Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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FitnessBlender says:

Hi Guys! Doing this workout right now!

FitnessBlender says:

What is it that you guys like best about this workout video? Tell me, and I
will make more like it!

Elexus T says:

Hey I’m 18 a college student. I’m trying to avoid the Freshman 15. I’m
already overweight for my size (190 lbs) and 5 ft 5 inch tall but nobody
can tell everyone thinks I way about (150 lbs). Well anyway I want to get
healthy and lose some weight. How many times a week should I do this? What
kind of diet should I go on? Should i mix up different workouts? Thanks

Toñi Brecia says:

I’ve read somewhere these are the excercises Taylor Swift does…

missy dec says:

Gosh! I cant even do this over 20 mins yet my legs already numb and I cant
walk properly for 2 days XD ! But it’s kinda refreshing! Gonna do this
again :D

Sweet pumpkin says:

Is it going to help lose wight even if i am not on a diet please answer

Lesa Hutchinson says:

Watch “Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute
Fitness Bl…” on YouTube
Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Bl…:

TheRogueDM says:

This is a great workout. I love with all the workouts you do that you can
do them to varying degrees of effort, so obviously beginners won’t work as
much as the more advanced but will still get a lot out of these workouts.
Having not done this one before I paced myself because I had no idea how
tired I would get. I’m sweating a lot which is great, but I know that I can
easily push myself harder with this. :D

DeLaGizzel says:

I started to work out this Monday… I did my own and decided to look for a
work out video that best fit was I was looking for and I can across this
and I love it.. I did it today for the first time. I only got to the first
20 mins of it because it’s my first time EVER exercising on a daily basis
but I’m sure that by this weekend I’ll be able to finish the whole 37. I
reeeally like this work out video. Two thumbs up for me 🙂 


It was ok, I manage to the full routine, but to be honest I think running
up stairs really fast for five minutes in a row is much more effective than
this 37 mins Cardio routine.

Nate Dwgs says:

Just did this in my office.. #NoExcuses. With a growing number of fitness
videos on YouTube and other forms of media, there shouldn’t be any excuse
to loose that holiday excuses. *Many Y-tubes for women too (men flexing and
teaching you wit their AB-dominals!) **#NoGenderLeftBehind*

cc: +joey steadman​ right? Plus she is gawwwgeous. She coerced me to do
some sweatin’!

Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Bl…:

Ellie Williams says:

Are those two different calorie counters on the bottom right-hand corner of
the video based on two different types of people? I know that is a stupid
question, but just trying to determine which one I should be following to
have a good idea on what I’m losing with this particular video.

Vineeth Anaswara Muraleedharan Nair says:

I started working out yesterday and started with 1000 Calorie workout. I
was done after 9 mins and could not take it any further. I was completely
demotivated, but did not want to give up just like that. Then I found this
video. I did this today morning and was able to complete (only) 20 mins. I
hope to get to 25 mins tomorrow. I love this workout that it made me sweat
a lot and that gives a good feeling when you lie down afterwards! I also
can feel a lot of muscles in my body now! Thanks for the workout guys +
FitnessBlender .

Effy Deveraux says:

OMG! I’ve been trying to complete this exercises for the last 5 days, and
after trying many, many times, today I finally managed to finish this whole
37 minutes video! TY

Alexis Brown says:

has this helped anyone loose weight perhaps?

Shayla Martin says:

loved the workout. Stopped after 20 mins. I suck. Thank you

Alfred Thomas says:

I am trying to do whatever this video is trying to say. But after 5 mins, i
couldnt breathe properly. Should i push myself to go further or is there
any other video for the beginners (cardio) or should i gradually increase
the amount of doing it? Apparently 15 secs of active rest isn’t enough for
me. Please guide me. Thank you

Slack Jicholson says:

got to 17mins…knackered !

Genedy Perez says:

I’m on 15 minutes

Ozymandias says:

How much calories does this whole video burn pls?I missed my 2 hours
swimming today pls

Naol Ju says:

Okay, I did this workout just for the first time. I had to pause for 4
times to make it to the end. How often should I do this workout to have the
maximum effect? Every second day? And how many weeks until I could maybe
get trough it completely? Roughly?

Diego Chaparro says:

does this channel really make you loose fat fast?

Arabella Clarke says:

I’ve been doing this workout everyday for a week now and today was the
first day I completed the whole workout and didn’t give up before 37
minutes. Feel amazing now! :)

Govana Garcia says:

what are some ways or tutorials for losing belly fat and back fat ?

Maria Morrow says:

Just started this work out yesterday! It gets my blood flowing and I feel
the burn. I don’t mind if I gain weight as long as I look and feel good
afterwards. Thank you

Pandava Ang says:

the hardest exercise ever

Caitlin Gabriel says:

A little over 30 minutes, but here is a 30 minute workout for all you
people that ant to loose wieght for your 2015 goal. Just do this every
morning and night and you will surley loose some wieght. I promise its
working for me and my sister Alyssa gabriel, and im sure it will work for
you too!!! 30 minutes every morning after breakfast and every night after
dinner!!!! If you try show me your befor and after results i want to see
results!!!!! have fun!!!!!!!

Anibal Andrade says:


FunkaFong says:

So we’d have to play this twice to lose up to 1k cal 😮

marena jajo says:

can this make ur calves bigger? :/

Arianne Binsol says:

I’m 12 yrs old and over weight and I’m doing this . Is it bad?

dreamoutloud01 says:

I’ve first done this workout this monday and it’s super fun! I’ve done it
on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday was rest because I was sore everywhere haha
and now did it today again! I’m curious to see the results, hopefully soon!
😉 :)

seaniboy100 says:

How many time should i do it per week?

Katie Rector says:

Just curious- what do you struggle with the most fitness or nutrition?

BeautifulGlitter93 says:

Gave me a good sweat so I’m happy! Thanks for the vid :)

Radha Kuppuswamy says:

Questions. 1. Will these exercises hurt the ankles of a plump person? I
mean the ankles wont be able to manage the pressure from the jerks and
jolts right? how does this work for a stout person?

fightnightfinale says:

Hi +FitnessBlender can I do this workout everyday?… Or, should I skip a

Adios Bitchatchos says:

I can’t believe I just did this. I feel like superman. Holy shit.

Wondering how my muscles gonna feel tomorrow…

The Hunger Games No.1 Fan says:

Lol the ad before this was McDonalds!

qathi awilar says:

I gave up after 10 minutes :O

Ewa Gajda says:

That was awesome. I am so tired and wet and with a big smile on my fit face

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