Halley Homegym Workout routines / Halley HomeGym Utilizzo

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Halley Fitness Home Gym 3.5 utilizzo
Halley Homegym Workout Guide
Guia de ejercicios del Homegym de Halley


Guía de ejercicios de tonificación. Sencillo tutorial para realizar correctamente ejercicios de musculación usando el HOMEGYM HALLEY 3.5


marcos zara sax Roberto says:

este frango parece q ta morrendo

Anto Nimmy Steaphen says:

thank you so much.. i was looking forward to see how can i perform workouts
in my home gym .. finally a great video

Shaw Mick says:

finally, a super sensible video, no shit talks, grt demos!

Luis Carreno says:

Very good and practical, the recommend

robin gabba says:

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