayward says:

Sure, you can super set them if you like.

jazzplayer9 says:

If im getting shoulder pain during the tricep kick back motion is it just
too much weight? im using form you u show here

Siphoniccomb88 says:

How many sets would you do with each workout

danny collins says:

20kg double extension not 29kg

hailtwinmusclewrkout says:

myshoulders click all the time when i raise them in a lateral motion …
5-10%there is some pain , pre/post workout,in the morning n what not 🙁 ,
what do u thinkk ?? !!

Sadey Salmi says:

hey lee.i wanna let u know that after doing 3 sets of 10 reps standing
bicep curls i found it imposssible to do another 3 sets of 10 reps lying
tricep extension?am i doing anything wrong?if so,what should be the cycle
of my workout?also,should i take any rest after completing 1 set of a
specific workout?please cooperate

mrt198 says:

my friend says dont work bicep and tricep together is it true

László Juhász says:

Your dog stole the show. lol

Kumar Reddy says:

If you really desire to bulk up, make sure to Google the term “SSM Muscle
Method”. You are going to get the appearance you merit.

info4mc says:

Hi Sir, Is it better to do biceps and triceps on a same day or different

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