Gym Fails Compilation 2010/2011

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Wilzon Mariño Bueno says:

lo cerré apenas estaba empezando son imagenes muy fuertes

Tico o says:

6:43 What happened to that guy?

Malaika T. says:

Dude really shit himself.

Marco Gutiérrez says:

1:20 OMG He’s dead???

iamcrazy says:

I like the guy who shit himself

legosrulekzl says:

So the people that film themselves post the video of them failing?? 


how many pounds 3:45

Bjorn Berkers says:

The very first one….ouch. Hope she could bend like that before the
workout XD

Wendy Wirawan says:

Advices for those who tries to lift weight :
– Ask the trainer the proper way to lift
– Don’t try to show off how much weight you can lift if you don’t even
lift. You’ll bite more than you can chew.

Nemanja Glisic says:

2:39 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ThickBeet says:

You know you’re dreadfully retarded if you can’t even properly use a smith
machine without getting hurt

RikkyCZ says:

1:15 this is really a dangerous grip, not for the beginners…. 

roiboy says:

7:06 what is the name of that technique? is good?

Francois Lentini says:

5:41 as i lay dying yeahh

pedro colmenares says:

4:45 mamaaaaaaaa mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa jajajajajajajajajajajajajjaa

Kainthemain says:

i am having a hard time belieeving people are this retarded

ryan duffy says:

Really heavy bench press fails are no joke. Quite sickening to see tbh.

cody cowgill says:

2:00 I laughed for like 5 min 

ronniezzzz says:

bad spotter 2.24 

Cody "The Machine" says:

1:56 That guy… OH MY GOD… I almost pissed myself laughing… those
groans, HAHAHA.

Himynameischickachikaslimshady says:

3:25 “mama!”

PolynesianPride Bubz says:

1:56 dam that sucks. They shouldn’t be fuckin around with weights, they
should look up or take proper training. 

eve deschain says:

That one at 1:57 must be fake. No one can be that weak.

Alex Greggary says:

4:50 Why not just throw it backwards? the weights will have elevated the
bar far enough off the ground so that it wouldn’t land on his feet or

Mike Chajecki says:

Last one killed me LMAO!

tiki0036 says:

anyone that uses a suicide grip on anything except the squat is a fuggin
moron that shouldn’t lift.

Mamadou Sy says:

1:20 damn dangerous!

Daniel Thu says:

such form wow

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